April 2, 2008


Racine Post had one of its best days ever Tuesday with everyone checking in on the election results. We had nearly 5,000 page views and 2,000 visitors. Thanks much to everyone for reading the site, giving feedback, encouragement ... even criticism! We'll keep working to cover local news with a positive twist, fill in some gaps and maintain an independent voice in the community. Again, thank you!


  1. I'm sure you were helped by the fact that the county was so slow in updating results on their website.

    Have you looked into why it took them so long to post the numbers?

  2. Thanks for giving Racine another source for local news. The Journal Times can be booooring!

  3. I like the friendliness and responsiveness when I email one of the guys with an idea.

    I also like the idea of the more social side and especially what is going on downtown. sOO refreshing.

  4. I agree although they tend to be a little sixth street centric and a little downtown "alternative".

    The problem with that is the entire downtown is "alternative".

    Don't miss the big picture!

  5. The Racine Post is just as negative as the rest of the news outlets.