April 1, 2008

Kaplan takes two; Lumpkin wants recounts

Update 2: Lumpkin is planning on recounts in both the City Council and County Board races. He believes absentee ballots may have not been counted. It appears his argument is stronger in the County Board race, where he lost by two votes and there are 38 undervotes - registered ballots without a vote in the race. He lost by 51 votes for City Council, an insurmountable number considering there were about 350 total votes cast in the race.

You may recall Lumpkin is no stranger to recounts. He lost by two votes to James Rooney for the County Board in 1998. Lumpkin defeated Rooney two years later by 20 votes.

Well, our headlines holds ... for now. The county results show Kaplan defeated Lumpkin by two votes for the County Board seat, 220-218. Expect a recount here.

Original post: Jim Kaplan will be working double duty for the next two years. The City Council member won re-election to his District 4 seat and also beat Ken Lumpkin for the District 4 County Board seat.

Kaplan is a former city employer who has won two straight contested elections for the council.

Lumpkin is out of elected office after eight years on the County Board.


  1. Serves Lumpkin right.

  2. I think Lumpkin means the absentee ballets, he brought in with the limo which had Keith fair riding shotgun, had not been counted enough times until they came out in his favor.

    Let's see. Than means Kaplan had three appoints (opponents)in the city and county races: Lumpkin, Keith Fair, and the limo driver. Who can say Lumpkin math?

  3. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Downtown-Racine/2008/04/02/Racine-Elections-408-What-it-means

    You can hear an opinion what all this means by going to the above site

  4. The "R" Card is Coming Soon4/02/2008 2:43 PM

    Oh God, Here we go, Black man don't likes the outcome, now I's going to calls for a recount! PATHETIC!