April 4, 2008

First Fridays draws a varied crowd Downtown

First Fridays is for shopping, for art, for music and for lovers.

The first of Downtown Racine's special art-and-music-based shopping events was accompanied by clear weather -- a little cold, but not unbearable -- and drew shoppers of all stripes. Main Street and Sixth Street were full of people making the rounds from store to store. Young and old, rich and poor. Families with kids who danced happily in Monument Square. Lovers who walked arm-in-arm.

Even Sixth Street's construction zone didn't keep them from the galleries, bars and restaurants. There were lookers, and there were shoppers. There wasn't an empty seat at Timothy York's Bistro; the counter at Sugar Shack was equally busy.

Music was everywhere: guitar, saxophone, keyboard, drums and vocals.

And this first of the year's First Fridays apparently was not a night for alfresco beer drinkers: the controversial "beer garden" in Monument Square -- more a beer tent at the north end of the square -- closed up early, a victim of the cold and a lack of customers.

Julian Mireles, the One-Man Band

Ben Jerry discusses his paintings with fans

Choices to make, at 716 Gallery

Ronnie Nyles and Tina Dimmer, ChixMix

Horse-drawn carriage rides down Main Street

Eddie Muniz & Bennit Carl Jazz Duo

Shopping for a ring at Art Metals Studio

Zachary Scott Johnson at Dunn Brothers

Lovers oblivious to Sixth Street's construction

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  1. It was great to see downtown so lively!