August 30, 2009

Milwaukee rally backs Obama health plan

Diana Kovacs of Racine's Community for Change, presents petitions for Rep. Ryan

By John Heckenlively

Around 1,000 people gathered outside the grounds of Maier Festival Park Saturday to demonstrate that there are two sides to the health care debate – and that the side favoring the Public Option and health care reform is larger than the opposition.

“The media machine is feeding the idea that the only people at town hall meetings are opponents of health care reform,” declared Jeremy Bird, deputy director for Organizing for America. “In reality, the vast majority of people who attend want health care reform.”

Bird, who was in Racine last week to meet with local activists, noted the organization, which evolved for the 2008 Obama campaign, has held over 2,500 rallies over the last several months – covering every congressional district in the nation. Organizers gathered thousands of signatures in Wisconsin in recent weeks, which were displayed during the rally. Diana Kovics, a Racinian from Community for Change, presented 2,239 signatures for Congressman Paul Ryan, R-WI,1st District, who opposes Obama's proposal.

The rally opened with the crowd remembering Sen. Edward Kennedy, who was being buried as the rally took place. Several Milwaukee activists told of the burdens of taking care of family members without access to medical treatment due to costs.

Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton warned of the fear tactics being used by opponents of reform, including the latest rumor that “people who were registered as Republicans would be denied health care by Democratic health care czars.”

The rally closed with a fiery speech by Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee). She called on the crowd to pass health care in memory of Kennedy, saying he had passed on the baton. Moore also noted that no matter what issue one was concerned about, whether it was women’s rights, the environment or economic justice, passing health care reform was important to that cause.


  1. Glad to see the Post slanted coverage on this topic when Rep. Ryan fulls halls with those not wanting Obama care you find away to dismiss the whole effort.
    A few show up in Milwaukee and its all glowing reports.

  2. Tons of people at the Racine session backed reform.

  3. I was at Rep. Ryan's meeting last week, and I support the health care reform bill(s). From the comments and applause, I'd say the audience was about evenly divided.

    Good sermon on the topic at First United Methodist Church today, too.

    The United Methodist Church's position on the matter is as follows:

    "Reform U.S. health-care system:
    An inclusive, accessible, affordable and accountable health-care system lives out God’s intention for wholeness and abundant life. Everyday, the health of people throughout the U.S. is jeopardized by lack of access or huge gaps in access to health care. 45.7 million people are uninsured in the U.S., and a mounting number are underinsured or have expensive and inadequate health care."


  4. My thought was at Ryan's events 90% said NO! to Obama care but you can think what you want. Time for all you Obama web trolls to come out and earn your pay

  5. Lyin' Ryan's events were strictly Republican rallies.


    Blaming Fox for this?

  7. Observation on Ryan "listening session" at Roma Lodge in Racine...

    First half of scheduled one hour "listening session" taken up with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. He was talking not listening.

    Second half only a half dozen or so questions were taken from audience.

    There were about 500 people at the this "listening session". There were many more people that wanted to ask questions or provide comments.

    By wasting so much time at the beginning brainwashing everyone with "his" views it was disingenuous that he called this a "listening session."

    He wasn't interested in listening to what the people had to say. Actions speak louder than words.

    Think about it.

  8. I like the tra party actions the Joker poster actions the facebook podcasts yes we are talking and all your union/C4C/Acorn shaped actions are not going to work.
    So The Post can print all the puff stuff it wants. Obama care is not happening

  9. The Racine bureau didn't work too well for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Good luck with the Milwaukee bureau of the Racine Post.

  10. Readers should see a pic of the author of this story.

  11. Ok, I get it now. This site is just a Nazi propaganda site for Acorn-like organizations. Not to worry, you can delude yourselves all day if you wish.

    Thanks 9:29 for the picture. As it is often stated, it was worth a 1,000 words.

  12. AvengingAngel wants to be a contender for dumbest commenter on RacinePost.

    This is all I have to say to your idiotic Nazi nonsense:

    You know nothing. Everyone on this thread is made dumber for having read your three line post. Thanks for nothing.

