August 31, 2009

Op-Ed: Health care's hidden agenda: The Big Lie

By Randolph D. Brandt

It dawned on me when people started calling Barack Obama a Nazi.

He’s a black man, for God’s sake; by definition, he can’t be a Nazi. It’s like calling a Jew a Nazi – an oxymoron.

But only a moron would fail to realize what’s really going on here, and I’m sure Obama realized it from the first day – a lifetime’s experience taught him to recognize it – but yet he can’t say it.

No, then he’d be “playing the race card.”

A lot of people hate Barack Obama because he’s black. Worse, he’s a black man who’s no longer in his place, and by that I mean he’s president of the United States.

If that’s not, not in his place, then nothing is.

Just as Barack Obama cannot acknowledge this conundrum, neither can his opponents because then they’d be, well, racists.

But whenever I see a whole lot of false accusations, wildly exaggerated claims, scary foreshadowings of doom and scapegoating, I recognize The Big Lie.

As Joseph Goebbels knew, if you say it often enough, even otherwise reasonable people will begin to believe it.

Ironically, in this turnabout, it’s the object of The Big Lie who’s accused of a big lie.

There’s not enough difference between the Democrats’ health-care reform plan and the Republicans’ health-care reform plan to justify the kind of hatred that’s being spewed out all over this country right now.

As they say, it’s never really about what it’s about.

In this instance, it’s about putting Barack Obama back in his place.
Randolph D. Brandt is the retired editor of The Journal Times.


  1. Rees Roberts8/31/2009 11:05 PM

    Mr. Brandt:

    Bravo. It needed to be said. We certainly are treading in hurtful times and it is so unnecessary. If we call ourselves God fearing then why are we treating each other the way we are? I hope we start to see that what many are saying is so unproductive. We all know which ones we are talking about.

    When I was a child, I acted like a child, thought like a child and spoke like a child. I would hope that those others sharing their views here have progressed beyond that stage of a child and make their views known as a productive, caring and responsible adult we all hope to teach our own children to be.

    Thank you again Mr. Brandt for sharing your views.


  2. Wow. He's exactly right.

  3. Good grief, what tripe!

  4. Exactly. And I have to add that coming back from outside the country, most people that I spoke with were curious why we voted in a black man and then "hate" him for doing what we voted him in to do. They don't see color of a skin a problem. We do, we still do. The republicans are the worst hypocrites and really I don't want my kids growing up around them, they create a hateful and spiteful environment. Drastic staying that? Well look no further than our neighbor in Minnesota. M. Bachmann is a wingnut and need serious therapy. Paul Ryan talks a great line but says nothing and really has done nothing. Nothing at all.

    Thank you Mr. Brandt. Keep writing.

    Being white, retired and, okay kind of well off, we should probably be cookie cutter republicans. We aren't. We can't. They stand for everything we don't want our kids to be - prejudicial, closed minded political perverts.

  5. Wow, the kool aid is strong today. What are you talking about? Most emotion, especially at the town hall meetings, has been directed at mostly democrats who support this ill concieved health care plan, but all politicians in general.

    The big lie being told, right out of Mein Kampf, is the lies being told about the stimulus, cap and trade, and healthcare bills sponsored by congress.

    This is the final straw for me. If this rag of a site is going to continue to publish unsubstantiated dribble, it can do it without my participation.

  6. This takes the cake. I think I will call evert advertiser on the Posy and ask then not to continue

  7. While I admire your choice, 6:29, some conservatives don't have a choice... kinda. People who are easily frightened or afraid of the unknown tend to become conservative. Conservatism is a safe haven for cowards and frightened little 'lambs'... ehrm. (read: 'sheep')

  8. Hahaha. AvengingAngel. Once again you demonstrate your complete ignorance of all things historical or factual. It's quite obvious you've never read Mein Kampf and don't even know what it's about.

    And you're already giving up! That didn't take long!

    You're pathetic!

  9. Cool, now the Post has its own Eugene Kane. And to do one better than the Urinal, he's white!

  10. Avenging Angel, What the heck are you talking about, you haven't read the book that you are quoting, that is for sure.

    As for quitting the Racine Post - Bye Bye, I am sure you didn't donate a red dime.

    For me, I am donating again. I like a paper who has the balls to step up to the plate.

  11. What a great country this is! Even a guy like Randy can crawl out from under a rock every so often and get something published. Thanks to the Post for providing its readers a good chuckle.

