About RacinePost

RacinePost is a local news website in Racine, Wisconsin. You can contact us at: racinepost@gmail.com or (262) 488-3419.

Veteran journalists Dustin Block and Pete Selkowe founded RacinePost in October 2007 as a source for positive news about the city and surrounding communities. RacinePost prides itself on extensive coverage of the countless good things that happen in Racine on a daily basis. We purposely downplay coverage of courts and crime in hopes of balancing the negative coverage that dominates traditional news sources. We believe in Racine and work daily to share our love of the city with readers.

Part of our "by locals, for locals" approach is a commitment to local investigative reporting. We believe city residents  have a right to know about the actions of its local government. We routinely break news stories and expose information that would otherwise have gone unreported.

RacinePost has grown from zero readers on Day 1 to more than 3,000 daily readers this year. The site is actually a series of websites compiled on our "front page" at: www.racinepost.com. At last check, we had readers from all 50 states and more than 50 countries. We have been featured in Milwaukee Magazine twice, appeared on local radio shows and received national attention for our work.

Along with providing news for readers, RacinePost is an effective, affordable source of local advertising. We have served more than 100 clients over the last three years and continue to grow our business with plans to expand coverage to further highlight what we love about the community.

Here are two videos of interviews we did about RacinePost: 

And here's a radio interview we did with WGTD.