February 17, 2009

Superintendent candidate Fernandez wins in Racine County

Superintendent of School's candidate Rose Fernandez led the field of five candidates in Racine County.

Fernandez, who's an advocate for virtual schools, received 2,859 votes, followed by Tony Evers with 1,909 votes, Van Mobley with 955 votes, Todd Price with 647 votes and Lowell Holtz with 416 votes.

Fernandez and Evers advanced to the April 7 general election in the statewide primary, according to the AP. Evers led the field with 37 percent of the vote, followed by Fernandez with 30 percent.

Evers, who boasts 34 years of education experience, was the only one of the five candidates to run TV ads before the primary election. He was backed by the teacher's union.

Fernandez has no professional education experience, but she's been an outspoken advocate for virtual schools in Wisconsin. She's in favor of merit-based teacher pay and supporting more home-schooling options for parents.


  1. Dustin,
    Rose is an advocate for parents to have options to educate their children. Can you at least try to be a little even-handed in your write-ups?

  2. Truly, I wasn't trying to be uneven-handed. Thanks for the note on Fernandez. Now that she's through the primary, we'll do our best to report on her campaign. She's obviously popular locally!

  3. This says it all, "Fernandez has no professional education experience..."

    I'm voting for experience in the next election. I believe that the fragmentation of our policy towards schools in Wisconsin is due to the lack of strong leadership at the top and this has resulted in policies that try to please all quarters at the expense of the students.

  4. StopthemadnessNOW2/18/2009 12:11 PM

    I'm with you, Allen! Fernandez will be the darling of conservative talk radio, as well as those who dislike/distrust public education. But that isn't what is needed today.

  5. Looks like Evers and the WEAC nuts have a race on their hands!

  6. WEAC Nuts? As in the people who educate your children?

    Actually, hopefully anonymous doesn't have any children.