  13. Anon 9:24...

    Over 2,200 people from this area signed declarations indicating their support of President Obama's plan for healthcare.

    There were at least 20 people at the rally from Racine... those were only the people I knew!

    I am not paid, nor do I wish to be. I have worked for health reform because I believe that every person in this country has the right to affordable, quality healthcare. I know HR 3200 is not a perfect bill, but it is a step in the right direction.

    If you support healthcare reform, write to your congressperson and senators. Let's get it done!

  14. I gotta agree with Anon 8:15. Rep. Ryan's a wonk, and he spent most of the time 'wonking.'

    Take one example. His Powerpoint supposedly compared the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed bill(s) at hand.

    Now, Ryan's own plan recommends an end to discrimination against people with pre-existing medical conditions in health care.

    But, did his Powerpoint display point up this particular strength in the pending legislation?

    No ... he didn't bother to mention it was in there.

    His presentation, which took up most of the 'listening session' was rather disingenuous if you were really paying attention.

    It's easy to claim you're in favor of something if you never really expect to have to vote seriously on the matter.

    The Republicans have already decided to 'just say no,' even though there's very little difference in what everybody - Democrats and Republicans - claim they want done.

    This is the problem. Everybody's caught up in the details of an an ideological battle, and they're forgetting their duty to the American people.

    Drop the partisanship. Get health care for more people.

    End this madness that afflicts so many.

  15. Turning this country around may take years of siege warfare against deeply entrenched interests, defending a deeply dysfunctional political system. I hope not.

    I am simply amazed how easy it has been to get people, even here, to believe the irrational claims made by the far right lobbyists concerning the health-care bills we have in front of us now.

    Whether you are to the left or right of the political center, you must have some idea just how counterproductive this has become. Is partisan politics really that important to you? Do you not truly know how much damage this is inflicting on our country?

    For those who can see through this please take the time to contact your representatives in Congress. Even if you are not normally someone who does this, it really is important to the health of this country that we tell our Congressmen that we have had enough of this irrational bickering. It is time to come to grips with our lack of ability to govern. Otherwise, our children will be the ones to pay for our lack of concern. Thank you.

  16. Many blogs and publications would disclose a bit more about the author of "news" stories they post. Some may just think the public doesn't care or need to know about the sources of its "news".

    The link above shows Mr. Heckenlively's leadership role in the Wisconsin 1st District Democrat party.

  17. You and your Acorn cronies write your letters myself and those who do not want Obama care will write ours and the fight will go on. \
    Every day more and more wake up to what Obama care will do we read stories like this

    and know Obama care is just a power grab.
    Groups that started meeting to fight Obama begain with a handful now number in the hundreds. We start our own blogs You Tube shows we are uniting we will win on Obama care we will remove from office in the voting booth Obama and his cronies

  18. Oh sure people signed the petitions. They are backed in a corner and think this health care will be better. But it won't. I do not support health care. I don't think it will ever happen because it is being done wrong. The journal times had a better op-ed on the subject.

  19. "I do not support health care."

    That about sums up Republicans.

  20. National polls show less than 50% support the plans currently in the house and senate. As an indepentent I have not seen anything from Paul Ryan saying he beleives there is no need for healthcare reform. The message I have seen from the GOP and Ryan is that they don't support the congressional plans which even the CBO say will bankrupt the US.

    The government option by all non political accounts will be financial ruin. What I would like to see is a financially sustainable reform that takes the best of the Dems and GOP but stops the parts that will ruin the economy. The successful healthcare reforms that some states have in place address the needs of the uninsured rather than trying to make one size fits all reforms.

    Hopefully when everyone wears themselves out screaming at each other and staging events to pitch their position some logical people can get in a room and come up with a plan that addresses the needs of the uninsured and fix the problems that everyone agrees exist with the current system ina way that the US can afford long-term.

  21. Randolph by saying that crowd was evenly divided you lose all cred...

  22. Anon 8:15. Rep Ryan has or will hold 17 listening sessions.

    Gwyn Moore, 1 where all questions were pre-screend.

    Tammy Baldwin, 0 in front of actual people.

    Dave Obey, 0.

