September 1, 2009

Mason to lead Talgo here to look for plant sites

State Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, will lead representatives from Spanish train manufacturer Talgo on a Racine-area tour of potential sites for its new Wisconsin train car assembly facility on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Gov. Doyle announced in July that the State of Wisconsin had entered into a partnership with Talgo to build and put into service two14-car trains for use on the Milwaukee-Chicago Hiawatha run. The $47 million contract calls for the establishment of maintenance and assembly facilities in Wisconsin.

As soon as the agreement was announced, Mason invited Talgo to tour Racine and initiated conversations with Racine Mayor John Dickert, other local elected officials, and Racine County economic development professionals to identify potential assembly facilities that would meet the company’s needs.

Rep. Mason, a commissioner on the Racine Redevelopment Authority, noted, “The Talgo partnership with the state creates an important opportunity to bring jobs to Racine. It will also bring us closer to the development of high speed rail, plugging Racine into the region and serving as a key component of our community’s economic development and growth.”

Rep. Mason continued, “Though numerous southeastern Wisconsin communities are competing to be the site of Talgo’s assembly facility, I fully believe that Racine has the complete package Talgo is seeking to jumpstart its Wisconsin operations. In addition to attractive, available manufacturing sites on rail spurs and local businesses with extensive train experience, we’ve also got workers trained for the kind of 21st Century jobs Talgo aims to create. I am optimistic that we will be able to show Talgo firsthand the numerous benefits of selecting Racine for its new assembly facility,” he said.


  1. Thanks to Cory's union pals there's a really big building available in Fond du lac.

  2. Corry

    1) you never show up at the redevelopment meetings why?
    2) Your nor running for reelection because you know you will lose.
    3) We all know that Talgo is going to Milwaukee county

    So why the claim?

  3. The Translator9/01/2009 1:18 PM

    Cory, you represent more than just the city of Racine. Show them Sturtevant and Mt Pleasant too!

  4. Cory cant do that too busy being a hack for Doyle

  5. I remember thinking this kid was actually gonna make a difference in Racine.....WHAT HAPPENED? damn he fooled me into voting for him, he has accomplished nothing worthwhile for Racine and this is train deal is dead for RAcine anyhow.

  6. Mason is on redevelopment? He has never been there. Shouldn't that be filled by someone who will serve?

  7. Is someone available to help him with directions in case he gets lost?

  8. That's great news, and yet another forward thinking action by Rep Mason. Instead of raking him over the coals, we should be encouraging this sort of behavior so that other politicos follow suite on behalf of WI...

  9. Be sure to show them the red scrap metal thingy!

  10. Make sure Cory gets them a gyro at Gus's!

  11. Ben Franklin9/02/2009 8:22 AM

    Let me see

    Mason does not attend the redevelopment meetings
    Mason is not running for reelection
    Milwaukee has this all ready
    So what is Mason trying to pull and why is the Post not calling him out this?

  12. Now that is what I am talking about. Bring in the businesses. Bring in the jobs. Don't quit til they move in.

    Hey I am no fan of Cory's most of the time. But I am happy that he is bringing in some business. I can be a fan if he keeps it up and seals this deal.

  13. When are we going to buy a no-bid space shuttle then shop for places to assemble them in order to supply a launch facility that we will need to build?

  14. This is not Cory being courageous. If he was doing what we originally elected him to do he would not be a Doyle lackey, he would have opposed this Spain deal from the beginning. After they stuck it to us, and our train manufacturing facilities in this country, does he think that bringing a few dozen jobs to town is going to make up for it? Is so, he much more stupid than I thought.

    Cory, want to do what's right? Put an end to this Doyle/Spain deal and bring the entire manufacturing and assembly jobs back to this country and put OUR people to work from start to finish on this wasteful un-needed project!