August 1, 2010

West Racine's CopyCat music gives away free guitars

CopyCat Music, 3205 Washington Ave., gave away five guitars Saturday during the "Rockin the Block" event in West Racine. Here's photos from the giveaway ...

The music store is a cool collection of instruments and musicians.

Copy Cat owner with Roy Sanin, left, and guitar teacher Bob Harmel, right. Sanin runs the store and also has the show "Doo-Wop Diner" on CAR 25 and Channel 14 in Kenosha. He opened the store in West Racine last year. Harmel teaches at Copy Cat. One of his students, John Longre, credited Harmel with being a patient and talented teacher, especially for beginning students.

These girls were waiting for their names to be drawn. 

One of the winners holds his new guitar. 
Winners of the free guitars!

All of the winners with their instruments.