    Your point is beyond ridiculous, everyone from his district was welcome and he went all over the district.

  23. Fred-

    Everyone who was able to take off work was able to go to Ryan's listening sessions.

    There were NO evening sessions, and some people (like myself) were not able to get off work.

  24. Paul Ryan, before it became a media firestorm, was invited to participate in a Health Care Forum in Racine, WI last month.

    He initially declined, and was offered any day in August (this was done back in May). He again refused with a stock letter saying he was booked.

    He sent this rejection letter at the same time he was quoted in the Journal Times saying that in regards to health care reform, "the very definition of America was at stake."

    Paul Ryan made a schrewd political decision to avoid an honest conversation and debate. Instead, he waited until he could hold an event he mostly controlled (talking session) and only alloted 1 hour to Racine to discuss. He also scheduled during the day to try to make sure his message was particularily targeted at seniors. None of his sessions were held in the evening.

    Paul Ryan was not obligated to come to Racine for that forum, but prior to his talking sessions, he spent more time in makeup for national tv interviews than he did with his own constituents.

    He's just another smooth talking politican. Nothing more.

  25. "The rally closed with a fiery speech by Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee)."

    Many of us recall with amusement the speeches Gwen used to give as a member of the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly. Many of those were fiery too, and most showed she didn't have a clue about much of anything.

  26. 9:21

    Your naivete is showing. Paul Ryan is doing exactly what the playbook told him to do. And by "playbook" I'm not just being folksy, there is an actual, literal, Republican playbook for how to kill reform while sounding pro-reform.

    The entire plan can be read here.
    You'll find it is an exact outline of Paul Ryan's performance these past months.

    Paul Ryan has absolutely zero interest in reform. It is not a priority for any Republican in power. And they are 100% opposed to allowing any reform in 2009, as they know it would greatly increase the likelihood of the Democrats retaining Congress and the Presidency in 2010 and 2012.

    If the plan dies in 2009, the Democrats would not take up such a plan again during an Obama Presidency, and the issue would never be raised with either a Republican President or a Republican Congress.

    The death of reform in 2009 would mean no health reform for at least another decade, during which time, premiums are likely to rise another 200%, causing death for individuals, bankruptcy for corporations, and economic ruin for our country.

    But hey! The Health Insurance companies will make plenty of money.

  27. John Heckenlively8/31/2009 10:50 AM

    I find it interesting that the people who object the most to my story are the ones who do not have the courage to post their own name.

    When I write something, I put my name on it. And yes, I am the Secretary of the Democratic Party for the First CD. And I was in Chicago with Code Pink -- who happen to be some of the most sensible people in the country, by the way. They are willing to get arrested for what they believe in. I doubt my anonymous critics have that amount of faith in their beliefs.

  28. ObamaCare will never get approved -look at at Obama's ratings. They have taken a dive and if he continues this silliness, it's not only going to hurt him, but Democrat's in general. The majority of people do not want this plan.

  29. Frank Luntz probably told Paul Ryan what to say at his listening sessions.

    The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Frank Luntz.

    What he says (literally), goes.

  30. Thanks to John Heckenlively's post @10:50am for helping readers more easily evaluate his article.

  31. Randolph, I really hate to say this, but you live in very nice home - plus you smoke. Why should I have to give up more, including savings for an unpredictable future, so that you can have health care?

    Why is it that one does not get to comment if one doesn't have a "workable" counterproposal to the Obamination health care? A friend of mine is having tremendous financial problems and told me that he has decided to rob a bank. I don't have a solution for his financial problems but I think I'm qualified to say that robbing a bank is a bad idea.

  32. Anon 11:31

    It is, believe it or not, in YOUR best interest that Randolph get proper medical care.

    Preventative care limits the spread of disease, the loss of workers, and the increases the general well being of a society.

  33. John Heckenlively

    Sigh your name if you want I nam sure your one of the Post protected few.
    Get Post to forbid anonymous posts I know get them to forbid any antiObama postings too. After all if you say anything bad about Obama its hate speech


    And the stock matter is tanking again. Obama raised his projection to 9 trillion in debit how the hell are we going to pay for it? Tax Tax tax and we all know how high taxes help keep jobs and business going!
    Lets everyone pay all their income to the Government. Happy days are here again!

