September 3, 2009

When the President says, "Kids, stay in school,'
it becomes a controversial message

We've come a long way from the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt's fireside chats had the entire nation glued to its radio receivers.

Today, President Obama can't even encourage students to stay in school and understand the importance of their education without it becoming a political issue.

The White House announced this week that the President will address the nation's students next Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 11 a.m. with a back-to-school welcome message -- and already that's become controversial. News outlets around the country are reporting that parents are calling schools saying they do not want their children to participate. Others in the blogosphere are calling it political indoctrination. In Denver, a TV station reported that "conservatives are outraged." The New York Times reports a "revolt" among conservative parents, especially in Texas. Glenn Beck -- he who called the President a "racist" -- has promised a one-hour television special at the same time, "on the indoctrination of your children."

What's a local school district to do?

Racine Unified is walking a tightrope (leaving aside the technological issues) -- leaving it up to individual principals and teachers to determine "if the presidential address is an appropriate learning activity for their individual students." At the same time, "Parents may request that their children not view the speech at any time with a written note to the teacher."

Here is Unified's statement on the matter:
According to a Department of Education memorandum, the president wishes to address students regarding the importance of education and beginning the school year in a positive manner. The Department of Education has encouraged students, teachers and principals to participate by watching the president's address. While this is not required curriculum, we encourage principals and staff to cooperate with the president's request to the extent possible.

President Obama's speech will be broadcast via the Internet at and on Educational Access Channel 20 or C-SPAN. A video of the president's speech will be posted on the district's Web site The district does not have the technology to allow all students to view the speech simultaneously. Due to the vastly different technology resources of each building, there is no one plan that can accommodate all situations. In order to allow our students the opportunity to view the president's speech, we are asking that following guidelines are followed:

· This is a request by the President of the United States. We will make an effort to comply with his request while making certain that the essential functions and schedules of the school are not comprised.

· If school schedules conflict with President Obama's speech, schools may elect not to show the speech. Schools may elect to show a recording of the speech during some other appropriate time. Social studies classes at the secondary level are recommended.

· Some schools will be unable to show the president's video live without disrupting the school schedule, previously planned learning activities, lunch periods or other essential functions. The video is not required curriculum.

· Principals and teachers should use their judgment in determining if the presidential address is an appropriate learning activity for their individual students.

· Parents may request that their children not view the speech at any time with a written note to the teacher.

· Parents may elect to view the video with their children at home. The video will be accessible via the district's Web site as soon as possible.


  1. Glenn Beck is a fool. He's going to lose his television show. Even Fox can't subsidize this idiocy forever.

  2. This headline is "BS". The problem was that the study material which came along with the video instructed the children to write a letter to Obama telling the "great leader" what they could do to help him obtain goals.

    It is a good thing for the president to attempt to get kids to do good in school. It is not such a good idea to use school as a way to recruit votes for the 2012 election. Don't forget that these kids will be voting by then.

  3. 7:29 that is complete bullshit and you should be ashamed for propagating this asinine mental-vomit.

  4. Holy ...f-bomb.. ...
    Can we have a topic on Glenn Beck's "Rockefeller Plaza" story? He just turned the crazy up to 11. The man belongs in an asylum.

  5. Obama acts sure reminds me of Germany in the 30's

  6. Anon 7:41 - no swearing on Pete's blog (unless you agree with Pete).

  7. Nothing more than the usual Obama propaganda to acquire votes now that the party is over and he is losing in the popularity polls.

    It is unfortunate that the outrage over this clown we call the President came so late. We could have used this back in November. At least people are starting to come to their senses.

  8. Well, we certainly wouldn't want a president telling children to stay in school so they can make something of themselves.

    Oh, unless he was any president besides Barack Obama.

    So, what's the difference? Why is such a message somehow un-American all of a sudden, unless it's merely un-(white) American?

    The blatant bigotry behinds this is sickening.

