July 12, 2009

Rally for health care reform Friday during lunchtime

Community for Change is organizing a lunchtime rally in Downtown Racine Friday in favor of health care reform. Here's a press release from the group, which describes the event as "non-partisan":
Racine Rallies to Rock Health Care Reform

Friday, July 17th 2009

The public is invited to join local and state organizations to rally in support of health care reform. The Wisconsin Health Care Reform Campaign, Organizing for America and community leaders from across southeastern Wisconsin will host a lunch time rally on Friday at 11:30 am in East Park, located at 1001 South Main St. Participants will walk down to Monument Square to enjoy Music on the Monument.

This rally is a non‐partisan event intended to bring attention to health care reform currently being debated in Washington D.C. and demonstrate the strong community desire for a plan that reduces costs, guarantees choice of coverage and ensures quality care for all. No specific health care plan or path is endorsed.

Participants who are currently uninsured or under‐insured are asked to wear red. Banners or signs may be brought, however, organizers ask attendees to make them tasteful and suitable for all ages. For questions or more information please go to OFAofSEWI@gmail.com


  1. GO Marxism! Go English type heath care! Go dieing before you can get the help you need. Go Go GO the BILLIONS in new taxes to pay for something that will not work!

  2. Here's something to think about. Obama says if your employer offers insurance you will be able to retain that insurance. Ok let's say you are a CEO of a major corporation or an owner of a medium size business. When the government offers an insurance plan, how many of those business's will continue to dole out 70% of the premium cost they currently pay - can you say none? Obama is basing the cost on the currently uninsured - when this government controlled insurance plan goes into effect everyone will need it because all businees will drop their plans to cut costs. We cannot afford Obama's plan.

  3. Dustin, as you know googling Organizing for America directs searchers to barackobama.com. It also might be helpful to your readers to visit the website of Wisconsin Healthcare Reform Campaign and take a look at the organization's board of directors. Calling this rally a non-partisan event strains credulity.

  4. Sorry to readers. In order to get to Wisconsin Healthcare Reform Campaign it is necessary to visit Citizen Action Wisconsin.

  5. I've talked extensively with organizers. They are working very hard to include all perspectives on health care reform. For example, they've invited Rep. Paul Ryan several times to their upcoming health care forum, but Ryan has turned them down. It's my understanding that the group simply believes something needs to be done to offer health care to all Americans. How that's done is open for debate.

  6. Dustin please! Would Mason show up to a NRA rally? Lehman to a VFW event?
    Why would Ryan show up at an event where he will only be attacked?
    IMHO you being a member of the group are doing nothing more then shrilling for them. One big unpaid ad. That's fine its your blog.
    And IMHO if you keep up the reporting on J-Wax and other topics the J-T will not touch go for it.

  7. This rally is supporting the reform of the health care system and letting our leaders know that it needs to get done.

    Health Care Reform is a non-partisan issue. Both Democrats and Republicans (including Paul Ryan) have put forth plans to get it done. They just have a different way of getting there.

    The rally isn't to push any one form of solution, it is to remind everyone that we do need a solution.

    Paul Ryan, and anyone else should feel welcome to attend a rally like that, because he in fact believes the same thing!

    If Colt wants to come and say he is in favor of the House Republican plan to reform health care, then that is perfectly fine! The point is that we are acknowledging the system needs to change (one way or the other). What we're doing right now isn't working.

  8. Is the present system working? Don't the insurance companies control whom you see and what treatments you can have? Don't millions of people go without health care because they're uninsured or under-insured? Don't 75% of the bankrupty filings happen because insured people have mountains of medical debt?

  9. Kelly Gallaher7/13/2009 9:51 AM

    Anon 9:22 is correct. This event is intended to bring people together to support reform. The Wisconsin Health Care Reform Campaign is made up of many traditionally progressive groups, but many are not. I'd be happy to post the list.

    Paul Ryan has co-sponsored his own bill on health care reform and is on record saying the system is broken.

    So when we say it is "non-partisan" we mean that no one backing any particular plan like single payer or universal care is backing this event.

    People from all across the political spectrum agree we must do something about health care in this country. We want to be active participants in that discussion and we invite others to do that as well on Friday.

