July 13, 2009

Ryan raises $375,000 in 3 months; has $1,283,004

Congressman Paul Ryan continues to pile money into his campaign chest.

Rep. Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, reported today having $1,283,004 in his campaign fund. He collected $375,000 in the past three months. (Last year's Ryan challenger, Democrat Marge Krupp, raised a total of $126,894 before the election, and now reports a debt of $5,570.)

Ryan, serving his sixth term, says 95% of his "individual contributor" donations come from Wisconsin, and 82% of his donors contributed $100 or less. Ryan says he has added more than 2,000 new donors in the past 12 months.

Looking over his latest FEC report, we see a veritable Who's Who of Racine's top business leaders supporting Ryan. Among the easily recognized names and their donations from the past three months are:
Craig Leipold, $500, married to Helen Johnson-Leipold
Jerry Franke, $500, Wispark
Fred Young, $500, Young Radiator
Alan Ruud, $500, Ruud Lighting
Michael Batten, $500, Twin Disc
Russell Weyers, $500, Johnson Financial
H. Fisk Johnson, $500, SC Johnson
David Eberle, $500, Norco Mfg.
Jim Eastman, $500, Merchants Moving
Ken Buser, $500, All Saints
In a statement Ryan issued with his campaign finance report, he says:
“Out of touch politicians in Washington think they can tax, spend and borrow beyond our means to solve every problem. Wisconsinites know better and are supporting my efforts to stop across the board tax increases, runaway government spending and unsustainable borrowing.

“Supporters of the common sense solutions I’ve proposed want to share my message with all voters. We need to keep jobs in America, guarantee access to health insurance, simplify our tax code and improve Social Security and Medicare.

“We need to stop pushing our jobs overseas. Having the second highest corporate tax rate in the world make it harder for businesses to keep jobs in the U.S. We can provide everyone with health care coverage if we allocate the $2.4 trillion a year we currently spend on health care more wisely. And, we must change our confusing and unfair tax code, so that it rewards saving, investing and job creation.

“I believing in practicing principled representation, which means saying what you are going to do and then doing it. My number one priority is looking out for the best interests of everyone I was elected to serve in Wisconsin. I am grateful for the out pouring of support I have received from people in all walks of life—working men and women, small business owners, unions and seniors. They are my employers and I never forget that.

“Those who oppose my reform efforts will accuse me of obstructing their attempts to put more power, money and decision making under the control of the federal government. The voters of Wisconsin are demanding alternatives to the path we are on as a country. Their donations are a clear indication that they support the solutions I am offering and that they want me to have the means to promote the work I am doing for them.”


  1. Thank you for your support of Paul Ryan.

    I guess 17% unmemployment in Racine was not good enough for you. You were second behind Beloit / Janesville.

    Go for it be #1.

  2. We can only give to Obama right? Anything else is just so wrong!

  3. Jim Eastman? Really?

  4. I wonder how many favors Paul Ryan had to do for his big business buddies to get such a sudden outpouring of support.

    We need to stop shipping our jobs overseas? Hello Paul, we need to have our factories stop closing! They're not going overseas now, they're going out of business.

    Kenosha and Janesville sends their regards, because that's about all we can afford right now.

  5. For complaining about taxes and how broke they are, it sure looks like Republicans have a lot of extra money laying around.

  6. Hey colt - looks like your J-Wax buddies are 100% full on supporters of Paul Ryan.

    Feel conflicted?

  7. and what does Racine get for this "donation". Lip Service

  8. You saw the Johnson story with Becker. Just imagine what they have done with Paul Ryan!

    Seems strange all of these high rollers are bankrolling Paul Ryan's campaign. I smell a rat.

  9. If these rich people are going to continue to pay off Paul Ryan, then I think we should start holding these "donors" and their businesses accountable for the results.

  10. Yes... completely unheard of for people, business owners or not, to contribute to a political campaign. Clearly there's a rat to be smelled...