  9. ... Funny thing. I don't remember anybody objecting strenuously when President George H. W. Bush did the same thing ... or when President Kennedy encouraged more physical fitness for children ... or when Arnold Schwartzenegger did the same thing... or when Nancy Reagan encouraged children to 'just say no," (OK, OK, some people suggested it wouldn't work, but I don't recall anybody questioning the woman's motives.) ... or when George W. Bush and Laura Bush encouraged children to read more ... you know, like when Bush was reading to children during the 9/11 attacks.

    So what's so different here, do you suppose?

    Oh, yeah, I think I know.

  10. ... you know where this is leading, don't you? Some day some president will ask citizens to write to him (or her) recommending "a thousand points of light."

    Oh, horrors!

  11. ... or worse, to give dimes against polio and birth defects ...

  12. These Conservatives sure do remind me of the German beer halls of the 1920s.

  13. ... or planting more flowers and fewer billboards along the Interstates? (OK. maybe Lyndon and Lady Bird were being a little anti-capitalist there).

  14. ... or, "Be Cool, Stay in School," with a forward by President George Bush?"


    What's makes Barack Obama so different from the rest of them?

  15. ... maybe because he's a black muslim who really isn't an American anyway, ya think>

  16. ... or maybe we don't really want a successful black role model encouraging minority students to stay in school with our kids anyway?

  17. I'm going to DVR it on CSPAN just in case my kid misses it at school and we'll watch it together.

    (No doubt, the fearless leader, Beck, will read some code into his message imperceptible to people with a functioning brain.)

    I am proud of my President and I look forward to my non-white child seeing his President and role model on TV talking directly to him and his friends all with a great message to work hard in school.

  18. ... oh, and President Gerald Ford always, always talking to his millions of brown-shirted Boy Scouts ... trying to indoctrinate a whole generation into being prepared, helping others, believing in God ... while really only plotting to capture the next generation for future election victories.

    Worked for him.

    Oh, I'm sorry, it didn't, did it? He never did get elected president, did he?

    But, he was white, anyway, and most everyone spoke well of him.

  19. ... and how about that President Eisenhower going on TV encouraging students to continue their science education after Sputnik, offering the National Defense Scholarships for kids to catch up with the Russians?

    Naw, really just a grab for future votes.

    Besides, he had a good German-American name.

  20. ... Jimmy Carter's introduction to "The Last Dropout."

    So, why it is again that some people are objecting so vociferously to this particular president addressing this issue?

    Hmmm? Must be something particularly particular about this particular president.

  21. Randolf are you prejudice?

  22. There is a lot of fear on display here by the right wing hate mongers. They are so afraid of the President that they will go to ANY length and distort even the most positive message to slander him, and by doing so,the majority of Americans who voted for him, too. Soon we will not have any credible conservative political voices, they will be drown out by these rabid wingnuts. The Republican party is just putting a gun to it's own head by embracing this kind of paranoid rhetoric.

  23. Tim the Shrubber9/04/2009 8:18 AM

    "... Funny thing. I don't remember anybody objecting strenuously when President George H. W. Bush did the same thing ..."

    From the Washington Post, published Friday, October 4, 1991:

    Democrats assailed the Bush Administration today for spending $26,750 in taxpayer money to hire a production company that oversaw President Bush's telecast from an eighth-grade classroom here to schoolchildren around the country on Tuesday. The money came from the Education Department's salary and expense budget. As a result, Representative William D. Ford, the Michigan Democrat who heads the House Education and Labor Committee, demanded that Education Secretary Lamar Alexander appear before the committee to defend his "spending scarce education dollars to produce a media event." And the House majority leader, Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri, said, "The Department of Education should not be producing paid political advertising for the President." The President's spokesman, Marlin Fitzwater, responded by denying that Mr. Bush's talk to the schoolchildren had been a political event and calling the criticism "nonsense."


    "So what's so different here, do you suppose?"

    Obviously nothing much. The right hand is acting just like the left hand.


    The left and right pretty much use the same tactics, and anyone who does not see that probably needs to be a bit more introspective.

