February 20, 2009

Q.A. Shakoor joins the Mayoral race

Q.A. Shakoor, II, District 8 alderman for the past four years, and a county supervisor for the past twelve years, today made official what many have suspected for weeks: he's a candidate for Mayor.

He released the following statement:
It is my intent to run for the office of Mayor for the wonderful city of Racine, Wisconsin.

Born and raised in Racine, I have lived here all 55 years of my life and, also, have been committed to serving our community.

Serve as an elected official, 12 years' experience as a Racine County Board Supervisor, 4 years as an Alderman of the city of Racine. Currently, I serve in both capacities. Committee assignments: Finance & Human Resources, Economic Development & Land Use, CDBG, Public Safety & Licensing – Chairman, Executive Committee, and Sustainable Neighborhood Listening Committee.

Have in the past, and continue to volunteer all my adult life, working with Neighborhood Associations on many occasions. In addition to the great effort of Boy Scout Troop & Pack 181, of Wayman AME Church, serving as Chairman and Charter Representative.

Also, employed by Twin Disc Incorporated for 36 years. Currently working as the Small Business Liaison Officer and Buyer.

I will continue to serve to the best of my ability and encourage citizen involvement so together we can have a brighter, safer future!


  1. I no longer live in the city, but I'll tell you this Mayoral election almost makes me wish I still did! This is shaping up to be better than anything on TV!

    I've had the opportunity to meet Mr. Shakoor on a couple occasions, and may not completely see eye-to-eye with him, but can honestly say he is a gentleman and an upstanding public servant.

  2. Q.A and the great Kim cause Civil War in the Democratic party.
    Helding is unable to remove himself from Becker's shadow.
    Pete wins big

  3. Q.A. Is not a member of any political party. Mr. Shakoor is an independent.

  4. Again Q.A and the se.. Kim spilt the Dem party (Ah look at the membership) Helding can not escape Becker's shadow The MIS meltdown lack of workers in Public Works etc all of Becker's trips lack of oversight.

    West Racine still is upset with what the City tried to force on them. (And blame RCEDC for their role) will not back Jim S.

    Say Hello to Mayor Pete!

  5. Colt, you make some good points, but I see it a little different though. QA and Turner will split, Kim will get close with the Hillary vote, but Helding will weave through the fireworks at the end. I say Helding and Karas for the final.

  6. Heckler

    Yes that could be right too. If Pete can tie Helding to Becker He wins.
    If Pete can show how his ideas work vs the Good Old Boys he wins.

    Just so we all know I did predict that Becker would resign/recalled that happened only 6 months late. I thought Becker's screwing around/drinking would do it.

  7. The Kling Man2/21/2009 9:08 AM


    Where do you come up with this stuff? What MIS meltdown?

    How is Helding tied to Becker and Shakoor isn't?

    I watch Car 25 and I read the Journal Times. Shakoor supported the artist program, Shakoor supported MIS outsourcing, Shakoor city administrator and Shakoor was seen with Becker after council meetings. And rumor has it he was going to stay with Becker in Washington DC.

    And why will Karas win? He is so far left he'll be lucky to survive the primary.

    My bet. Plache and Turner advance.

  8. King Man

    I know Q.A as do many others I do dot and never saw him as a Becker Lap Dog. He spends a lot of time fighting for the City vs Becker's Good Old Boys rubber stamping.
    As for MIS Becker did that without asking for the meltdown how many times has the City lost phones and internet in the last few weeks?

    Pete has a vision for Racine and a great crew on the ground now working not sitting around.
    I am the most right wing person in Racine and I plan to back Pete if only because Pete would dig up the bodies from the Becker days, and I believe in Pete's vision of Racine

    As for your bet could happen but I see the civil war in the Dems hurting both of them.

  9. I wouldn't consider the MIS folks doing the right in the Becker mess a meltdown. Seems like they did the right thing even when their former leader didn't.

    I've known Q for over 12 years. He has always done what he feels was the best for the City and County of Racine. He has given so much of himself to this community that no one knows. If you want to really see Q's values meet one of his past Boy Scouts. My observation is that they reflect very well on their Scout leader.

    Racine needs a positive constructive leader going forward. There isn't anyone in the list more postive than Q.

  10. I agree with Colt in that Helding was much closer to Becker and a much bigger suckup to Becker than Q ever was. I thought everyone knew that.

    The MIS meltdown, is this in reference to the outsourcing of MIS?

  11. 12:37

    Yes I know of many dept who has bitched with the many times they have lost phone/internet that they need to do their jobs.
    Outsourced for NO savings by Mayor Becker because he did not like the man who replaced Dennis John. That also I understand got the City sued. Of course the City lost. Again.

  12. I once saw Mr. Shakoor with a group of boys (I assume the Boy Scout troop, but I don't know) in the Sugar Shack downtown. They were all extremely well-behaved and spoke respectfully. In turn, Mr. Shakoor treated them with respect and obvious affection. I was very impressed and I am thankful that men like Mr. Shakoor step up to the plate for all of us.

  13. Yes Sir!

    Q.A does a lot to help this City. I wish him the best of luck in the race.
    A shame Fair gets all the attention. Maybe if we ignored Fair he would go away?

  14. Shakoor was a Becker lap dog.

    1. He was appointed by Becker as chair of the powerful public safety committee.

    2. He was a strong supporter of the city administrators position.

    3. He voted to outsource the MIS department.

    4. He was seen with Becker after city meetings at local pubs.

    5. Rumor has it he was going to stay with Becker in Washington.

    So how isn't Shakoor tainted.