August 4, 2010

Vote for Mitchell! You can help Racine win $500,000 for one of its school

Hi all,

It's time to rally. Mitchell Middle School has a real shot at winning $500,000 from Kohl's to make needed repairs to a school that was built in 1937. Right now Mitchell is one of two public schools in the entire country to have a real shot at winning. They're up against wealthy private schools with limitless resources both at home and in the classroom. But they can win.

All it takes is votes. Your votes. Our votes. There's an ongoing complaint in Racine that no "leaders" are stepping forward to solve our city's problems. Here's the deal: no one person is going to do that. You're going to help solve the city's problems. We all are together.

Kim Wendt over at Mitchell has got things rolling. The architect of Mitchell's successful Pepsi Challenge Grant win last spring, she's using all of her skills to pull in votes and keep her school competitive. But to make this happen she needs you help.

First, just vote. Here's the link. You need a Facebook account, so if you don't have one, just sign up. It's worth it. You can vote five times for Mitchell. It's important you vote all five times!

Second, get all of your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances to vote. Nag, bug, cajole. Whatever it takes. Mitchell needs another 20,000 votes - that's 4,000 people voting five times - to finish in the Top 20. That's not a lot. We can do this.

Third, bug local media to promote and support Mitchell's efforts. Call and write The Journal Times, WRJN, Fox 6, WISN, WTMJ, CBS 58 and anyone else you can think of. They can help get the word out, but they need your prodding. Call today. Call often!

Mitchell is facing an uphill climb. It's out-gunned by private schools all over the country and needs to act quick before it falls too far behind. It starts with you. It starts now. Vote and promote. The contest's deadline is Sept. 3. That's one month for us to come together, and work together, to make this happen.

If you can help, contact Kim Wendt at: She could use as many volunteers, and donations, as possible. 

Start today. There's no time to waste. 

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