  24. Actually, if you step back from the racism and the partisanship, there is a legitimate concern here. It is a known fact that other nations with more dominant leaders have used the tactic of indoctrinating the young with their message early to ensure loyalty through later years. Those messages (and I'm thinking of china specifically) were not always of hate or anger, but loving, brotherly messages.
    It is certainly true that prior Presidents have attempted this same concept, but I think that most would agree that few could rival the popularity of Obama, making his message and influence on children even more powerful - to that demographic- than messages of prior presidents.
    I believe the President's message for children to stay in school is both needed and a true concern of his administration. It does have the power to positively affect the lives of even a small percentage of youth due to their fascination with Obama.
    I also believe that having political figures with such a powerful influence speak to kids is something that should be monitored - regardless of race, political stance, etc. Power is power. As citizens and parents, it is our job to ensure it doesn't go too far.

    I think the best thing a parent could do is what my own father always did. Watch it at home. Discuss it as a message. Then discuss it from a political perspective. Use it as a tool to broach the subject of power and politics. Learn about the thin line between devotion and subjugation.
    I think, in the end, this will allow the child to view it with less awe and more intelligence.

  25. Tim the Shrubber9/04/2009 8:42 AM

    The whole thing is a silly tempest in a teapot.

    My only objection is the portraying this over-reaction as a uniquely right-wing behavior. Can anyone honestly say that they reaction from the left would have been much different if George W. Bush had tried this?


    People aren't upset that the president is talking to kids. Don't you dare about that, liberals, all it does it show is that you need to LIE to try to make a point.

    People are mad because of the activities leading up to it (researching Obama - tell me this won't be political with liberal teachers and all), and also the activities afterward (how can the kids help obama, making posters showing quotes from obama, etc).

    This IS indoctrination so long as the political activities associated with it happen (recommened by the president's people).

    So don't lie and cry and say "the president can't even talk to kids" because that is NOT the point.

    Liberals, make me sick, need to lie and brainwash people to get their point across.

  27. "It is certainly true that prior Presidents have attempted this same concept, but I think that most would agree that few could rival the popularity of Obama"

    I dunno. In October 1991 GWH Bush probably had a better job approval rating than Obama does now. He was still riding a high from the Gulf War, and the number would not plummet until 1992.

  28. Tim the Shrubber9/04/2009 8:59 AM

    "Liberals, make me sick, need to lie and brainwash people to get their point across."

    Hmmmm...when you make a right of center, moderate Republican like me roll his eyes, you might have just gone a bit too far.

    Most conservatives and liberals are good people with good intentions. Liberals may be wrong about most things, but it is dishonest to describe them as unethical, evil, nefarious, etc.

  29. Holy Hot Dogs Batman! We are again subjected to the inane late-night ramblings of Randy. Take a couple Ambiens pal.

    Post, has Randy joined the staff?

  30. concrete katie9/04/2009 9:47 AM

    President Obama will win this one and will help this country transition back into a sensible health care program that serves all of its citizens. Education and health care are as vital as jobs.

  31. Has everyone gone crazy, are they still living in the McCarthy 50's? The fear mongering of the the right is insane or are the far right sincerely fearful of this bright, articulate man who is President of the United States who happens to be black?

    When the right can provide something better than Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Shawn Hannity I will listen to them.

  32. Tim the Shrubber9/04/2009 11:09 AM

    "Has everyone gone crazy, are they still living in the McCarthy 50's?"

    Er, no. No one is losing their govenrment jobs or being blacklist in Hollywood for Communist sympathies. Only invoke McCarthyism if it is appropriate.

    "The fear mongering of the the right is insane or are the far right sincerely fearful of this bright, articulate man who is President of the United States who happens to be black?"

    Is the right being any more insane than the left during the prvious 8 years? Not really.

    I am a bit fearful of Obama. No matter how 'bright' or 'articulate' he is, his administration is pursuing really bad policies. Is that not a valid reason to be worried?

