March 31, 2008

Sponsors needed for high school talent show

If anyone is looking for examples of youth making a difference in our community, looking no further than the Film Seeds program. Organizers Nicholas Ravnikar and his kids are doing some amazing work. Here's another example:
YESSS Presents … “Rayscene from the Streets”

Local youth have spent the past six months organizing a day-long event that will feature the artistic talents of high school students in Racine Unified School District. The youth are hoping to bring in a large audience to this event that will be held on June 7th. Prizes will be awarded to the best talent in each category.

Talented teens who want to compete can pick up an application and reserve an audition slot in the main office of their school starting March 31.

Because the event is being put on as an incentive for students to avoid truancy, performers cannot have any unexcused absences during the 4th quarter, which begins April 7. In addition, the event will promote literacy, public speaking skills, organizational skills, and the opportunity to bring youth from all backgrounds together.

The planning committee that originally comprised of five youth quickly grew to around 20, who broke down into sub-committees to handle various tasks, such as fundraising, promotions, and the day of the event, to get this event up and running.

They hope to start planning for this event much earlier next year so it can become even bigger and better. It’s a great experience for the youth of Racine to do something positive for their community.

YESSS would like to thank their sponsors and partners, who include Racine County Truancy Committee, the Racine Arts Council and the City’s Weed ‘n’ Seed Program.

The youth who are spearheading this project would like to encourage any businesses who are interested in donating gift certificates for prizes to contact the prize committee’s chair Stephanie Howard at (262) 619-4615.

YESSS would also like for the youth to start thinking about joining our committee next year or participating in the talent show.

For more information, or to schedule and interview with YESSS staff and youth, contact program director Nicholas Ravnikar at (262) 909-2221 or by email at He can also be reached at the Racine Arts Council (262) 635-0261 Monday through Friday from 2-5 p.m.

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