July 13, 2009

Three sworn in as Gateway district board members

Pierce, Zacharias and Vail, l-r

R. Scott Pierce, Roger Zacharias and Rebecca Vail were sworn in Monday as members of the Gateway Technical College District Board of Trustees.

Pierce is a newly appointed board member, Zacharias is returning to the board after a one-year absence, and Vail was reappointed to her seat. The three were appointed to three-year terms to run from 2009-12. Zacharias served on the board 2004-08.

Pierce is the district administrator for Central High School District of Westosha, Vail is the district administrator for Twin Lakes School District #4 and Zacharias is a business representative/organizer for Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters.

The three were selected by an appointment committee made up of chairpersons of the Kenosha County, Racine County, and Elkhorn County boards of supervisors.

Selected to serve as board officers were: Fred Burkhardt, trustee board chairperson; Zacharias, vice-chairperson; Vail, secretary; and Suzanne Henkel Deans, treasurer.


  1. Blindly tax and spend pigs - one, two and three!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I cannot believe Gateway's budget. They need to be put under the state's control like the rest of the colleges. The spending and lack of accountability need to change. They gave raises for Pete's sake.

  3. I hope you all have no problems sleeping knowing your sucking the tax payers dry. The inmates are running the prison.