  11. They must be getting something for the money. Look at what Becker pulled off with the uptown money and Johnson Wax.

    Something ain't right about this.

  12. Looks like Paul Ryan has been whoring himself out to big business. He better expand his base though, because business is a dieing breed around here!

    Thanks Paul!

  13. Anon 2:03 - you can thank your union buddies for the closing of plants and the demise of manufacturing - not Ryan. And for the rest of you since you appear to be ignorant or cheap or both, it is normal practice by many individuals to contribute to a person's campaign. I'm sure they are going to get big favors from Ryan for contributing $500 to his $1M fund - what idiots.

  14. $500 for these broke Republicans is a lot of money right now. They can't afford their taxes for heaven's sake!

    No, this is big dollars for these financially squeezed individuals.

    I was surprised at Eastman too. I wonder what he is getting out of this deal?

  15. Why be surprised about Eastman. He's a part of this rich boy group. Just seeing this crowd makes be doubly against Ryan who has always been a scumbag.

  16. It amazes me how most of you are so envious of successful people.

  17. Wow anon 3:45

    I have two classes you need to take Econ 101 and Poli Sci 101. They may help you understand that what you are sholving smells like what it truely is.

  18. C'mon people pull your heads out of your asses for once would ya! These guys (Doyle, Ryan, Lehman, Turner, Voss, and Mason) MUST GO! They have had their chance at making Wiscompton a better place and have failed us miserably! Vote em all out ASAP!

  19. There's nothing wrong in my book about being rich. I kind of like it!

  20. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 77% of Paul Ryan’s total dollars raised for 2010 come from large ticket donors and PAC organizations OUTSIDE of Wisconsin’s First Congressional District (in response to Paul Ryan’s July 13th Press Release, “RYAN RAISES $375,000 IN 3 MONTHS”)

    Kenosha, WI, July 13, 2009 - Paulette Garin, 2008 Democratic Candidate, said, “Please don’t fall prey to the “spin” generated by his campaign committee.”

    “He does not represent his constituents. For six terms he has supported disastrous policies such as off-shoring, privatization and the bank bailout while his district has suffered job losses resulting in double digit unemployment, home foreclosures, factory closings, and thousands of citizens losing access to quality, affordable health care.”

    “Please check the data carefully. The real issue is how much of the money came from donors within the First Congressional District and what percentage of the donations came from PAC (Political Action Committees) organizations. Based upon pure dollar amounts, Paul Ryan does not represent his constituents, but his high ticket donors outside Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

    Mr. Ryan has raised $576,288 for the 2010 Election Cycle. The remaining balance of $706,716 has been carried forward from previous cycles.

    Breaking down the $576,288 one finds that 41.5% of Ryan’s total 2010 donations come from primarily Washington PAC’s representing corporations and other right leaning conservative organizations.

    40.5% or $233,486 of Ryan’s 2010 donations are in the form of “Itemized Contributions” from individuals. Per data provided by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website, it appears that only 12% of these donations (or 5% in aggregate) come from within the First Congressional District.

    The remaining $103,412 which accounts for 18% of Ryan’s 2010 contributions comes under the category of “Unitemized Contributions” from individuals. The FEC website does not provide any specific information regarding the sources of Unitemized Contributions.

    Even if we assume that all the Unitemized Contributions came from donors within the First Congressional District, he would have still only generated less than 23% of his total donations from residents of his district.”

  21. Ryan is part of our problem with corrupt government, and people are supporting him? We sure get the government we deserve. I agree that they ALL must be voted out, R's and D's alike.

    Jack Lohman

  22. Paulette Garin - so what. That's how politics works today both Republicans and Democrats.

  23. Ryan can spin it any way he wants but the numbers don't lie. Only 17% of Ryan's $1.28 million came from "regular folks" who donated $100 or less. The rest came from big money players who need a tax cut.