April 1, 2008

One new face on the City Council

Here's a wrap on the City Council races:

* Bob Anderson defeated Jameel Ghuari in the Second District, 439-373. There were a lot of votes cast in this race, and the incumbent held off an aggressive run by first-time candidate Ghuari. Anderson will serve his second term on the council.

* Jim Kaplan beat Ken Lumpkin 208-151. That's a solid win for the incumbent, who was outspent in the race about 10-to-1. (Note that 359 ballots were cast in this race ... far less than the First District.)

* Sandy Weidner was unopposed and will return to the council. She received 480 votes, which is a lot in an uncontested race.

* Q.A. Shakoor II was unopposed and will serve another term.

* Terry McCarthy defeated Troy Johnson 346-223 for Pete Karas' old seat. McCarthy narrowly lost to Karas two years ago.

* Tom Friedel ran unopposed and will be back for another two years.

* In possibly the surprise the of night, Aron Wisneski crushed Joey LeGath 859-369. The candidates raised the most money of anyone running for council, but LeGath's heavy spending didn't gain much traction against Wisneski. Looks like Wisneski is locked into this seat for awhile.

* Ron Hart is back for another two-year term. He ran unopposed.

In all, no new faces on the council. That's good news for Mayor Gary Becker, who is operating comfortably with the incumbents. Ghuari and Lumpkin could have given the mayor trouble, but they'll have to wait another two years for another chance to run.


  1. NOW that the tavern league isn't going to be on the common council, NOW can we get a NO smoking ordinance in Racine????

  2. I am SO VERY glad Jameel Ghauri did not get elected!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to everyone.

  3. Yes Racine dodged two bullets.
    I want to see troubled bars shut down NOW!

  4. You can stay home and not smoke, why do you insist on forcing your wishes on others private property?

    If there was money to be made by going smoke free, don't you think that tavern owners would be doing it already?

  5. Where are the "troubled bars" that you speak of? You can close every bar in town and the people that cause all of the problems will still be out there. The taverns aren't responsible for all of this city's problems.

  6. Amen, If all the bars shut down the city will still have trouble people. The majority of bars ar not the problem. Where would all the jobs and money for the economy come from. You all talk about jobs in Racine. Well the 70 some members of the racine city tavern league employ hundredsof people and put millions ( Yes Millions ) into the local economy every year.
    Are we to put an entire industry out because of a few bad apples.

  7. Ban smoking, ban guns, ban transfat, ban, ban, ban, what about a property owners right to do what they choose.....If a property want to go smoke free that should be his choice. I don't like places with kids, do we ban them? It is not really a health issue if the ban won't effect all business including the casinos. If you want to ban smoking and get rid of the health risks the OUTLAW cigarettes! Don't curb a business owners right to a living.
    Most bar owners I know do not smoke, and all say it should be theri choice to run their business as they see fit. It is their investment and livelyhood afterall.

  8. City Haul would be my number 1 Bar to shut down followed by the bars on the 5 corner area.
    Yes the vast majorty of Bars are good neiboors however the troubled bars need to go The Tavern League needs to
    lead the way and I have not seen them do that.

  9. There is nothing wrong with taverns. Nothing. Some of the taverns in town have the best food around!

    Would having a smoking ban in place close taverns?

    Is Milwaukee smoke free?

    Is Chicago?

    Anyone else gone smoke free?

    Why NOT Racine?

  10. Yes, Chicago is smoke free.

  11. Lots of things are legal, yet wouldn't be allowed in an establishment full of people. Take cow manure for example. It's certainly not illegal, but if I like the smell of it would that make it ok for me to bring a fresh bucket into my favorite restaurant and stink the place up for everyone?

    Bar owners already have to abide by rules and regulations. They have to stop serving alchohol at a certain time. They have strict health codes to follow, fire codes, etc etc. Those laws are all in place to make sure the customers are safe. A smoking ban is no different from any of the other rules they already have to follow.

  12. there is one new face. Terry McCarthy is new. He was not appointed to fill Karas' seat.

  13. Thanks, I updated the story about Alderman-to-be McCarthy.

  14. I do hope Jameel Ghuari runs again in 2 years. The votes were very close.