  35. Grow up, Anon 11:47. If we were forbidding any ant-Obama postings, then how come there are so many on our site?

    Ditto regarding Anonymous posters.

    Why not try to stick with the subject at hand instead of looking for straw men and red herrings?

  36. Hey Diana, why did this rally have to be "organized"? I also noticed that there were just speeches, i.e., no real desire to have real people ask questions.

    Just the usual slogan spewing, sign holding, far left tatical gathering. The only purpose seems to be to attempt to offset media coverage of the real debates.

    Any comparison to the town hall meetings held by EITHER party is laughable.

  37. I never compared the rally on Saturday to town halls.

    The rally was organized as a way for people to show their support. That's kind of the point of a rally, isn't it?

  38. Let's think for a moment about who is calling who a Nazi.

    The conservatives of both parties are those who stand right-of-center all the way to the extreme right. These are people who are against big government, government invasiveness into our personal lives and finances, taxpayer paid abortions, redistribution of wealth to those who WON'T work, support or free anything to illegal aliens, government takeover of our private sector industries and commercial services, dwindling our military, destroying our Constitution, taxation without representation, etc., etc.

    The liberals are those that stand to the left-of-center all the way to the extreme left. These are the people that want big government, everyone dependent on that government, socialized health care, redistribution of wealth to those who WON'T work, taxpayer funded abortion (even to minor children without their parent's knowledge or consent), the revocation of the 2nd amendment so that we are all unarmed and defenseless, amnesty and every free-bee you can imagine for illegal aliens, etc., etc.

    Comparing the two, it is the liberals who are the national socialist, ergo Nazis. It is Obama who is the chief national socialist. It is ACORN who are the brown-shirts (have you seen the YouTube videos of the Obama Youth?). Get it right, all of you left wing, Marxist, national socialist liberals! YOU are the Nazis, not the conservatives. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    You can spew all the lies and crap you want in this blog and support the liberals who run it, but when the next election rolls around you're going to find yourself seriously out-voted.

  39. Anon 2:37, sorry but no. All of the illegals, dead people and zoo animals will vote in even larger numbers and will prevail.

  40. Anon 9:53. I agree and I wish Rep Ryan had held an evening session or two, I would have liked to attend one or more of the sessions but could not.

    However to lay a ridiculous claim on him when you see how Wisconsin Democrats hid during the August break is ridiculous.

  41. Yes, Anonymous, 11:31, I do live in a nice house, nicer and probably more expensive than many. But my health insurance costs as much as my home mortgage (adding co-pays, it’s actually double my mortgage payment), something I suspect few people could really afford, so I write with them in mind as well.

    Also, I write for those who, like me, can’t get health insurance once they’ve lost it, a dilemma I soon face.

    That’s not a “market solution” to the health care problem, excluding people who either can’t possibly pay or can’t possibly get health care, even if they could pay.

    That’s why the reform’s needed, and I’ll probably pay a little more in taxes for it as well, but it will be worth it, knowing that something at least resembling a fair market is being re-established for everyone.

  42. Randolph - I hope that you recognize that I have nothing against you and want with all my heart to have you taken care of. I am convinced that we are being sold a pig in a poke and the rules will change without notice - frequently. What will you do if you are instantly refused significant treatment because of your age and "potential for quality of life"?

  43. Obama sucks, ObamaCare sucks - Randolph what makes you think the government can run this program when they can't even run SS, Medicare and Medicade. The worst thing we can do is put our health in the hands of these people. As far as those who can't afford it - it comes down to about 10%. There are those who do not take advantage of plans available today, there are young people who do not think they need it, and there are the illegals who should not qualify.Don't upset our current excellant health care for the 10% of the population.

  44. Real Debate

    Which part do you object to?

    Every decision a politician makes has strategy surrounding it. Clearly, if you look at the start times for his sessions, there was a pattern - all of them are held during the day.

