February 17, 2009

Hughes, city make a deal

There are a few items worth noting in Ben Hughes' resignation agreement with the city:

1. The city didn't buy him out. That's interesting because if they would have fired him, Hughes was entitled to nine months salary - or about $80,000.

2. The key to the deal with the Letter of Recommendation. That's Hughes' ticket for his next job - at relatively little expense to the city. So that was the deal: the city says Hughes did a good job, and Hughes walks on the cheap.

3. This all goes back to Monday's closed session meeting with Friedel, the City Council committee chairs, the city attorney and others. For an informational meeting, a lot seems to have happened there.

4. So why now? My guess: Mayor Tom Friedel was sincere when he said he didn't anticipate Hughes leaving. Instead, Hughes got fed up and quit.

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