  12. Wait, is this article claiming people who don't support Obama and Obamacare are racist? Guys, publish something with substance would ya?

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  14. The Translator9/01/2009 8:29 AM

    Are you F-in kidding me. How dare you Mr. Brandt sit there in your high and mighty chair and say to me that because I don't like the policies of our current president and controlling interest in congress that I am a racist. Did you say that the people of color that didn't like the policies of President Bush were racists? I am sick and tired of the white guilt that left leaning whites have. It is allowable to have political discourse between free thinking people. I voted against BHO because I didn't like his politics, not because he was of mixed race. And, while we are on the subject, voting for someone just because of race is just as racist as voting against someone for the same reason. Mr. Brandt, feel free to retreat to the rock you were under before the Post recycled you. You helped kill the JT, now your trying to work your magic on the Post.

  15. I am never going to visit this leftist ignorant fascist racist website again. Die on the vine liberal scum.

  16. To Anonymous 6:13, 8:18 and 8:25: Did it sting?

    To Avenging Angel: You'll be back but you'll post as "Anonymous." There's no way you could stay away.

  17. Mr. Brandt's editorial was dead on, if President Obama was white at the very least 50% of those opposing everything he proposes would go away.

    As far as advertising on the Post, as a business person I will more likely advertise, just because of idiotic self righteous poster that can only see one side of any equation.

  18. You cannot lead people in a cause unless they have a cause. Keep them poor, ignorant, culturally crippled and dependent on handouts, and you can do anything with them. Never, never, NEVER empower them to sustain their own lives.

    Party on, power pigs!

  19. I disagree completely. This is not about color. This is about the democratic party still going on shopping sprees when our country is in an economic CRISIS.

    How can you ignore that? You are so creative looking at, "What can it be? It must be something hidden or odd." No, it is the shopping spree the democrats have always been on. We cannot afford it anymore.

    Plus Obama didn't have to play the race card. You just did.

    Get serious about jobs, and producing real products we can sell to eliminate this heavy debt.

  20. "He’s a black man, for God’s sake; by definition, he can’t be a Nazi."

    Er, there 'by definition'? It might not make sense for a black man to believe in an ideology that would hold him to be inferior, but it is certainly not 'by definition' impossible. A pretty pitiful sentence from a former editor.


    "It’s like calling a Jew a Nazi.."

    Which we see in anti-Israeli
    propaganda all the time.

  21. Tim the Shrubber9/01/2009 9:51 AM

    "Plus Obama didn't have to play the race card. You just did."

    Here, here.

    The message of this Op-ed is simply, it is racist to oppose Obama's policies. It is a rather blunt rhetorical trick, and not an honest logical argument.

  22. Please avoid the Favre tactic of un-retiring and permanently retire from writing Randall. The brush that you paint with is so broad as to be impossible to use.

    Now I remember why I dropped my JT subscription during your time at the helm.

  23. I want to see more of this on the post. Makes it easier to show what we are fighting when we fight Obama.
    From the news on Obama polling does not look good of Obama or the DEms.
    Please please keep up the writing you been doing. The best thing we could hope for.

  24. Conservatives, 2 questions:

    1. Why did you not stand up and scream when Bush began the folly in Iraq that has cost this country billions with no proven results. (You cannot prove something by saying "another attack didn't happen", by the way)
    2. Why do most of you profess to be Christians, but support a war that kills (The commandment says: "Thou shalt not kill") and oppose programs that benefit people(Christ said "In as much as you do this to the least of my children, you do it to me")

    So when you oppose the costly programs Obama proposes that will actually help people and support the costly wars that kill people, that naturally makes me question your motives and your Christianity.

  25. Obama is for the war in Afghanistan. If you oppose that, you must be racist, too.

    Or maybe you're only a racist if you oppose certain things. Unfortunately, Mr. Brandt didn't enlighten us in that regard.

    Sometimes it's hard to discern what is racist from the perspective of an expensive home in a privileged neighborhood.

    Btw, I've noticed that people who work for their money rarely suffer from guilt, white or otherwise.

  26. I said it before and I'll say it again - Brandt is ignorant, small minded, and is himself a nazi for trying to marginalize and minimize any opposition by labeling them as racists.

  27. Health care should not be a right or left issue, it is something everyone should be concerned about. It seems that only the far right and the uninformed oppose any change to the current system.

  28. Tim the Shrubber9/01/2009 12:41 PM

    "Health care should not be a right or left issue.."

