February 19, 2009

Six formally enter April 7 primary for mayor

The municipal drama Gary Becker set into motion on Jan. 13 with his arrest in an internet sex sting, followed a week later by his resignation as Racine's mayor, began its second act today. Six candidates filed for the special election that will put someone into the mayor's office for the next two years.

Those who filed today are:
Jody Harding, a CPA
Alderman Gregory T. Helding, District 11
Former 9th District Alderman Pete Karas
Kim Plache, former state senator
Robert Salbreiter, 1130 Wisconsin Ave.
Alderman James T. Spangenberg, District 13
Others who have indicated interest in the race include:
Lesia Hill-Driver, director of the Dr. John Bryant Community Center
State Rep. Robert Turner
Alderman Q.A. Shakoor, II, District 8
Raymond P. Fay, of 1523 Main St.
Austin Rodriguez, 21, a cellphone salesman at Regency Mall
Gregory Klema
If I've forgotten any -- which is likely -- we'll hear from them by March 11, the deadline for filing 200-400 signatures and other forms.

Community for Change has scheduled a candidate forum on March 23 at Gateway Technical College (moved from an earlier date).

The primary is April 7, along with other spring elections. The two leaders will face off one month later, in a special election on May. 5. (The next day the race for 2011 will begin...)


  1. Thanks for promoting the Community for Change forum!

    The forum has been changed to March 23 so that everyone who files for candidacy can be included.


  2. You've got Jody Harding right at the top; exactly where she needs to be (alphabetically listed, or not). She's a winner for Racine. Go Jody!

  3. I thought Bob Turner filed papers to run.

  4. Let's see who drops out now with all the big guns entering. Too bad the primary wasn't on the 13th; 13 candidates due on the 13th!

  5. Jody Harding reminds me of Michelle Bachman the Congress Woman from Minnesota. Michelle has been a big embarresment to Minnesota with her outlandish and mostly inaccurate statements. Good luck Racine if she is elected. BTW Michelle is also an accountant in prior career.

  6. Jody is the only one who had said she was going to run against Becker. None of the other candidates said they were running. Now they all think they can do it. Problem is, they all are already involved in politics. I am not impressed. Yeah Jody is an accountant. We need that. What Jody lacks can easily be filled in by all the others in the council. They will compliment each other. We don't need one in the same running the city.