April 1, 2008

Lange easily wins re-election

County Board Supervisor Diane Lange easily won re-election over challenger Lou D'Abbraccio, according to unofficial results.

Lange, who represents District 3 on the board, won 885-396. Her district is on the north side of Racine.

Lange, 55, is one of the most liberal members of the County Board. She's been in the news lately raising questions about the county's contract with Superior Linens.

D'Abbraccio, 45, was making his first run for elected office. He is a Republican.

Problems arose during voting in the race. The Ward 14, City Council District 5 polling site at the Cesar Chavez Center didn't have signs saying voters could also vote for County Board supervisor.

As a result, there were 414 total votes cast at the site, but about 40 ballots did not have a vote for the County Board race. People were aware of the problem, but it apparently was not addressed during the day.


  1. I would also say she is the most thorough of the board in regards to looking under all the rocks and finding the toads. Good work Lange!

  2. Bloggers who think a blog is a campaign: 0

    Incumbents who go door to door : 2

  3. Anonymous 1:13

    I'm not sure where you're getting your information, but I knocked on literally hundreds of doors, starting in February.

    I would not call myself a "blogger." My campaign website took the form of a blog because that was the simplest way for me to manage content. My website was not my campaign, it was an additional means to communicate with voters, and to help them understand my positions and background. I am not ashamed to say I am a fiscal conservative, nor am I unwilling to discuss exactly what I stand for.

    My opponent's literature held her out to be a conservative, too - "reducing local property taxes" indeed. I'm glad to see the Racine Post admit in this article that she is "one of the most liberal members of the board." I'd like to see her run on that.

    However, you are correct about incumbents having an advantage, particularly in name recognition. I believe the empirical data indicates it can be eroded by political newcomers in subsequent campaigns.

  4. Lou,

    Every politician promises to either reduce or hold the line on property taxes, it is in the PRIMER of how to get elected.

    Lange is good, smart, intelligent and can smell a bad thing. I don't know why you would want to run against Lange in the first place, I mean anyone can run for office, you just picked the wrong incumbent, she's good and her constituents know it.