February 18, 2009

Vos: No one is safe from tax hikes in Doyle's budget

State Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, released the following statement regarding the introduction of Gov. Jim Doyle’s 2009-2011 budget Tuesday:

“Today, as the Joint Finance Committee convened to address the Governor’s current-year budget deficit in his budget bailout bill, and the Legislature convened to learn of his plan to address the $5.7 billion deficit in the upcoming biennium, we learned one thing: No one is safe from tax increases in Governor Doyle’s budget.

“The teenager who downloads music will now be subject to the iPhone tax; the average middle-income family will now face more tuition hikes; the successful small business owner who creates jobs will have to sustain an income tax increase; and the retiring family farmer will have a smaller nest-egg because of an increase in the capital gains tax.

“With unemployment rates nearing double digits, where is Doyle’s plan to create jobs? How will he revitalize the economy during the worst recession of the post-war era?

“From what we’ve seen today, it seems he’ll offer a few tax credits – calling it a stimulus plan, and then increase taxes on a broad cross-section of Wisconsin citizens in order to fix a mess he has spent six years creating.

“Even President Obama has shown that raising taxes in this economy is not the answer to fixing our economic mess. Doyle’s plan is a sure-fire way to take a fiscal mess and turn it into a financial crisis for Wisconsin residents.”


  1. Unfortunately Vos is part of the problem. All NO and nothing constructive. I get tired of the repubs not lifting a finger except to wag.

  2. StopthemadnessNOW2/18/2009 12:08 PM

    Am I the only one who is sick and tired of Rep. Vos' endless barrage of press releases??

    All he does is criticize! Oh, and advocate against spending tax $$. Sheesh, anybody can do THAT! What we need is some creativity.

  3. Robin is dead on. Spending has created the budget problem problem and in addition driven industry and citizens out of the state.
    A real solutin is not fun any more but it will work and rapidly. All spepnding without exception should be prioritized and then starting at the bottom eleminated until the deficit is zero. Will that hurt in some places? Yes. will the tax increases hurt across the board? Yes. The queston is do we want a couple of broken fingers or an amputated leg?

  4. Thanks Robin for hitting the nail exactly on the head.

  5. hey robin vos did the previous repub gov ever do anything to HELP this state? no. he created w2 and brought thousands into the state to collect its money. why do you think doyle got elected? doyle inherited tt's mess like obama inherited bushs.

    you and ryan make me sick!

  6. one more thing here.....maybe its time the state audited all the members of the legislature to make sure their taxes are up to date. seems there is a disease of abuse going around amongst elected officials.