August 6, 2010

Mitchell Middle School rivals offer free iPads for votes in $500,000 contest

Mitchell Middle School is still in the running for $500,000 in the Kohl's Cares contest on Facebook, but it's facing stiff competition nationally.

Several schools in the Top 20 right now are offering people who vote for their school a chance to win a free iPad. The first place school, Cheder Menachem in Los Angeles, is giving away eight of Apple's latest must-have gadgets in exchange for votes. With iPads starting at $500 apiece, school supporters have spent $4,000 just in prizes to win the contest. It's not a bad investment considering $500,000 is on the line, and it's proving successful.

Cheder Menachem and several other "Chabad" schools - all private - are using the same methods and are stacking the top of the Kohl's Cares standings. Only one public school has cracked the Kohl's Cares Top 20 so far. That public school is Millbury, Ohio's Lake High School, which was destroyed by a tornado earlier this year.

So what's this mean for Mitchell? It means they need help. Mitchell science teacher Kim Wendt flyered the entire city - at her own expense - yesterday and is constantly working on getting people to vote for her school. (She's emailed so many people through Facebook that the website has banned her from sending any more.) But Wendt needs help.

If you have ideas, time, or resources to donate, contact her today at:

Also, our local daily newspaper could use some prodding. The JT could rally A LOT of support for Mitchell, but so far they've sat on the sidelines. If you'd like to see the JT write about and advertise Mitchell's efforts send these people an email:

Mark Lewis, publisher,
Steve Lovejoy, editor,

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