July 18, 2009

Racine stakes a claim to most-emailed news story

Just when you thought, "Now that the Michael Jackson story is history (sort of), we can concentrate on important news," something else irrelevant came up to take its place.

A story from Racine.

About the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile crashing into a house.

Yup, it's Yahoo's most e-mailed story.

And a reader just informed us that it made TMZ.com as well.

(And on Monday, July 20, the story made it into Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show monologue -- although, thankfully, he didn't mention Racine as he turned the story into a gay joke: "And just before the wienermobile hit his house, the homeowner said, 'Dear God, if I'm gay, give me a sign.' ")

Oh, well, it's better publicity than the last time Racine news went viral...


  1. Concerned Citizen7/18/2009 4:38 PM

    The Becker crap going down on Kingston Ave (Hangin' with current Aldermen/City Counsel Members) should be top news on Yahoo also, but it will never be with all the sympathy/ bleeding hearts around here, especially from this site.

    Let's hear it you Becker hacks, C'Mon, slam me. I don't give a crap anymore.

    Pete or Dustin, when I see these "city leaders" hangin' with him, do you have a cell number I could call and let you know so you could come out and see for yourselves, or is it "no big deal"??

    I'm curious about your thoughts on this issue.

  2. It may be better press, but, both stories deal with wieners... Keep hammering CC. It is news to me.

  3. Concerned Citizen7/18/2009 6:28 PM

    Talk to Orbs KK, he knows about all the evidence I have.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  4. Post the photos already, you spineless wimp. What are you waiting for?

  5. Concerned Citizen7/19/2009 5:19 AM

    Anon 7:33-

    Seeing how it is no big deal, I will post them around election time. Mwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  6. The hatred for Becker is eating you folks alive.

    Try forgiveness and love thy neighbor instead...

    Perhaps one day you will be hated also.

  7. Okay...as for the Weinermobile: it was scheduled to be at the Lakeside Curative Services Annual Hot Dog Day. But we were still entertained by the Brewers' Racing Sausages and Roy Edwards' GROUP THERAPY band. At least now we know why the W-mobile never showed up!

  8. Anon 10:24

    OK Gary.

  9. Some people just amaze me - how the weinnermobile accident turned into a Becker blog site is just stupid. The story as mentioned, is that this vehicle was headed to the Lakeside Curative hot dog event which was very nice and successful. Unfortunate about the accident, but maybe we'll see it next year. Great job to Maggie and all those that were responsible for putting this on.

  10. What Alderman are hanging with Gary Becker?

  11. Anon 3:41 - Who cares.

  12. Anon 4:02 =

    Gary once again.

  13. Anon 6:41 - Idiot

  14. I posted this to my facebook and it went all over the place.. LOL!

  15. Downtown Denizen7/28/2009 8:26 AM

    To Anon 10:24

    I agree that Gary Becker is off the subject here, but Concerned Citizen's comments wrongly took it in that direction.

    That being said, I just wonder how "loving and forgiving" you would be had Becker been preying on a minor child in YOUR family.

    The man deserves to be despised by the very people who put their trust in him as a leader and role model. And for anyone to defend him for any reason is despicable. Only Gary and God know how many other little girls he's preyed upon, and you want to defend him and forgive him for that? You bleeding hearts absolutely disgust me when you spew this kind of dribble.