  10. We should be sure to tell the folks from other countries to get heath care here how much ours suck.
    I myself want to kick the kids out who may be coming here because they may not want to wait a year plus to get a MRI or CAT scan, damn them damn them to hell!
    The Lancet did a study not long ago talking of how many die in England as they wait in line for care.
    I wonder perhaps if those who may wait would cost more to treat and therefor death is cheaper for the Government.
    Cant be the billions needed to pay for this will come easy

  11. Colt it sounds like you think the system is just fine the way it is. If not, how would you fix it?

  12. It would seem to me that the richest most advanced country in history, one that can spend billions on a needless war, could find a way to provide food, housing and health care to all of it's people. Have we forgotten how to care for our fellow man?

    Oh, that's right i live in Racine.

  13. Community for Change's ad is not unpaid.

  14. Don't worry Kelly, I'll save you the effort.

    Citizen Action of Wisconsin Board of Directors

    -Tanya Atkinson
    Vice President of Public Affairs Planned Parenthood of WI
    -Peter Bakken
    Director of Public Policy Wisconsin Council of Churches
    -Tom Boelter
    Executive Director of Enterprise Fund Forest County Potawatomi Community Foundation
    -Lew Boyd
    Project Manager, Office of Community Development Menominee Indian Tribe of WI
    -Jackie Boynton (Treasurer)
    Women's Choice
    -Lynn Breedlove (Vice President)
    Executive Director Disability Rights Wisconsin
    -MacCanon Brown
    Executive Director Repairers of the Breach
    -Leon Burzynski
    President Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans
    -Pam Campbell
    Treasurer AFT-WI
    -Jim Cavanaugh (President)
    President South Central Federation of Labor
    -Sheila Cochran
    Secretary Treasurer Milwaukee Area Labor Council
    -Bill Conway
    Deputy Director Fair Wisconsin
    -Guy Costello
    Vice President WEAC
    -Paula Dorsey
    President AFSCME Council 48
    -Patty Edelburg
    WI Farmers Union
    -Gene Farley
    Coalition for WI Health
    -Patrick Flaherty
    At Large
    -Andy Gussert
    Executive Director Citizens Trade Campaign
    -Linda Gaston-Mounger
    Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association
    -Bryan Kennedy
    President AFT-WI
    -Linda Leaf
    -Michael Murphy
    President AFSCME District Council 40
    -Marilyn Nemeth
    Alliance for Retired Americans - WI Chapter
    -Christine Neumann-Ortiz
    Executive Director Voces de la Frontera
    -Craig Oliver
    At Large
    -Candice Owley
    President WI Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals
    -Dian Palmer
    President SEIU District 1199
    -Mark Redsten (Secretary)
    Executive Director Clean Wisconsin
    -Chris Rose
    WI State Director Unite Here
    -Brad Schwanda
    State CAP Director UAW
    -Angelique Shape
    At Large
    -Amy Stear
    Director 9 to 5

  15. Looks like a real conservative group - NOT

  16. Meet all you want to down on Main st. , but please don't ruin the music on the square with your signs !!

  17. Kelly Gallaher7/13/2009 11:45 AM

    Anon 11:15; Your list of Citizen Action's Board of Director's may be correct, however it is not the list of participants for the Wisconsin Campaign for Health Care Reform-I have listed it below. As you can see they are one of thirty one organizations, some are progressive organizations and some are not.

    AARP Wisconsin
    ABC for Health
    AFT Wisconsin
    Alzheimer’s Association Chapter Network
    Americans for Democratic Action
    Citizen Action of Wisconsin
    Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
    Coalition for Wisconsin Health
    Disability Rights Wisconsin
    Greater Wisconsin Committee
    Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin
    National Association of Social Workers – Wisconsin Chapter
    One Wisconsin Now
    Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
    SEIU Wisconsin State Council
    South Central Federation of Labor
    Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Rights Organizations
    United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1473
    Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans
    Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health
    Wisconsin Council of Churches
    Wisconsin Council on Children and Families
    Wisconsin Council of Independent Living Centers
    Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)
    Wisconsin Health Project
    Wisconsin Laborers District Council
    Wisconsin League of Women Voters
    Wisconsin Farmers Union
    Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
    Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

    The rally will take place at East Park at 11:30 and participants will walk in an orderly and respectful fashion to Monument Square to disperse and enjoy the music and have lunch. There is no intention to disrupt or distract from the entertainment. Once again we invite people who want a good reform plan to come together to support those who are struggling to have, keep and pay for health care coverage.