  33. It is very critical that kids know how they must help the appointed one lead this land. We all must back him anyway possible.
    If takes another term or perhaps a lifetime appointment it's after all Obama!

  34. If I had not seen the YouTube videos of the "Obama Youth" in action, chanting his name, praising him as a savior and messiah, I would not be concerned about this issue. But, based on what I've seen so far, the conversation is not going to just stay on the advantages of staying in school. He is going to get off the school topic or at least tie it into his political philosophies. The minute he does that, the teachers should have the option to turn it off. This man is a liberal/socialist/Marxist/Muslim indoctrinator if there ever was one.

    Anon 10:55, how stupid can you be? The "fear mongering" has been brought on by Obama himself. Because of what he's done to this country over the past eight months, we have every right to be fearful of everything this idiot does. It has nothing to do with skin color; stupid is stupid and socialism is socialism regardless of color. Why is it you liberals always play the color card whenever someone doesn't agree with a black person. Is that all you've got?

    And as far as the Right providing the people you mention, only one of them is a politician, the rest don't matter. Then look at what the left has provided. God save us!

  35. Racine Res you have my sympathy if you believe all thatis on the net and as far as only one of the people mentioned being a politician, it doesnt matter since Rush and Hannity are your Messiahs and Palin and Bachman are you leading politicians, god save us from all of them.

  36. Randolph is so right about this one. Bravo Randolph.

  37. Randolph is a blow hard!

    He replies to his own posts, how pathetic must he be??

  38. Randolph is completely correct.

    According to the chronicles of Beck, Teabaggers believe THEY are supposed the final word not the government, right?

    So who cares and what are you so scared of? You're the "master of your own domain" Glenn Becker-heads.

  39. Randolph is 100% right. And Tim the Shrubber may be the last sane Conservative in Racine county.

  40. What else would RUSD have to say - they supported the kids to take time off school to elect the guy - so what else would one expect.

    It's just right up what RUSD is all about - no teaching, just political posturing with the kids.

    Divert school time for a district that has one, if not the lowest scholastic achievement records in the state, to watch a politial speech!

  41. Why it's pathetic to shield our kids from Obama's education speech....

    Click on the link associated with this post to see why. I have to hand it to this guy. I'm a older white guy but this black man speaks the truth.

  42. I have changed my mind. That was one very well thought out message in that last video. I do not care if you are a liberal or a conservative. Anything that will help our kids is simply not a problem that should be made into a political one. Whoever is complaining about this problem needs to get a life. I'm serious. Way too much partisan politics going on here.

  43. The PC police strike again!

    Always strikes me as ironic that the right complains about the pervasiveness of political correctness, but when push comes to shove they are just as guilty of it as the left. Case in point.

    Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. If you are really worried about it, then watch it yourself and then talk it over with them when they get home. Unless, of course, your kids are incompletely incapable of rational and minimally intelligent thought. Then by all means pull them out of school.

  44. The fact that conservatives will not allow a President to tell kids to stay in school tells you one thing, that if you are not in a rich suburban district they want you to drop out and br uneducated. No child left behind means - just my child - your child is not as good so they can be left behins that is ok. Are the right-wingers that desperate that this is their rally cry.

    The indoctrination is occuring everyday with the likes of Belling, Sykes, Limbaugh and Fox "News".

    Where is that outrage?

  45. Anon 1:10 & 8:17, have you not been reading ALL of the posts? Pull your heads out of where the sun don't shine and wake up! We have no problem with any president delivering a message to children to stay in school. We have a problem with THIS president because he isn't going to stop at that. He is going to politicize it and attempt to indoctrinate these kids into the Obama youth. Just wait and see what he's going to do. If he doesn't, I'll be the first one to admit I was wrong.

    And Anon 1:10, I don't believe almost anything I read on the web, but when I see video after video of the Obama Youth in action, that tends to pull more weight with me. Then I listen to this a-hole speak and it confirms what I see in the videos. So until you've seen them and can draw and INTELLIGENT opinion (which I doubt), don't disregard anything you have not experienced.

