February 18, 2009

Kids First Fund donates $2,265 to RUSD teachers

Kids First Fund has donated $2,265 this month to Racine Unified teachers for projects improving the lives and learning of students.

Recipients and projects were:
  • Civil War Museum Visit -- $385: 50 Mitchell Middle School students will attend the Civil War Museum in Kenosha to learn how the war impacted the region.
  • Learning Is Fun Together -- $380: 18 at risk students will build reading and mathematical skills.
  • Merit Program Fun Fridays -- $600: Knapp Elementary School has a 15-20 minute Fun Friday with crafts and prizes for students who demonstrated good behavior and those who are working to improve in their studies.
  • Racine County/Racine Unified School District Transition Day -- $500: A day at Gateway Technical College's conference center for the families and students with special needs to obtain information about what agencies and post-secondary schools have to offer.
  • Read to Succeed -- $400: A reading challenge program for first grade students, to get them excited about reading and engage children's interest in books.
The Kids First Fund is an endowment fund within the Racine Community Foundation. RUSD teachers may request grants for special student projects. For information on Kids First Fund or how you can support Kids First Fund programs, contact Stephanie Hayden at (262) 631-7057.

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  1. Thanks!
    Groups like this show how the public can back the good (and yes there is some good) out of RUSD