    Knowing that this is by design, the logical question is - why? Who would be able to attend a listening session in the middle of the day?

    Republicans have recently targeted seniors as a key demographic in the health care reform debate. This is done because they are a reliable voting block. Plus, they typically are the ones that show up in larger numbers at these sessions.

    Paul Ryan's choice of only holding these during the day was a deliberate attempt to reach out to seniors. They generally have availability during the day and historically turn out for these events.

    The other motivation for the day-time sessions was to take advantage of the anger out there to drive up attendance. Before you freak out, consider this:

    If you are to hold a session during the day, then you know seniors can attend. The other group that would attend are people that feel most passionately about the issue right now. Those people are clearly the ones in opposition. These would then also be the people most willing to take a day off of work, or use a vacation day to show up. Holding the sessions during the day thus stacks the deck in your favor with petrified seniors and people willing to miss work (most passionate).

    I think you would admit the importance of this health care discussion merited at least a few sessions after 5:00 pm. That would have been a better guage of public support or dissent for this bill as it would open things up to a larger audience.

    I understand you support Paul Ryan, but don't pretend it actually isn't true. The man calculated this whole thing, as well as his decline of a health care forum in Racine that would have been open to the larger public as well.

    He is nothing more than a politician playing the game, and he does it well.

  45. I'm curious. Why do people with health care begrudge people who don't have it?

    Especially, why would somebody who enjoys Medicare benefits - a reasonably effective government guarantee of medical coverage - not wish to see a similar blessing extended to others?

    Surely it's something our better angels would whisper into our ears.

  46. "Especially, why would somebody who enjoys Medicare benefits - a reasonably effective government guarantee of medical coverage - not wish to see a similar blessing extended to others?"

    Why end there? what about say everyone in Mexico? Should they not get care too? How about Haiti? God know they need any help they can get?
    I own tree cars my neiboor only has one lets buy him another. Where does this end how many Trillions will this cost? Thinking Obama at 46% we will not have to worry for long. Midterm elections can not come fast enough. Say By By Democrats

  47. Social Security has been in existence for 60 plus years, Medicare has been around for over 40 years and some of you say the Government cannot run anything. Its a weak argument one that will fail. As far as the next election, again the silent majority will be heard, just as they were when Senator Obama was elected President of the United States of America.

  48. I believe "rally" is code for "media event", is it not? Isn't the point of this "article" to create a moral equivalency between this and the town hall meetings?

    That being stated, real people, attended town hall meetings. Rallies are for "organized" lemmingic (is that a word?) lock steppers.

  49. AA, you are badly in need of counseling, I hope President Obama's health care program will help you.

  50. Anonymous 3:20, wrote ...

    "I am convinced that we are being sold a pig in a poke and the rules will change without notice - frequently. What will you do if you are instantly refused significant treatment because of your age and "potential for quality of life"?"

    Does anyone seriously believe that a democratic government that enshrined Social Security and Medicare into permanent existence would ever start denying people significant treatment because of their age and potential quality for life?

    No, you're definitely confusing the proposed new system with the old health care system we have now, because that's how it works under the unreformed insurance companies.

  51. ... Oh, and anon, thanks for wishing me well. I mean that.

  52. 404

    Both Medicare and social Security are broke Government did a great job sure they did.

  53. So, what are you saying anon? We should end Social Security and Medicare?

  54. Yes Randolph, that's exactly what I'm saying. There aren't enough taxes collected, or will there be, to pay for all of this and "decisions" will have to be made. I recall Hillary Clinton's quote from 1994: "anyone with the potential for quality of life wil receive health care". That was a loaded statement. Do you seriously believe that we would not have spent a million dollars - ten million doillars - to keep Ted Kennedy alive for another month (with the potential that it could be longer but I'm being generous here). There is no WAY you or I will be treated like this. Obama and buddies want us to have this - fine - let them sign on too. Of course that will never happen, because they are the ruling class.

  55. Anon,

    My point exactly. I think we're all entitled to the health care the ruling class has got.

