February 16, 2009

Yes, there is an election today...

Was it just three months ago that Racine County had 80% turnout in an election? Yup, there were 101,110 votes cast out of 126,228 registered voters in November's historic presidential election.

Today's election -- were you even aware there is one today? -- is highlighted by a five-candidate statewide primary for Wisconsin School Superintendent and a four-candidate primary for Racine's 1st District City Council Seat. To put things mildly, it is not expected to produce long lines at the polls.

The Government Accountability Board, in fact, expects between 6% and 10% turnout statewide. Eight years ago, the last time there was a similar race with no incumbent, the turnout was 6.5%. Racine County Clerk Wendy Christensen is more optimistic than that here, and has printed 24,000 ballots That would work out to 19% turnout if every one of those ballots is used by a voter. Good luck with that.

Still, an election is an election, your civic duty, your inalienable right in a Democracy. Don't blow it.

The school superintendent race pits
Deputy Superintendent Tony Evers against parent advocate Rose Fernandez, Beloit School Superintendent Lowell Holtz, Concordia University professor Van Mobley and National-Louis University professor Todd Alan Price.

Racine's 1st District aldermanic race is between incumbent Jeff Coe, former alderman Keith Fair, Mercedes Dzindzeleta, owner of Circles Weave, and Renee Mullen, owner of a restaurant under construction on Sixth Street, Streetlight Christian cafe.

The top two will advance to the April 7 general election -- also the date of the primary for Racine mayor. Got it? That election will draw crowds.

Burlington, Dover Norway and Rochester are also holding primaries for local government spots.

Not sure where your polling place is? Go here to find out.


  1. Cigarettes, booze or cash for Keith Fair votes. Get it and go from the miracle center 1100 Grand.

  2. I bet they'll give me a ride to the polls too if I promise to vote for him....

  3. I liked how Fair avioded all questions on:
    1) his job with the KPD
    2) His LONG list of Small claims actions he lost.
    3) Links to Total 24

  4. off subject ben hughes resigned today

  5. concrete katie2/17/2009 11:17 AM

    I voted at 9 a.m. and was number 16. The alderperson for the first district is our representative. Please vote your choice. We have problems!!!

  6. Anonymous, why are you so bitter? What has 1100 Grand got to do with Keith Fair and who hands out the cigarettes and booze since Mr. Fair no longer drinks or smokes. If you don't like the man just say so, and stop with the petty accusations. I'd give you a ride to the polls no matter who you were going to vote for so stop whining.

  7. I just voted at 6 p.m. at Stephen Bull. Ward 6 had 85 votes, Ward 5 had 29 and Ward 4 had 17 votes.