September 2, 2009

Racine's Post Office no longer on closure list

It appears that Racine's post office -- whether the station in Caledonia or the one on Main Street, whichever was in danger in the first place -- has now been spared.

In July, the U.S. Postal Service put the Post Office on Four-Mile Road on a list of 677 facilities it was considering closing. But some reports later said it was the Main Street Post Office that was in danger.

Today, a revised list of only 413 potential closures no longer lists any Racine Post Office.

The new list is here.

The old list is here.

The Postal Service presented the list to the Postal Regulatory Commission; final decisions will be made after Oct. 2, but officials expect no more than 200 facilities to be closed.

The Postal Service operates almost 37,000 facilities. Mail volume will drop by as much as 20 billion pieces in 2009 versus last year, according to the Postal Service, which estimates it will deliver roughly 170 billion pieces of mail. It forecasts a $7 billion loss this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.


  1. That is good news - this saves a few employee jobs and continues the need for a Post Ofiice downtown.

  2. The post office belongs downtown. That is where the greatest number of people are concentrated. I use it all the time. I won't be happy if they move it.

  3. Oh this is so rich, the headlines on the Racine Journal was about the Racine PO Downtown on the hit list but wow, what a job of poor reporting, they made headlines over an old list.

    Now that headline has gone poof~ The Racine JT is getting really pathetic.

  4. Postal Workers to Pickett

  5. I <3 our post office.