  56. Diana Kovacs,
    Why is it that people in this country feel that they are entitled to Welfare,and Healthcare? Dose "The Constitution" give us that right? Fact is all you screaming Liberals want is to have the government take control and give you hand outs to those that feel they are less fortunate. For god's sake people what ever happened to the idea that if you want something you might have to work for it! Our forefathers would have had us hung for such stupidity, but then again the "Dems" don't give a sh@t about anything but their socialist agenda.

  57. The Constitution gurantees "life,Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" read into it what you may, but good health care goes along way to preserving life,and happiness.

  58. LOL end social security and medicare. This is what the Republicans REALLY believe. They want to end social security and medicare, two of the most popular government programs to ever exist in any country. Please pass this message along to the entire country, and then the Republicans will never win another election.

    Also, I really hope that this debate stretches into Flu season. Because then we can watch the Republicans try to kill health reform while the uninsured ghettos of the nation become breeding grounds for exotic strands of deadly flu which spread out into the food supply, into the mail, into mass transit. I can't wait to see how the Republicans defend the current system when this flu season results in 50,000 dead.

    OH.. You think a flu shot will save you? Well if that's your answer, I think you have a lot to learn about flu "immunization."

  59. "Racine Resident," you know nothing about the Nazis -- just like every other foolish conservative who took a 10th grade history class and thinks they understand the world.

    The Nazis were not "big-Government." They came to power as "populist pro-business" and they ruled as "nationalist corporatist." The Nazis did away with the majority of the existing German government, made direct alliances with private industry, and lifted up the church as a the most important cultural element in the country. (of course, they insisted on a Nazi-friendly church doctrine)

    Hmmmm. Supports big business to the detriment of workers and small business. Ridiculous nationalism. Enormous military spending. Overwhelming investment in religious and cultural symbolism. Sounds a lot like conservatism.

    I'm sure the confusion comes from the fact that conservatives don't understand the difference between (in the one hand) being in the minority of a Democracy, and (on the other hand) being in the dissent against a direct dictatorship with complete authority over a massive military with domestic paramilitary agencies.

    Of course you should be excused for your ignorance. You're a conservative after all. We can't expect you to actually read the history. You just feel that your interpretation is right. ...Right?

  60. 7:37
    It was our Military that gave you the rights to free speech!
    Our forefathers never had health insurance and knew nothing of it,therefore your argument is sensless.

  61. 7:16 You are a fool.

    Most of the people you described (in your idiotic, cowardly rant) are already covered under Medicaid.

    The current health reform package is meant to reach people who do not qualify for medicaid but who do not earn enough for private insurance. This would be the situation for my family if we were not so fortunate as to get coverage through an employer. Nevertheless, that coverage decreases every year, and the price increases every year.

    This bill is meant to bring insurance to middle class workers who cannot obtain insurance in the current system, and free those middle class workers (like myself) who will soon have to choose between mortgage and health.

    You are either an ignorant coward or a cowardly fear-monger.

  62. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  63. Anon 7:16-

    I am not looking for a handout. I am employed and enjoy wonderful health benefits.

    Many people in this country are not as fortunate as I am, and I feel like part of my responsibility as a member of this society is to care for those who are less fortunate and who have had a rough time and need some help. If this means some people looking for a handout also get help, so be it.

    Also, it seems that you forget that President Obama and other democratic lawmakers were elected in November by overwhelming majorities. You lost. You had the last eight years to do things your way, and now it is time to try things the liberal democratic way for a while.

    Instead of whining about things you don't like, do something positive. Invest this energy in volunteering. How about mentoring a kid? Teaching an illiterate adult to read? Donating items to the Women's Resource Center?

  64. Addendum to the comment from Diana Kovacs addressing Anon 7:16.

    Or you could take all of your self-righteous indignation and go scream at one of these people who you don't believe are worthy of health care. Just take all that energy and scream at him or her until they get a job! I bet it'll work really well!