    And 10:55 & 5:46, get your facts straight. Obama is half black and half white. Also, he is not from black American stock, he is from African stock. He did not come from the black streets of America. He has never known poverty. And he has nothing at all in common with the average black American. Race is not the issue with this guy. What scares us is his incredibly far left, liberal, socialist, Marxist policies and the debt he is throwing this nation into that will be paid for by many generations to come.

  46. Racine Resident:

    You attempt to come across like a know it all. You attempt to correct so many of us who are trying to communicate with you.

    You attempt to correct me (I authored Anon 5:46) concerning my choice of words "black man" thinking I was referring to Obama.

    Did you even look at the video I provided a link for? (Just click the word "Anonymous") Did you happen to notice the race of that person?

    Dang, get off your high horse and settle down. You are so upset that you can't even see the most reasoned thought anymore. You blast us who are trying to constructively provide reasons why people are thinking it should be no big deal that OUR president talk to our children.

    It does NOT deserve your knee jerk reaction. Your comment to me proves it was that.

    We do not need this type of interaction in Racine. It certainly would be more productive to calmly deal with the issue instead of just reacting without thought. Not everyone who disagrees with you is wrong.


  47. Racine Resident is pretty much wrong on most messages. She is the one who tries and videos the neighbors, etc. With having so much time on her hands, we all think she should get something right some of the time. Nope.

    This wingnut mob mentality is disgusting and really portrays the low IQ. This President should speak to our children. There isn't a thing "wrong" with this President. Racine Resident has been up in arms over Obama since the election.

    Yes, a black man was elected. Overwhelmingly elected. NOt by a majority of minorities by any means. He deserves our respect. I am a little tired of the idiotic blogging using far right blog quotations as if they were truth. NOT.

  48. Tim the Shrubber9/05/2009 8:39 PM

    "The fact that conservatives will not allow a President to tell kids to stay in school tells you one thing, that if you are not in a rich suburban district they want you to drop out and br uneducated." it does not. (Or are you making the claim that Democrats wanted kids to use drugs when they protested Bush's speech in 1991.)

    The conservative protest may be silly, but this claim of yours is just as foolish. You should really be considering if you are the pot or kettle.

  49. Tim the Shrubber9/05/2009 8:41 PM

    "This wingnut mob mentality is disgusting and really portrays the low IQ."

    Making claims like that does not speak terribly well for your own IQ.

  50. Tim the Shrubber9/05/2009 8:46 PM

    "We have no problem with any president delivering a message to children to stay in school. We have a problem with THIS president because he isn't going to stop at that."

    Really? What evidence do you have of that? You sound as wacky as the Bush-haters of the left. Geez, get a grip. (Or at least quit calling yourself a conservative, Republican, and/or libertarian. You are embarrassing me.)

  51. I cannot believe people are trying to create an equivalence to the Bush 1991 speech. The Democratic protest in 91 was based on the fact that Bush used a shit load of taxpayer money to produce his little educational video.

    No one accused Bush of trying to brainwash the children and turn them into an unthinking army of socialist zombies.

    The conservatives are just afraid of everything. They're cowards; and since 2008 they've completely separated themselves from reality. Like these idiot conservatives in Racine who bash Greg Helding. How the fuck does the Republican Party ever plan to compete anywhere if they shit on citizens like Greg Helding?

    Libertarian purity is never going to happen. Ever. Never in this democratic country.

  52. Holy crap! Is it true that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990?? Everyone's talking about it and he hasn't come out with any kind of statement on it yet! If this isn't true he should really come out and deny it or something.

  53. I am sad for our Nation. Why does everything have to be about being a Democrat or Republican. What about being American? You may not like who is in office. But you have to respect the office. He is our president and he is willing to speak to our children. Let our children have this experience.

  54. The bottom line is the White House says Obama's speech will urge students to study hard and stay in school.

    News reporters report National PTA president calls uproar over President Obama's speech sad.

