April 1, 2008

Another new press secretary for Ryan

A new Ryan press secretary already? Is there a story we won't be getting? Count on it.

Barely two months ago (Jan. 24, to be exact), we posted a short note here for political wonks only: Congressman Paul Ryan's longtime (seven years) press flack, Kate Matus, was leaving to have a baby. Bowing to pleas that the new guy hadn't yet made his goodbyes to his current employer, I withheld his name at the time.

Turns out, you didn't need to remember it after all.

Matt Lavoie, a New Yorker who took over Ryan's press reins in early February, is now gone, and already replaced. "Things didn't work out," is the best we could pry out of Ryan's office.

That and the name of Ryan's new press secretary, Conor Sweeney, who tells us he is a Badger through and through: "born, raised, educated and more in Wisconsin," who has worked for Ryan in various capacities since graduating from Marquette University.

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