  18. Dustan

    The whole story is an unpaid ad. Again its your blog, free to do as you will with it.
    Unneeded war? Interesting lets give up the War on Terror today. Save lots of money right off the bat since women would not be allowed health care.

    Where does the money come from a few hundred billion dollars for the (not) simulates program a few more for the auto companies (and what will the UAW do with their auto company?)
    Billions more loss with Cap and Trade, how does this get paid for?

  19. Colt, even Paul Ryan's proposal costs billions of dollars. That's just the raw nature of the problem unfortunately.

    The point is that the system is broken. That is a view shared by both Democrats and Republicans alike.

  20. I'm confused. Were those two lists people and organizations involved in planning this rally or the top contributors to Doyle's campaign?

  21. Anon 12:10

    I'm confused too. Are you implying that this health care reform rally is a campaign for Doyle?

    Not sure where you're going with this.

  22. It has been asked what Colt would do.
    If I may Colt would:

    1) Cap Malpractice awards.
    2) Reform Tort awards
    3) Improve public Heath. Basic health practices. Starting in grade school instill basic practices.
    4) Improve the food we eat allow more and invest in Community Gardens
    5) Allow Health Inc to be sold across State lines.
    6) Allow everyone to form pools to buy group insurance.
    7) Scholarships for Nurses and Dr's in exchange for 8 years of public service.
    8) Smokers and those overweight (not due to illness pay more)
    9) Colt who tax smokers even more since there dumb enough to keep doing it. As well as a Candy/Soda tax. I would think about legalizing Pot and taxing that as well

  23. Kelly said: "So when we say it is "non-partisan" we mean that no one backing any particular plan like single payer or universal care is backing this event."

    Yep,just a grass roots, spontaneous happening by people with open minds and open hearts.


  24. Health care reform is a platform issue for both Democrats and Republicans. That makes the focus of this rally non-partisan. The point of the rally is to highlight the need for reform now. Anyone that shares that goal could attend. When the final solutions are released, people may select and support their preference. Where we can agree, is that something has to be done. Hence the non-partisan rally.

  25. 12:58

    Say it all you want this is nothing more then Obama trying to build support for his Health (Marxist) Health care plan. Have a long way to go the polls are not looking good.
    Thinking that this is a fight we can keeping fighting until Obama is out of office

  26. Colt,

    By listing off your points (and many were good), I take it to mean you think the system could be reformed.

    The reality is that many of your points are covered in Paul Ryan's plan, and some others are covered in the House Draft.

    You make the point about pooling people together to buy group insurance across state lines. That is essentially is what a public option is. One solution relies on the insurance companies and the other relies on the government. There are pros and cons for each argument.

    Paul Ryan talks about tort reform, and the Democrats usually shy away from capping limits on malpratice suits.

    Public Health focus has been a key item in Obama roundtable discussions....shifting the focus to primary care physicians. The Republican plans do not focus on this. Obama wanted to also increase aid to doctors that go into a primary care specialty (since they do not make as much money as other specialties and there is thus a shortage of these types of doctors). Republicans have no provision for this.

    At the end of the day, there are lots of items to agree upon, and the first and most pressing is that there is an issue with the health care system and it needs to be resolved now. Part of the reason it is so expensive to fix is that this has been lingering for years. We can't let it go another 20 years.

    The solutions are complex and politically super charged. What we can provide to our representatives is the support in getting to the end game. It would be easy to give up because it is hard. None of us can afford that.

  27. Sorry government ran health care has not worked nor will it work.
    Obama is only looking to insure his reelection by making as many as he can depend on the government.

  28. Insurance company run health care hasn't been the most stellar example of how to do things. Take a look around. Premiums through the roof, costs exploding every year, denied coverage if you happen to get sick, companies dropping plans because they can't afford it anymore.....

    We need reform, in whatever form it may take.

