April 4, 2008

Former Kenosha mayor working for city of Racine

Soon-to-be former Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian is working for the city as a consultant. Here's an e-mail from Mayor Gary Becker to the City Council explaining the arrangement:
From: Becker, Gary
Sent: Thu 4/3/2008 11:47

Subject: former mayor John Antaramian

Just so you know and do not hear it on the news, the city through a professional services contract has put the former mayor under contract as a consultant.
John will be working with brownfield sites, neighborhood planning and any other revitalization project he can help with.

If you have any questions please give me a call.

Gary Becker
Mayor, City of Racine

Antaramian has been mayor of Kenosha since 1992. He decided not to run for another four-year term this year. Keith Bosman defeated Pat Moran in an April 1 election to replace Antaramian.


  1. How much $$$$ is John making Mr. Becker?

  2. Mr. Becker, For god sakes, could you PLEASE stop surrounding yourself with people who are doing your job for you? What exactly do we need a Mayor for if we have Administrators, consultants, grant writers, ect.....All on TAXPAYER dollars!!!!! PATHETIC!

  3. Might this be a conflict of interest?

  4. How would it be a conflict?

  5. My bad it would not be

  6. Is it normal for these sort of decisions to be made without the city council's knowledge?

  7. Think King Becker
    and the City Counsel as the House of Lords.

    We Need Q.A to be G Washington

  8. Yes, it is normal. The city hires outside help all the time (attorneys, accountants, etc.) and it does not need council approval except for the professional services budget, which is set once a year.

  9. Was there an increase in the professional services budget this year then? What was the amount last year vs. this year? Or is the Kenosha mayor replacing someone?