    It is not. I don't see anybody out there campaigning on the idea that Health Care is bad and should be eliminated. Both sides of the political spectrum are pro-health care and want to improve the system and expand coverage. But, they have very different (and non-compatible) ideas on how to accomplish these goals.

    I oppose the Democratic health care plans precisely because I am pro-health care. I think that the Democratic plan is probably short sighted, unsustainable in cost, will kill innovation, and will ultimately do more damage than good in the long run.

  29. Tim, than way is the U.S. 37th in the World when it comes to performance of its health care?

  30. 1:20

    feel free to move.

  31. Glenda Alexander9/01/2009 2:46 PM

    I have just broken my own rule - I read the comments. I see that there continues to be no end to the anonymous fraidy cats who hide behind their anonymous identities. Did you also hide behind mamas skirt when you were a kid? Here is a message straight from Jersey Boys: 'Walk Like a Man'. Stand up and speak out in your own voice. Anyone can hide in the darkness. Or under a rock.

  32. Time the Shrubber9/01/2009 2:50 PM

    "Tim, than way is the U.S. 37th in the World when it comes to performance of its health care?"

    1. Whose ranking and based on what measures?

    2. That comment is a bit of a red-herring. I would love to see improvement in US healthcare, hence my opposition to the Democratic plans.

    3. How many of the nations that rank ahead of us on your list are not running massive public debts? (And let's remember to take into account things like the Canadian smoke and mirrors trick of burdening the provinces the debt instead of the national goverenment.)

  33. Glanda

    Gee if we where not doing damage to the Obama message why would you bother being upset?
    Glad to know that our fighting the power fighting Obama is paying off.
    Just think Obama's approval rate is at 45% what will it be in Nov of this year 30% lower? Can't wait until we can start voting Democrats out of office

  34. The Translator9/01/2009 3:06 PM

    Who the hell is Glenda Alexander? I sure the hell dont see your contact available. You the same as the rest of us.

  35. Translator, it is the same one who is a leader of C4C, with Kelly Gallager, Supporter of all things with a (D) after them, and big drinker of the BHO Koolaid! She has never met a liberal she hasent liked.

  36. So Happy that the White Rich in Racine are backing Obama leaving us middle class folks to pay the bills.
    C4C are IMHO the biggest group of leftest I know. They do make fighting Obama fun however

  37. John Adams,

    No, No, you have it backwards. It was the Republicans who gave us rich, white folks all the tax breaks, leaving the middle class to pay the bills.

    The Democrats want to give you the tax breaks next time.

  38. Realy? Then why are my taxes going up up up?

  39. John,

    Looks to me like the folks who pay for this package include big business, rich people, doctors and hospitals and the now-uninsured, who will have to cough up premiums just like the rest of us. Oh, and maybe government employees who now don't have to pay the Medicare tax, but could under some versions of the health care reform.

    What's not to like? It's the middle class that finally benefits, while the rich folks have to pay.

    Don't you get it? The rich bitches have fooled you again!

  40. So wait, if I were to say I'm opposed to Obama's plan, I'm racist??

    What a load of horse manure. You've obviously been sniffing your antique guns too long to realize that rational people can disagree without reducing it to a race war. But you've always been a racist yourself, from your days at the Journal Times where you practically mandated that stories and photos were "diverse". Tokenism goes over well for you, doesn't it?

    You fail to realize, as many do on this board, that you are no different than those you accuse. With no proof other than your own bias and feelings, you paint broad strokes across an entire portion of the country that disagrees with you. You choose not to engage in the actual discussion, instead write an op-ed that ends the conversation before it has a chance to begin. THAT is the definition of bigotry, and you match perfectly.

    Thank you for once again exposing YOUR small mindedness, while trying to accuse everyone else of the same affliction that you suffer.

  41. No, Anon, you're not a racist if you question pending health care reform legislation.

    But if you claim that Barack Obama is a Nazi who wants to set up death panels while providing unlimited free care to illegal immigrants but then rationing care for white Americans, and saying that Obama didn't or even couldn't read the House bill ... well, you probably are.

    It's an historic characteristic of racism - The Big Lie - that we were pointing up here, not legitimate disagreements over health care reform policy.

  42. Examples:

    Slaves were better off, even happy (or, conversely, if they're freed, they'll take revenge by raping your daughters) ... the Jews caused all your troubles ... they control the media ... somebody wants to take away your Social Security ... Barack Obama's a secret Muslim who's not even an American citizen ... your cancer won't be treated if 'they' take control ...

