February 18, 2009

Harding: 'Fixing Racine’s problems will take more than wishing'

Mayoral candidate Jody Harding sent out a fundraising letter today reiterating her own plans to run for office. She writes:
As you may know, I declared my intention to run for Mayor of Racine last August, long before the scandal broke about Gary Becker, and before large numbers of candidates, apparently afraid to run against Becker, suddenly emerged, anxious to show their “concern” for the city. Most of these suddenly concerned citizens either currently hold political office, or have held it in the past. If they had any idea what to do about the problems that plague Racine – problems of economic suffocation, over-regulation of business, increased stress and a pervasive feeling of hopelessness – we would not be in the economically and emotionally depressed state in which we find ourselves today.

Fixing Racine’s problems will take more than wishing. We can’t continue as we have in the past and expect our situation to improve. We need the leadership of a person with the proven financial skills to stop wasteful spending. A person who knows how to achieve MORE with LESS. A person who understands the importance of supporting business in order to provide jobs and encourage our economy. And a person who can work with our community organizations to promote education, personal responsibility and hope for the future.

I am that person.


  1. At first I was excited about the prospect of Jody for mayor. But the more I listen to her and am around her the less convinced I am that she has any idea of exactly WHAT to do for the city. I haven't seen or heard anything from Jody that gives me hope. My world is depending on our city doing a complete turn around and I need a mayor that understands this. I need someone that can put Racine first in line for stimulus money, someone that can make Racine a priority on the state level. Sorry Jody, I like you as a person but I don't see you able to do any of this. I have lost faith in you as quickly as I gained it and I can't support your campaign of no direction.

  2. "I need someone that can put Racine first in line for stimulus money, someone that can make Racine a priority on the state level"

    So you want a Mayor who will get us in line sooner for the handouts. I however want a Mayor who will take the lead in fixing our problems, including taxes and how they are spent on neccessary vs. useful vs. ridiculous projects.

  3. "pervasive feeling of hopelessness"

    Wow! Nothing like a positive message.

  4. Hey, my taxes paying for new city solar panels, rain gardens and artist colonies always make me feel better when I'm about to lose my house -

  5. "pervasive feeling of hopelessness"

    Wow! Nothing like an accurate description of the current situation.

    No, I want a mayor who lies to me instead.

  6. Jody would be a breath of fresh air as mayor. Instead of trying to relocate artists, dabble in real estate etc... she will focus on the job. Ensure the delivery of services that we expect while using her accounting experience and guts to root out waste. She is the only candidate who has consistently expressed an interest in lessening the reach of government which would empower and enrich individuals rather than bureaucrats. I hope she wins.

  7. If she doesn't win, I hope that she submits her resume for city administrator.

    Leave the politics to the politicians. Let an accountant manage the budget and find savings for citizens.

    (Besides, she would make almost $50k more in salary)

  8. The fact that she declared long before the current crop of yahoos, wannabes, and johnny-come-latelys speaks volumes. She was crabbing about the BS in City Hall when all the other candidates were still sucking up to Becker.

    I can't believe the audacity of Becker's toadies and sycophants to run now that their master has been neutered. What gall. What unrepentant, unmitigated arrogance. They should be put down permanently.

  9. Want to save some some money?

    Get rid of the Racine County Economic Development Corporation.

    What have they done for us?

  10. The Kling Man2/19/2009 6:09 PM

    Harding has drawn a line between herself and the current common council. How will she accomplish her agenda without the support of the council? If she builds a wall, the council has the power to override anything she attempts. It is called a check and balance. Or does Harding think that she does not need the council?

  11. To the the person that said, "...the less convinced I am that she has any idea of exactly WHAT to do for the city," you are evidently one who has not visited her website (www.jodyformayor.com) or her blog. She outlines very specifically what the problems facing Racine are and her tactics for dealing with them. You sound like one of those people that just spouts off before finding out what the facts really are.
    In regards to "building a wall between herself and the city council," that is not necessarily true. There are those on the common council that agree with her message. The only wall being built is between her and those that would continue to waste taxpayer dollars and support such nonsense projects as interactive fountains and KRM and a new library when there are much more serious issues facing the city. Remember, there are a FEW good council members representing the people of their districts. Not all of them are tax-and-spend liberal idiots.

  12. Not hard on the eyes either!

  13. Racine needs Jody Harding for she is the only candidate with the wisdom to know when to do nothing. She will be willing to cut wasteful spending. Those who wish the government to solve all their problems are lazy. Why not get the opportunity to keep some of your money, so you can make your own happiness.