August 6, 2010

Countryside defends itself, explains 36% euthanasia rate

The Countryside Humane Society answered its critics today, with the following statement from the animal shelter's Board of Directors: 

Countryside Humane Society is aware of the recent publicity regarding our organization.

As part of the contract for animal control, Countryside is required to take in all unwanted and stray animals. This includes those surrendered by owner for euthanasia, feral cats, animals involved in bite cases, injured wildlife, birds, snakes, chickens, and etc.

Regardless of the health, age or temperament, the shelter must accept them all. Every effort is made to find new homes for the adoptable animals. Countryside works with other humane societies and numerous rescues to place those that have been in the shelter a longer period of time. Unfortunately dealing with over 4,000 animals annually some will be deemed un-adoptable because of temperament, old age, or health problems.

Countryside’s euthanasia percentage for 2010 is 36%. Some of these animals were severely injured and others were not acceptable at rescues or other humane societies. To date CHS has spent almost $10,000 in veterinarian care for injured stray and/or abused animals and has also helped many Racine County pet owners unable to afford veterinarian care.

CHS wants to assure the public that a new protocol was put into place immediately when the expired rabies vaccines were discovered. All vaccines and medications are monitored consistently to prevent this from ever happening again.

Volunteers help care for the animals. Currently two dog behaviorists come three or four times a week to help socialize the dogs. Volunteers also come in regularly during the week to brush and socialize our cats. Animals too young or are sick are transferred to foster homes. CHS staff also fosters animals that need extra care and will often take animals home if shelter space is limited. Our staff works very hard to keep animals healthy and adoptable.

In January, Shelter Buddies/Home Again donated a new database to CHS. The program is geared toward humane societies performing animal control functions. Shelter Buddies documents an animal’s health and behavior and accurately tracks owner information. The database provides staff the information needed to track animals in the shelter and determine their availability for adoption. Countryside continuously works to improve customer service and improve shelter conditions.

Countryside Board of Directors
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