April 1, 2008

Hall cruises past Dey for County Board

Ken Hall easily knocked off Brian Dey for the County Board, outpacing the former Unified School Board member 1,236-697.

Hall won his second term on the County Board. His district includes Wind Point, North Bay and the east side of Caledonia.

Dey served on the Racine Unified School Board before deciding not to seek re-election.

The race turned heated in recent weeks after Dey alleged Hall wanted to spend $250,000 on Frisbee golf courses. Hall said he wanted to spend $25,000 on two courses.


  1. Dey didn't present himself as a vial candidate for that area. Hall did.

  2. Dey didn't sling any mud, Hall did. Dey lost because of false allegations about Dey's education and filed a phony report about Dey's signs. Hall didn't even know the numbers on his own proposal.

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