August 3, 2010

Parody clip: Hitler takes on Paul Ryan

 There's no such thing as bad publicity?

Today, we doubt Paul Ryan would agree.

Our 1st District Congressman is, as usual, the subject of many, many positive articles in the national press.

US News and World Report has: Why Paul Ryan makes Democrats nervous.

The Washington Post has: The virtues of Ryan's roadmap and Paul Ryan's ideas for cutting the deficit and A pain in the pocketbook.

The Seattle Times has: Rep. Paul Ryan: A Republican in political no-man's land.

The Manchester Union Leader has: Newt Gingrich: Ryan makes GOP nervous.

But we suspect that all the attention will be paid to this hilarious spoof of Ryan, using that much-abused clip from the 2004 movie, Downfall, starring none other than Adolf Hitler. The studio that produced the movie has attempted to block the many parodies, citing copyright issues. Nonetheless, the parodies continue to proliferate, with commentaries on annoying World Cup vuvuzela horns, the cancellation of Ugly Betty, Hitler's unhappiness about not getting a Valentine's Day card, Brett Favre's "retirement" ... well, you get the picture. (Go here for YouTube's selection.)

And now Paul Ryan takes a licking from Hitler.  Watch closely: There's even a quick mention of RacinePost!

The clip is HERE and below. 

P.S. No, we have no idea who made the clip. But if you want to step forward...

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