April 1, 2008

Hargrove, Handrow, Wiser elected to School Board

Unified's new School Board members. Photo/Pete Selkowe

UPDATE 2: It's worth noting that the three new faces on the School Board were endorsed by RAMAC. The biz group also endorsed the referendum, which passed. Think they have some say in this town?

UPDATE: No numbers yet, but Melvin Hargrove, Pamala Handrow and Dennis Wiser have been elected to the School Board. Karen Norton finished fourth, followed by John Lieber and Carly-Ann Ravnikar.

ORIGINAL POST: There's a close race brewing for the School Board. Here are the results with 55 percent reporting:

Hargrove 5,534
Handrow 4,973
Wiser 4,512
Norton 4,119
(the other two are too far behind)

Norton closed the gap on Wiser from the last update, but Wiser is about the same number of votes behind Handrow. This one could go down to the wire.


  1. Thank you for excellent election nigh coverage!

  2. Thank you also for the coverage.

    Yes, it does say something that RAMAC endorsed the right candidates. We are happy with the results and will be looking at how the board will be working, looking closely.

    Good work candidates.