  65. Anon 7:49: Say it without profanity, or say it somewhere else.

  66. Diana,
    Its 7:16 again! I volunteer as much as I possibly can, helping out with coaching youth sports, constructing playground equipment, serving food at St. Patricks to the homeless. (wow conservatives actual do this? "YES WE DO" and we dont feel the need to have it published, to attempt to make us look good) You say you enjoy quality health insurance and feel everyone should have that opportunity? Why? I am self employed I pay high premiums every month for insurance that is anything but premium insurance! Is it an entitlement granted to me as a US citizen, to have you, and others pay for my insurance? "NO"! I chose to work for what I have, my home, my cars and yes my insurance. Do you believe that the coverage you currently have will be there when Obama Care arrives? Do not be foolish your employer will see that he or she can save 15-20% simply by paying the government an 8% penalty and will drop that great plan you currently have. The government has proven throughout history that when they attempt to control or regulate anything all they do is make it worse. I can say that we need to work on this subject intensly to stop not only the rising cost but the fraud that is a major part of these high cost. This is simple, lets stop the high powered "Trail Attorneys" (LIBERALS) from sueing everyone, Dont allow those who are illegal to have medical coverage, and let people like me have the chioce to chose. You had also said that I had my chance the last eight years? I would not disagree that "W" was an idiot such is life but you also must agree Mr. Obama is not as you have labeled him "The Messiah"! Good luck to you in your healthcare venture, though we may not agree on political issues I do appreciate the time you took to debate this subject and believe it or not I do respect your opinion

  67. Pete. Can't you just repost it without the offending syllable? Not all of us are carefully scanning posts for f-bombs before we hit "publish."

    Also. 9:10. How stupid can you possibly be? The only people who label Obama "the Messiah" are the idiot conservatives.

    And I do not see how an employer opting for the public plan is any worse than the current "race to the bottom" that we see in employer health plans. Current costs are out of control. If the insurance companies cannot provide a more attractive plan, then they will lose all their customers and go out of business. Sounds fair to me.

  68. Anon 11:27 Actually, no; this platform doesn't allow us to edit comments without major effort.

    Not that I think that should be my job. Civil discourse begins with you.

  69. Anon 9:10,

    You must be mistaking me for someone else, because I have never called the President "messiah."

    I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree on healthcare.

    I think that quality healthcare for our entire nation is a moral imperative... especially when you look at the wealth in our country.

  70. The numbers of those that support ObamaCare are the minority. If the Democrat's try and push this through, the Republicans will win back the House and Senate in the next election.

  71. Can anyone answer one simple question for me? Why is it that the proposed health care bill allows the government to have direct access to my bank account, as it says, "for the purpose of transfering into or out of the accounts in real time."?

    There are many questions I have since reading this bill that center primarily on government taking control of my life. But for them to have direct access to and control over my bank account smacks of socialism in the highest degree. This bill can not pass in its present form.

  72. I am also concerned about all the extras in the bill. They call it health care but what are we really giving up? They try to make it popular by saying it will handle the out of control insurance companies. I don't trust it.

    Just like I never believed there were weapons of mass destruction. That led to the Patriot act. Now I need a passport to go to Mexico and Canada, The airport confiscated my cosmetics on and on.... I do not believe this mess of lies either. What is hidden in the bill that will be not better?

  73. 55% of Americans dislike Obama's ideas. Pass Obama care if you can see what happens next year. Localy the loyal party hacks are all ready bailing I undersand that Mason will not run knowing he will lose.
    Goodbye Dem Controlled Government on all leaves!

  74. It is not true that "tons of people at the Racine session backed reform". The vast majority of the crowd was against it. I'll bet ya it was about 85%-90% against government run health care.

  75. 2:35

    You are out of your mind. I'm not saying the pro-reform crowd was in the majority, but they were very well represented in Racine.

  76. 9:05. LOL. Yeah. When the GOP can't even find viable candidates in every House district, and the current crop of Senate candidates barely give them the chance to defend their vulnerable seats. There is no Republican comeback in 2010.

    9:23. Don't worry. If you wrap your bank in tinfoil the gub'ment can't get at it! Cuz they fancy internets rays can't get thru reflectin' material!

    2:35. Good thing that every time they polled on a public health option this year it's received between 60 and 70% support.

    Remember that term from Nixon's days..? "The Silent Majority." But now the tables are turned. Hahaha.