February 17, 2009

Coe, Fair advance in First District primary

Here we go again!

Jeff Coe and Keith Fair advanced through the City Council's First District primary election and will face each other in the April 7 general election.

Coe and Fair are hardly strangers. This will be the fourth time they've run against each other for the First District seat. Coe has won twice and Fair once in their head-to-head matchup over the last eight years, but one of Coe's victories came after Fair's name was left off the ballot because of questions over signatures he collected.

Coe, the incumbent, appears to have a slight advantage over Fair. He won the primary with 117 votes, followed by Fair with 72 votes. Mercedes Dzindzeleta finished third with 38 votes, and Renee Mullen received 10 votes.


  1. Well, whoever can court the female vote, has it then!


  3. Another candidate who thinks they can blog their way to victory bites the dust...

  4. Fair I ask this were you fired from the KPD?
    Fair with your long list of Small Claims actions you lost how can you effectively manage The City of Racine?
    Why did you fight to keep open bars with issues?
    Will you answer these questions?

  5. What questions will Mr. Coe be asked.

    Why the Racine Police never investigated him for domestic abuse? Was it a favor from the former mayor to cover-up for his friend Jeff Coe? I am sure you investigative reporters can easily find the answer to that question.

    Did he lie and change a statement made by a residence to give the appearance that he had been endorsed by Neighborhood Housing Services-NHS? A community group that he and the former mayor supported heavenly and provided them with enormous amounts of taxpayers money.

    Both items, being a wife beater and changing the e-mail that someone send you is great character flaw.

    Mr. Coe has a flawed character and should not be representing the great people of this city.

    On the other hand here we are again giving comments on the blogs without any evidence. You keep talking about Fair having a problem when he was with the Kenosha Police Department but refuse to inform people what the issues were.

    You keep talking about Mr. Fair in Total 24 but never explained what Mr. Fair is being accused of. I think that you are saying it is wrong for an individual to buy something in the Arab store late at night. You must realize that Mr. Fair is a grown man and should be allowed to be in any store at any time he wishes.

    Lastly, you keep talking about Mr. Fair supporting alcoholic beverages license for stores. Is it wrong that people drink. Are we at the point that we now wants to legislate morality and say what is best for individual in the confinement of their home. Mr. Fair and Mr. Coe are seeking to become aldermen in their district not dictators.

    Stop the BS and deal with the facts.

  6. Wasn't Fair recently evicted from his place on Washington avenue for not paying his rent?

  7. I have no question of Mr Cole. He is an upstanding member of the community.

    Mr. Fair I understand was FIRED from the KPD for not reporting a crime.
    Only Mr. Fair can answer this question. KPD will not answer questions on employment

    Mr. Fair/ Total 24/Bars speaks to his not caring if bars IMHO that should be shut down due to gang issues and shootings underage drinking etc are allowed to stay open when for public safety be closed. Why would Mr Fair support such bars?

    Run Mr. Fair you can not hide from the questions

  8. What divinity school did Mr. Fair graduate from and when was he ordained? This is a serious question. I was unaware that he is a "reverend" and a "pastor." Does anyone know?

  9. Which private investigative agency does Mr. Fair work for or what name does his business go by? I see nothing for "Fair" in the yellow pages under private eyes.

  10. I've known Jeff Coe personally for years, both while he was still married and after. He was not a wife beater. Where do those nasty alligations come from? He has a beautiful relationship with his kids, and to this day is still kind to their mother. The first one of us who has never had a relationship end, please step forward. Until then, stop fabricating stories about untrue incidents. I can also testify to this. Jeff is downtown consistently volunteering with events, events that the downtown put on to help bring the heart of the city alive again. It's time for city government, non-profits, business and citiznes work together to bring this city to its glorious potential. Spend your negative energy doing something positive...for goodness sake !

  11. OK, according to the Insider New, Mr. Fair is "owner of Fair Investigations Inc., located in downtown Racine." But I can find no listing for any such agency anywhere other than the Insider News. Such agencies must be licensed. Does anyone know the license number of Mr. Fair's agency?

  12. The liscense number is 5979-063.Thank you!!

  13. I can see from the postings that the Fair PR machine is working overtime. The Fair PR machine attacks Coe on the hatch Act, however it is proven that they have no idea what the Hatch Act is. Now they are stating that he did numerous items without proof or facts. Is Fair the person you want representing the City of Racine? If you do, I am sure your Miranda Rights have been read to you more than a few times.

  14. Thank you, Mr. Fair. Would you care to tell us where and when Fair Investigations Inc. was incorporated? I can find no record of it anywhere, nor can the reference desk at the Racine Library.

    And please don't ignore the question about your divinity degree. When and where were you educated to become a minister?

  15. Wisconsin Private Investigator License Number 5979-63 is issued to Otha Fair. There is no listing for Keith Fair. https://ice.wi.gov/LicenseLookup/summary.do?chid=375384

    "Q. When does a person need a license to act as a private detective?
    "A. If a person acts as, advertises or otherwise represents that the person is a private detective, private investigator or special investigator."

    As near as I can determine, Keith Fair is not licensed to be a private investigator in the state of Wisconsin. However, his wife, Otha, is. What's up. Mr. Fair?

  16. O.C. might that be another lie Fair has been caught in?

  17. I don't know.

    Wisconsin Private Investigator License Number 5978-62 is issued to Fair Investigations Inc. However, the only employee listed is Otha Fair: https://ice.wi.gov/LicenseLookup/relationships.do?chid=371168

  18. Dustin is a racist and a idiot. Now lets see if Ken Lumpkin will back him up.

  19. Otha Fair is Keith Fair, apparently. When I looked him up on Circuit Court Access, I saw that a suit filed against Keith was also filed against Otha as a co-defendant. I assumed they were two different people. How confusing.

  20. Hey Orbs - looks like you're the private eye. Good work on blowing this whistle. Mr. Fairs own statement borders on an admission of guilt. Mr. Fair certainly needs to consider how unprofessional he looks. Maybe he should just resign the campaign now, before it gets too embarassing for him. After all, the last mayor did the same. It's a sad day when Gary Becker has more class than Keith Fair.

  21. And in case Mr. Fair does not know this,The State takes a dim view to anyone claiming to say be a P.I. when there not.
    I will be calling the State on this at 8:00 AM this morning Mr. Fair