    People who repeatedly engage in this kind of fear-mongering over and over and over again have throughout history poisoned public debate ... and their ilk often wind up doing a lot worse.

  43. The Translator9/01/2009 8:03 PM

    Randolph, you hack, how about the fear mongering from the left:

    "Man-made" global warming is the biggest threat we face;
    we're running out of oil and other natural resources;
    federal bureaucrats deliberately withheld hurricane rescue services to New Orleanians;
    the NSA is illegally intercepting all of everyone's international phone calls - (all 200+ BILLION yearly minutes worth!);
    the FBI is intimidating librarians;
    the pharmaceutical companies, Wal Mart and the oil companies are ripping us off BIGTIME - we have to regulate them more!;
    that off-shore oil-drilling and oil-drilling in ANWR would be desecrations of the environment; that the Bush Tax Cuts are destroying our economy - (and that Bush has the worst jobs record since Hoover - it's the worst economy since Hoover);
    that abortion will become illegal and unconstitutional if you vote GOP;
    and that the GOP will take away your right to have a living-will (even though ALL the Bush's have one!);
    Bush and the GOP are trying make America into a Christain version of the Iranian religious state.
    Reagan would start WW3;
    there will be mass global starvation;
    we're going to run out of oil; NAFTA will ruin our economy;
    Bobby Kennedy's ol' boss Joe McCarthy was evil personified and Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were innocent;
    "ending welfare as we know it" will put millions of people on the streets;
    the Reagan tax cuts will ruin the economy;
    that Afghanistan was going to be a QUAGMIRE - (we weren't supposed to defeat the Afghanis since the USSR couldn't);
    we weren't going to be able to defeat Saddam - because the strategy was wrong - we went in too fast and our supply lines were too strung out.
    Don't worry - the Domino Theory is wrong;
    don't worry if we take away some of your 2nd Amendment rights - gun control will lower crime;
    don't worry if we take away some of your 1st Amendment rights - we will take BIG MONEY out of electoral politics;
    don't worry - bi-lingual education and multi-culturalism won't dis-integrate our assimilated society.

    I cant believe you were ever a journalist. You have the integrety of a stick.

  44. Translator:

    Global warming’s happened before and will happen again. So will global cooling. They’re called ice ages and interims. If you take the long view, they happen a lot. We’re kidding ourselves if we think humans really affect it all that much.

    There’s oil under Oklahoma and Texas, the North Sea, the Middle East, the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico, the Middle East, Pennsylvania, the continental shelf, Alaska, Sumatra, the North Sea … hasn’t it occurred to anybody yet that there’s oil anywhere you want to drill deep enough to get to it?

    Federal bureaucrats screwed up big time in New Orleans, but it probably wasn’t on purpose. It still worries me, though, that FEMA’s unwilling to immediately enter any danger zone to help people. This is a serious problem. What happens when a dirty bomb goes off in New York? They’ll sit back ‘til the coast is clear? We’re going to need the Army. At least those guys have the guts to risk their lives for others. The fire departments and police departments have already proven they’re willing, but I’m afraid FEMA’s a weak sister.

    The NSA’s probably screening phone calls for certain hot-button words that indicate possible terrorist activities. Sounds like a reasonable precaution. What do we want to do, wait until there’s another complete intelligence breakdown with another 3,000 or 4,000 dead, like 9/11? Get real, people.

    Librarians always think they’re being intimidated. They’re librarians … it’s, like, part of the job. If they weren’t easily intimated, they’d be doing something else for a living. (And yes, I worked in a library once.)

    Wal-Mart has a great idea – poor people should be able to buy all the stuff that rich people have – and they live that mantra every day. I love shopping at Wal-Mart. It’s democratic capitalism in action.

    Sorry, but Bush really ranks up there with Hoover for missing what was really going on. OK, he did start to come through at the end by recapitalizing the banks, but I gotta say, the Treasury team was asleep at the switch, and all our 401k’s took a serious hit because of it ...

  45. Part II:

    ... I resent tax cuts for the rich when they don’t cut my taxes, too. OK, once I was fairly well off, and I might have favored that strategy. But now, I live on Social Security, disability pension and my savings, and I really want rich people to pay more, rather than me.

    No politician wants to re-open the abortion can of worms. It’s a red herring, for both sides. Otherwise, the Republicans would have actually done something to ban abortions when they were in charge, and the Democrats would have taken it on seriously to open that door wider when they were in charge. Most everybody’s informally agreed to let sleeping dogs lie. It’s just as well. Abortions will remain legal, under some circumstances, but they’ll be a little harder to get. The number of abortions is going down. The status quo pretty much works.

