September 3, 2009

The cartoon @


  1. One more very left cartoon. Still waiting for one that makes fun of Mason, Obama, Lehman or Turner. Doyle doesn't count because he is too easy and on his way out. So that is safe too.

  2. Funny, this liberal cartoon forgot a few things:

    The union workers should be shown as grown men in baby diapers, crying and thinking the world revolves around them.

    Should show the GOOD people in Stillwater getting screwed over by a bunch of crybaby whiners.

    Otherwise ya nice cartoon *rolls eyes*

  3. If Mercury Marine won't honor its contract with its Fond du Lac employees, why should the good citizens of Stillwater expect Mercury Marine to honor its promises to them?

  4. I do think it's funny that the "Interesting Things to See and Do in Oklahoma" item appears to be a pamphlet and not a book...

  5. Unions are in trouble. They need to be reasonable. It is a hard economy right now. The game cannot continue to be I have to get more, more and more no matter what or I will damage this company.

    We are all hurting now. Time to compromise and work together. Otherwise the unions are bully's.