August 7, 2010

Young artists auction their summer projects at Chair-i-ties

Jasmine Sundberg displays her rocking chair, Dawn Is Breaking, which brought $100

It's called Chair-i-ties, this auction of the summer artwork of some three dozen Main Gallery students, but in truth the work included chairs, stools, tables, planters, rugs and rain barrels.

What each piece had in common was the creativity and hard work and imagination brought by the young artists, who worked in paint, photography, mosaic tiles and jewelry in the city's summer employment program for artists between the ages of 14 and 18.

Saturday, that all paid off, as about 100 bidders -- yes, some of them were family members, but certainly not all of them! -- eagerly snapped up the colorful artwork. Auctioneer David Castaneda had a harder time coaxing bidders to part with serious cash this year than in past sessions. "It's a tougher economy," said Jason Mars of Parks and Rec. Still, some pieces went for $175 to $225 and all the artwork offered found a welcoming home.

Auctioneer David Castaneda cajoles bidders for Rubber Ducky
  by Alissa Castaneda, Alexis Quirk and Taylor Feltson. It brought $50

Commissioned rain barrels caught visitors' eyes before the auction

Alissa Castaneda's table, Peace, based on a Shepard Fairey drawing, sold for $75.

Juan Garza's planter, A Clash of Culture, sold for $175

Jenny Broe's mosaic planter Everything Looks Perfect From Far Away brought $225

Arielle Exner with Ogata Korin table she painted. It sold for $200.

Linda and Gary Schultz paid $100 for Fragmented Dreams by Jacqueline Gerardo

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