    To read exactly what the National PTA is saying about this whole subject just click on my Anonymous name. It will take you to an article which quotes the national PTA office which e-mailed to state and local chapters.

    We need some sanity back into this subject as well as others.

  55. Anon 10:13, you seem to be another one who has difficulty inturpreting what you read. Did I not say that if Obama DOES NOT politicize this address to the kids that I would be the first one to admit I was wrong?

    I stand corrected on confusing who you were referring to as a "black man." I did go back and click on the link and watch the video. The guy is doing exactly what you liberals do all the time, lieing and confusing the issue. He mentions that it's the conservatives fault that our kids are learning that it's OK to "shout down" people who don't agree with you or that it's OK to bite off their fingers. The TRUTH is that it is Obama's supporters that do the vast majority of shouting down and it was an Obama supporter that bit off that doctor's finger. Read the article! He actually walked across the street from his Obama Care support group and started arguing, throwing fists and biting that guy.

    My reaction is not knee-jerk, either. I've been watching for 8 months, along with the rest of the country, this socialist idiot gradually destroy the middle class of this country on almost a daily basis with his socialist policies, his instructions to his brownshirts (ACORN and union thugs) to, "Hit back twice as hard at those who disagree with him," asking neighbors to inform on people who disagree with him, taking over the banking, mortgage and auto industries in this country, destroying our 2nd Amendment rights at every turn, and trying to take full government control over health care and insurance companies, taking us trillions of dollars into debt that will affect the next 3 generations. A Marxist like that is not the type of person I want to risk influencing my children with indoctrination speeches about what their "responsibililty to the government" is or what their "duty to him" is. Again, if he doesn't go that route I will be the first to admit I'm wrong about it. But, based on EVERYTHING I've seen this socialist do so far, he'll do exactly that.

    Did you bother to visit YouTube and search for the Obama Youth that I mentioned? I'm not on a high horse, I'm scared to death of where this incompetent, lieing, socialist bastard is taking our country. And I hope that all of those white idiots that voted for this scum bag, just to prove they weren't prejudiced, are suffering extreme voter's remorse. But then there those that are as stupid as you who probably love what he's doing. If you love his socialist left policies so much, why don't you move to a socialist country and hand your job over to someone who needs it.

    Anon 2:38 you seem to be so embedded in the left that you aren't ever worth responding to.

  56. Tim the Shrubber9/06/2009 1:40 PM

    "I cannot believe people are trying to create an equivalence to the Bush 1991 speech. The Democratic protest in 91 was based on the fact that Bush used a shit load of taxpayer money to produce his little educational video."

    Partially true. Cost was criticized, but it was also called 'political advertising' by the Democrats. That makes it relevant. If it was political advertising in 1991, why is is different now?

    I am playing a bit of a Devil's advocated here since I think the protests are stupid, but I also think that the Democrats are being total hypocrites to act taken aback by the protests. Seriously, what did they expect, and would they act differently with the tables turned. Loads of BS on both sides.

  57. Tim the Shrubber9/06/2009 1:44 PM

    "Did you bother to visit YouTube and search for the Obama Youth that I mentioned?"

    I have seen that video, and it a screwed up. Still, I saw Bush supporters over the last eight years act nearly as bad and the country to not become a totalitarian state. Both sides of the political spectrum have a fringe. I am just not that concerned by it.

  58. Rees Roberts9/06/2009 11:46 PM

    As with health care, the issue of whether our president should be able to encourage our kids to do better in school has been twisted into another tail spin.

    Can we not just accept that it is possible, just possible, that our president is not trying to do bad things to our kids?

    Citizens on both sides of these issues have enough blame to cast around. From my perspective of a senior citizen, both sides have been behaving badly. VERY!

    Both sides need a virtual spanking. Seriously. It is pathetic that we have come to this. It is down right wrong.

