July 17, 2009

Job openings ...

Just a quick note on some job openings we've come across in recent days ...

* OIC of Racine County has six openings for its YouthBuild Racine Greentech Project. They're looking for building and education professionals to run the program. Click here for details.

* Gus's Gyros, a new restaurant at Douglas and Goold, is looking for waitstaff, bussers and cashiers. If you're interested, stop by the Better Day BP at 2100 Douglas Ave, to apply.

* The City of Racine Health Department has at least five openings. Two openings are posted here. Call the department for information on the other jobs at 262-636-9201.


  1. Can we eliminate the educational requirements for the city hall jobs?
    I'm a really nice person and I care about Racine. I'm pretty smart too.

  2. Thanks for putting these jobs on the Post, but recognize that the "big" jobs at the Health Department are far too important to actually put out ads and get the best educated people with the most experience.

  3. StopthemadnessNOW7/18/2009 9:19 AM

    Here's a thought: Why not run Free help wanted ads like Craig's list in a separate link off your main page?

  4. I just saw that CAR25 is running free ads to local employers that are hiring....very cool!

  5. That is nice, but what about Becker?
    Everyone who works for the government is an idiot and working hard to cover everything up, all on my tax dollars. It is all a giant conspiracy!

  6. Same for those SCJ employees, too!
    All they do is sell fancied up Lake Michigan and cover up their nefarious plan for Racine!

  7. Just wondering if the job listings are updated. The date says 7/17 -- almost a month ago?