    America is one of the most religious countries in the world. But it would pretty much go against everybody’s grain – Democrat and Republican – to establish some kind of religious state. Again, it’s a red herring. There’s no real issue here.

    Reagan probably prevented World War III. So did Jack Kennedy.

    There’s certainly starvation in the world, but it’s not here. Nor in China anymore, since they’ve adopted more capitalistic ways. That's a good thing, Taiwan notwithstanding.

    Joe McCarthy actually was pretty evil, but Hiss and the Rosenbergs were guilty. Russia’s now-open files prove that. Turns out Nixon was right on that one.

    “Ending welfare as we know it” worked out pretty well. Clinton did that, as I recall.

    Reagan’s tax cuts ran up a lot of deficits, and so did Bush. Reagan did the same thing in California, and the state’s still feeling it. Arnold’s in a bad way because of it, though I still think he ought to be president, even though he’s from Austria and he’s a Republican. He married a quasi-Kennedy – maybe we could all learn from his brand of bipartisanship.

    Afghanistan is a quagmire. Ask the Brits … or the Russians.

    We should have crushed Saddam the first time.

    The domino theory actually was wrong. Communist didn’t sweep Asia. Military-style totalitarianism did. But the commies never did show up in sampans in Hawaii or San Francisco. Korea worked out, though, the southern part, anyway.

    More guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens equals less crime. Concealed carry makes a lot of sense – at least the citizens in, like, 48 out of 50 states, think so.

    Campaign finance legislation violates the First Amendment. People should be able to put their money where their mouth is.

    Bilingual education actually makes a lot of sense. It worked for the Germans, (America’s largest descent group); it’ll probably work for Hispanics.

    Now, Translator, can we make a deal on a health-care system that no longer denies sick people insurance?

  46. The Translator9/01/2009 9:32 PM

    Not until you take back your spouting lie that if you oppose this president your a racist. No discussion will happen with you, sir, until you correct this vermin filled mouthful of hate. The ability to speak ones mind and to question the government is a fundamental premise to the openess of our society. For you to throw that under the bus, as a proponent of a free press, is scanadlous and rude.

  47. Translator,

    Just don't spout off The Big Lie. They're the people who are racists, not you.

    You're still talking about the shape of the table.

    Let it go, and I will. If we can do that, maybe our supposed leaders will, too.

    Reasonable people can come to reasonable solutions.

  48. Translator, et. al.,

    I do not suggest that everyone who opposes health-care reform is a racist.

    I'm only stating the obvious - that some who oppose health-care reform, irrationally, call the president a Nazi, and suggest there's some Obama-inspired plot to rob people of their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness ... well, they may have other motives.

    Let's help sick people. That's all.

    The difference here isn't all that great. Let's bridge that gap.

    It really can start with just a couple people of goodwill.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. I rather enjoyed Mr. Brandt's rebuttal even if it was a tad long-winded.

  51. Personal Rights = Personal Responsibility (PR=PR / PR = PR)9/01/2009 11:24 PM


    Throwing the "R" word out there is like throwing gas on a smoldering grass fire. For you to use it so flippantly, knowing the ramifications of doing so, is not only irresponsible but, quite honestly, a worn-out cheap-shot. I am sure you are well aware of the ramifications and planned on using the old "asking for Forgiveness is easier than asking for permission" back-pedalling routine as you are doing so here and now in your responses. You'd have more people willing to discuss ObamaCare if you were honest on the front end and/or the back end instead of trying to play both sides of the fence. You, sir, must know this!

    Could it be that CA's fiscal situation is due primarily to overspending instead of under-funding? Could it be that Reagan's tax cuts worked by bringing more money into the coffers? Could it be that Congress did not live up to it's end of their agreement with Reagan that they would decrease spending by $1 for every $2 more received (or was it $2 for $1)?

    Why do some think that we need to up-end our health care and health insurance industries so we can provide health care for less than 5% of our citizens (the other 95% are either covered or could be covered if they were willing to pay for it or fill out the government paperwork so it would be provided for them)?

    I could go on and on but I have a feeling, regrettably, that it would be futile. Feel free to look at my profile on the JT website if you believe that I am some rich dude....

  52. Reagan froze property taxes for certain people in California, while allowing taxes to increase exponentially for newcomers, and also added some 6,000 people to the state payroll during his terms.

