February 17, 2009

Public Health Administrator puts off return to work

Public Health Administrator Janelle Grammer was supposed to return to work today leading the city's Health Department. Instead, her return was put back to early March.

Grammer took Family Medical Leave in December and has been off of work since then. She filed a complaint against the city and now former City Administrator Ben Hughes on Jan. 26 alleging the city mistreated her request for Family Medical Leave. A city investigation turned up no wrong-doing on Hughes part, and raised questions about Grammer's skill as a department head.

Marcia Fernholz has been filling in as the city's interim public health administrator since Grammer left office.


  1. Just give Marcia the Job! She's much better qualified any way.

  2. It will be hard to blame this behavior on Ben now.

  3. Does anyone here know why she's out on family medical leave? Why would you, anon 6:15, assume this is some sort of bad behavior?