    Racine Resident said "I'm not on a high horse, I'm scared to death". To that I say....I believe you. But fear does things to us which makes us react in ways we typically wouldn't normally. I believe we are in such a situation.

    Somehow, we will need to restrain our our primal urges to lash out. I, for one, do not believe neither those who call themselves republican or democrat wake up thinking to themselves they want to do terrible things to this country. But our lawmakers need to find how to get out of the habit of just seeing things as black and white. This life just doesn't work that way. Life is so much more about gray.

    The problem is the unbelievable about of money that is thrown about from special interests toward "OUR" congressional representatives. If there is one area that has our country in a strangle hold it is the professional lobbyists.

    So, we are left to bitch and complain because we all of us know we have really lost all control because we all know money talks. Our legislators have become therefore very sophisticated at manipulating the entire system.

    What scares the hell out of me is the truth of the matter is if nothing is done with health care or in trying to improve our schools we might as well as hang it up. All of our kids need an education. Health care needs to cost a ton less.

    So, by merely arguing each nit picking point, really does nothing. What it does do is give us the illusion we still have control. So, get out there. Go to each corner and shout each other out. The fear is coming through loud and clear.

    I suspect if we would "feel" what our neighbor is feeling it would be terribly similar. I suggest that instead of dealing with dotting the i's and crossing the t's that we instead come to grips with how we all are feeling.

    The thing is I think it is going to only get worse before it gets better. We will need each other so much more in the not too distant future.

    I honestly hope we exchange our words of anger with our neighbors here and in person with words of understanding. I personally have given up on our so called representatives. They collectively do not represent anyone I know.

    Sorry for being such a "blow hard" as I was called once. I just think it needed to be shared.


  59. RUSD teacher9/07/2009 8:27 AM

    I am very pleased that the "wing nuts" as some would call those fighting Obama is having an effect. Every day Obama grows weaker everyday we grow stronger.
    WE have the tools to fight the left wing press to expose what is going on.
    Unless Obama acts fast to shut down media with hate speech laws it will be too late.
    Even then Obama will have a fight on his hands, should he try marshal law to prevent his remove from office after losing the 2012 election be a civil war.
    Until he and his marix brown shirts go away everyday I will fight the power fight Obama

  60. United we stand.
    Divided we fall.

  61. RUSD Teacher, it is a breath of fresh air to me to heard an educator speak the truth rather than the NEA agenda. Thank you!

    Now, for you other ill-informed, bleeding hearts who think Obama is such a savior, click on this link to see who he REALLY is:

    None of this is fabricated, it is all documented facts.

  62. Rees old girl, shorten up the comments. You have nothing of value to say.

  63. I listened to the speech this morning. And after I read the comments I had to go and watch it again? Can someone explain to me where the political agenda was that you all were hearing?

    All I got from it was do well in school its you're (the students) responsibility.


    How is that recruiting votes for 2012? And indoctrinating the young with their message early to ensure loyalty through later years? What kind of garbage is that.

    What is everyone afraid of? Is it change? Is it the unknown?

    Our country is broken. It will be interesting to see what our youth do with it? Maybe the baby boomers do have something to be worried about?
    There grandkids and great grand kids are going to figure out that they screwed up the world. They poisoned the air. Put golf courses in the desert that is drying up the Southwest's water supply.

    Greed, Greed, Greed, Me, Myself and I. Think about it.

    Our country started to fall apart about when all we cared about was how can this help me. If it doesn't benefit me than I don't care. How can I get the bigger house or the most expensive car?

    I am excited to see our youth in action when they are adults. They have many challenges ahead of them.

    Good luck to them!

  64. His original plan/speech was going to be an indoctrination of socialistic ideas. As it turned out, he changed his approach based on legidimate complaints.

  65. Legitimate complaint? Give me a break. From what legitimate source can you prove your statement "His original plan/speech was going to be an indoctrination of socialistic ideas."? Show me. Share a responsible link here.

    Unless you do this you are a big part of the problem this country has. Namely, spreading misinformation to just promote your views of hate and racism.