July 16, 2009

Here's your chance to become an alderman!

Want to be an alderman? Here's your chance.

The City Council has a vacancy -- left by 10th District's Tom Friedel, who resigned to become city administrator. City Council President Q.A. Shakoor, II sent out an announcement yesterday informing the public "of our intent to fill this vacancy before the end of August. It is imperative this position not remain open until the April 2010 election. The citizens of the wonderful city must have complete representation in all levels of government." Interested?

Shakoor's announcement went on to say:
Interested citizens of the 10th Aldermanic District should submit resume and cover letter stating reason for seeking the appointment along with intent to serve if appointed.

A person must be a resident elector of the 10th District within ten (10) days of the appointment. In order to be eligible, a person must also be eighteen (18) years of age.

Send information to Office of Mayor: Attention Council President Q.A. Shakoor, II, 730 Washington Avenue, Racine, WI 534503, postmarked or hand delivered no later than August 10, 2009.
The 10th district which covers wards 23 and 24 is roughly bounded by 21st Street on the North, the Union Pacific Railroad Line on the East, Taylor Avenue and the Old North Shore Bike Trail on the West, and the City limits on the South.

The appointee will serve only until next April, when the next election will fill the position. Aldermen receive a salary of $6,900 per year.


  1. The Translator7/16/2009 10:11 AM

    Here is your chance people. Time to put up or shut up. Someone out of the mainstream political network of the city of Racine needs to be put in this seat. Look inside yourself and see if your willing to put your actions where your mouth is for the betterment of the city. There has to be someone savy enough in the 10th district who can do a better job than someone who has "in's" with the current aldermen.

  2. I agree if you live in this area go for it. Help keep Racine away from the good old boys

  3. map of the 10th district


  4. Let's try to be supportive of whomever gets appointed. We've got big issues here.

  5. only have to live in district within 10 days of appointment.Anyone have a place to rent??

  6. All interested parties should include a check - Re-elect Mayor Dickert

  7. Why is the "Becker Suppression Hearing Postponed" article a link from the JS Online??

    You guys don't want people talking bad about your friend Gary becker again hey??

    Sad, Very sad.

    Party On!

  8. I live in the district and want nothing to do with politics, got a basement for rent CHEAP