    I know, because I was one of the newcomers out there at the time.

    He meant well, but he wasn't real strong on the details.

    Nobody's going to get it exactly right, but we really shouldn't deny people health care just because they get sick.

    That, I think, is something all people should agree on, or there's something seriously wrong with them.

  53. ... I really don't want to poke another hornet's nest, but it was Clinton who last balanced a budget, as I recall.

  54. Tim the Shrubber9/02/2009 6:21 AM

    "... I really don't want to poke another hornet's nest, but it was Clinton who last balanced a budget, as I recall."

    Well, considering it is the House of Reps that controls the purse strings I think most of the credit would have to be given to that Republican Congress.

  55. Andy Jackson9/02/2009 7:06 AM

    Love the job Randoph did runing the J-T into the ground. I see he has teamed up with Pete to do the same with the Post

  56. "No, Anon, you're not a racist if you question pending health care reform legislation.

    "But if you claim that Barack Obama is a Nazi who wants to set up death panels while providing unlimited free care to illegal immigrants but then rationing care for white Americans, and saying that Obama didn't or even couldn't read the House bill ... well, you probably are."

    That does not even make the most basic logical sense. The whole Nazi, death panel, rationing, etc thing my be a bit hysterical, but it is not racist.


    Reagan was called a Nazi by the opposition, Bush 1 was called a Nazi by the opposition, Clinton was called a Nazi by the opposition, and Bush 2 was called a Nazi by the opposition. Seems to me that being called a Nazi is pretty much par for the course for a President. Or, are the rules different for Obama? And if so, why?

  57. And I thought this was going to be a thoughtful and balanced site, unfortunately is isn't. I recall when I too dropped my subsciption to the RJ, it was brandt that suggested we give all low income people a home in the city of Racine, suggesting that we support people that just don't want to help themselves, that kind of mentality hurts this country. To suggest also that if you disagree with the current administration, you are a racist? Well, thousands of people knew this kind of rhetoric was coming down the pipeline, it just needs to be dismissed. So much for this site. Bye.

  58. "It really can start with just a couple people of goodwill."

    Goodwill? That is really rich following the editorial you wrote. I believe that word we are looking for is chutzpah.

  59. What a catharsis this must have been for Randy. First to have a byline again, and then to let it all hang out when replying to his detractors.

    Those who remember Randy know he couldn't resist temptation to display his airs of elitism and show the distain for readers that were his trademarks before he so quickly left the JT.

    Thanks to the Post for providing Randy a soapbox. Please invite him back in another six months or so. By then it will be spring and Randy will have had an entire cold, lonely winter to conjure up some more nonsense.

  60. ...All 50 States are coordinating in this – as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process, whipped to a frenzy by their Fox Propaganda Network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders...

    Randy - from where did this come????

  61. I am an independent. I was against the war and I am against this health care program. They both have and had way to many outpoints for me to support it.

    Go back to the drawing board and stop throwing tantrums.

    They say Nazi you say right wing domestic terrorist. What is the difference. It is just moronic. Your both avoiding the real problem and finding a real solution.

    The program needs improvement to say the least.

  62. I plan to fight Obama every legal way I can as well as undertake civil disobedience when I may have too.
    I am only one man can can only do so much but the millions of us who feel the same way will stop Obama and his Marxist BS.
    Then we can work to bring back America.

  63. 9:25 ACCURATE.

    6:31 You are too dumb to function. Please undertake a hunger strike and starve to death.

  64. What garbage. Who would buy into this nonsense? You can't see the forest for the trees. You think this guy cares about you---black, white plaid, who cares? He doesn't. This guy is like the Taliban...just more organized, but not much. He and his thugs have hijacked a country...and his stupid entourage of sychophants,tree-huggers, old-money elite who would give the world away...but don't touch their trusts...don't care about the middle class. Well, that attitude is running out of steam.
    We, the people, will fire you!! It is your responsibility to VOTE with your FEET. If you do not like it, question it. If you do not get satisfactory answers, FIRE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE. Where is Donald Trump when we need him: YOU'RE FIRED! Yes, Nancy, get on the unemployment line with the rest of us!

  65. Barbara Kennedy. Another perfect example of the human garbage populating the conservative movement. You just quoted Donald Trump in a political debate, you stupid cow. The Taliban? You have no idea what you're talking about. Go back to watching your crappy prime time reality television. You do not have the intellect for a local news discussion board. That's how dumb you are. You are that dumb.