February 19, 2009

Police ask for help locating capture wanted man

UPDATE: Racine Police captured Juan Servantez Thursday night at 7:20 p.m. near 700B Yout St.

Police said a citizen responding to media reports called and provided information to the Crimestoppers hotline, telling where he could be found. A team effort including members of SIU, COP, and 2nd Shift Patrol was monitoring the suspect location at 823 Hagerer St when Servantez was observed leaving the home and entering a vehicle.

The vehicle was stopped by officers, and Servantez fled on foot and was captured. Servantez was arrested for the original outstanding warrants as well as fresh charges that include possession of cocaine with intent to deliver within 1000 feet of a school, possession of THC and resisting/obstructing

Original story:

The Racine Police Department is asking for help locating Juan A. Servantez, 36, who is accused of assaulting and stalking his estranged wife.

Police also say he has threatened the life of a Racine Police Officer as well as the investigator following up on recent incidents.

Servantez is Hispanic, approximately 5’9”, 215 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Servantez is allegedly a cocaine dealer, a member of the Latin Kings gang and known to carry a handgun. His record includes weapons violations, criminal trespass, battery, resisting/obstructing officers, recklessly endangering safety and narcotics violations. Current warrants for Servantez include felony bail jumping.

Servantez is accused of battering and stalking his wife, threatening to kill her and texting that he "would go out with a bang and make sure nobody forgets." Police say he confronted his estranged wife at Family Video on Lathrop Avenue, and punched her in the face several times in front of witnesses. Police say he has no permanent address and sometimes stays with friends and family members in the city who are aware of his actions and are providing him rides and shelter -- and who could be charged with assisting his criminal activities.

Police say they are looking for assistance, but "we do not expect nor want citizens to approach Servantez directly. Should anybody spot Servantez, immediately call the Racine Police Department at 262-635-7700 and relay where he has been located, so that officers can be sent." Tips can be forwarded through the Crimestoppers website, phone (262-636-9330), or by texting to CRIMES (274637) and referring to Tipsoft I.D.# TIP417 with your text message.


  1. Scumbag tough guy. Beating up on a woman?? Hopefully big bubba sticks a bone so far up his cavity he can taste it.

  2. Scumbag is right. Gotta show what a big man you are and beat up a woman, huh dirtbag. Threatening police officers, too. I hope the cops get you fast and show you no mercy. Your friends and relatives who are hiding you - I hope they get charged. Come RPD and area law enforcement agencies. Let's get this pile of dirt off the street soon.

  3. Check a local school or non-profit group. I'm sure he's "turning his life" around by learning new skills or volunteering his time to help others.

  4. Glad to see this piece of @%#&@ off the street. It's about time the Racine police did something right. Now, if we can just keep some liberal judge from letting him loose again.

  5. I know nothing about this case, but feel compelled to state that a stalker lives in the apartment next to mine. I know the piece of garbage personally. He has been busted for violating restraining orders three times, but continues to get probation (which he literally laughs at). I was present at one of his "arrests." The arresting officer allowed him to return to his apartment where he disposed of the pepper spray he was carrying (unlawful for a convicted felon - different charges, different time) and retrieved the money he needed to bail himself out of jail before he was taken to the police station. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that. The conclusion I've drawn is that the police are annoyed by the victim's complaining to them about the retraining order violations. (He did it daily - and will resume the moment his probation expires.) It has been suggested to her that perhaps she should sell her home and move to a different city to avoid my neighbor's assaults. At no time, however, have the police suggested actually enforcing the law against my neighbor.

    When I read stories like the above, I wonder what is going on. Then I see that the stalker has not just threatened or attacked the victim, but ALSO threatened the police. Ah, now I see . . .


  7. Orbs Corb, if what you say is true, have to talked to the Chief of Police about this matter? If so, what did he say? I reserve judgement on the police and their duties.


  9. orbs it sounds like there's more to that story that you may know about.

    cops are very eager to throw a person in jail for violating a restraining order, and there are many manditory penalties for violating a restraining order.

    could be this victim who is crying on your shoulder isnt telling the entire story, it doesnt add up.

  10. On a similar issue, as a landlord I have had the occasion to speak to the deputy chief twice about why a criminal on probation keeps harrassing my tenants, even after his P.O. told him to stay away from the building, and yet nothing is done about it.
    When I told him that the police have never showed up after repeated 911 calls, he had no answer for it, wasn't even interested in hear it, and made no response about looking into it.
    Seems that the Racine police are only interested in executing duties that generate revenue for the city and the heck with "protect and serve".

  11. Anon 9:03 PM - Have you spoken with Chief Wahlen about this? If not, I urge you to do so and tell him about the police not showing up after being called and what transpired when you spoke with the deputy chief. I'm not doubting you, but why wouldn't the police show up if they were called? Is there more to this story? I have a lot of respect for the Chief, his staff and officers. They are a good group of people who are dedicated and would do whatever it takes to protect us. I'm not saying things can't go wrong, but again, you need to talk to the Chief about this. That's the only way you'll know for sure what's what. 635-7714 Chief Wahlen

  12. Look, I was there when my neighbor spent 10 minutes telling the arresting officer lies about his victim. The officer had his suspect - we were sitting outdoors on park benches. He should have been cuffed on the spot. Instead, the officer escorted my neighbor into our apartment building where he shed his pepper spray and picked up his bail money. Only then was he taken into custody.

    No, I did not talk to Chief Wahlen or anybody else about it. I stopped talking to the police a few years ago after being rebuffed by them numerous times. I fully believe the non-response to a call for help story. That has happened to me, too. People who blog their incredulousness at these stories do not live in the inner city. It is an entirely different world here. That was one of my biggest problems with Becker mouthing his BS at the bloggers' meeting: people with no firsthand experience with crime and the police response to it telling me what "reality" is in my neighborhood. I got tired of being blown off by the police years ago. I even had a shift supervisor lie to my face about calls made to dispatch, claiming that none had been made when I personally made a call. There are two types of people I do NOT trust in my neighborhood: the thugs and the police.