  29. We need reform, in whatever form it may take.


    Try this

    You must wait a year to get anything more then basic X rays. Might be weeks before you can have a blood test.
    The older you are or less heathey (say overweight 0r perhaps diabetic) the less chance you have for drugs that may cost more expensive treatment. Over 62 plays into it because if you die saves the government money.
    Abortion over in the neonatal treatment no matter what YOU might want for your unborn child.
    Should you have the money you still can not get anything other then the government wants you to have.
    Genitc testing for defects no treatment but abortion mandated
    Another 12% out of your take home pay.

    Welcome to your brave new world! Hope you enjoy your stay

  30. Site your sources and facts Colt!

  31. Notice how Colt's spelling and grammar get worse throughout the day and his arguments become more shrill and paranoid?

    Drunk or high? Let's take a survey.

  32. Looking at History and hoping I am wrong but would not bet the farm.
    If the best you can do is attack my spelling and grammar...

    Bet Drunk.. on fighting Obama

  33. Only way you would not want health care reform.
    1. You or loved ones have never been sick. You don't know what our system is like.
    2. You work for an insurance company and get big pay outs on the backs of the American People
    3. You're rich and don't care about anyone except yourself
    4. You are a totey boy for Rush Limbaugh

  34. 4:44 I am offended by some of your comments.

    I've had to use my insurance, I do not work for an insurance company or get kickbacks from one, am not rich, and certainly am not a 'totey boy' for Rush. I do happen to work in the health care industry.

    I also do not want our government to provide "free" health care for everyone who happens to be in this country at the expense of those who pay taxes - and over 40% of our OWN CITIZENS don't. I don't believe that it's an "entitlement" for everyone - I checked the Constitution and it's not in there. (For your reference, that's the document we used to use as the guideline for our government.)

    I'd really like people to take personal responsiblity for their health, and quit using our ED here as their personal physician every time they have sniffles.

    Does the system need reform? Absolutely. But have have exactly 0 faith that the government can fix it. Medicare and Medicaid are just about bankrupt now. Can we really afford to let the government expand their involvement until big changes are made with these?

  35. 4:44

    I had Cancer and have it again. I will not live to see 60. The first time with good insurance still cost tons of money.
    YOU do not have the responsibly to pay my bills in this.

  36. Colt, if that's true I feel for you and wish you better than the prognosis you mentioned.

    You say I shouldn't have to pay for you but I'd gladly chip in. You never know when it will happen to you. Any one of us could be next.

    To be honest, we all pay anyway. Lot's of good, haed working folks rack up these bills and can't pay. Many go bankrupt and lose everything. The hospital loses too and forwards that cost to everyone else.

    We can do better in this country can't we? That's what this rally is all about.

  37. No its not with respect you mifght feel that way,The government does not. Can you trust the government?
    Read history see what the government has done before.




    Do you trust the GOVERMENT

  38. Here is something for those who still think the Government knows best on health care and we have nothing to fear


  39. Colt, I am sorry about your illness but you miss an important point. A government public plan is not free. The government can assist by making coverage cheaper like when individuals pool together.

    Health care reform is not about paying for someone else. It's about bringing down costs. The people who are profiting are insurance companies and pharmaceuticals and their profits are enormous! While less and less people are able to pay for health care and many will lose everything if they get seriously sick.

  40. Sorry this is about the government taking care of YOUR HEALTH.
    This is about the GOVERMENT needing BILLIONS to pay for it, BILLIONS.

  41. Life expectancy in the U.S. is 50th in the World with most of Western Europe better than the U.S. Canada is in 8th place. I know that some of this is lifestyle related but having lived in Canada I cannot see that much difference and if you ask a Canadian in private if they would prefer our system you get a definite NO.

  42. Colt, the Republican alternative also costs billions.

  43. 7:07

    Talk to the ones vising Green Bay or even Milwaukee to get the tests they need to stay alive NOW not in a year now.

  44. Colt - you have too much free time.

  45. Colt, Canadians, complain a lot but wouldn't trade. The U.S. has great medical care, unfortunately the more money one has the better it gets and why is the U.S. life expectancy so far behind?

  46. Colt is assuming the government would have a complete and utter takeover of the system, which is a false premise.

    The public option is an option.

    There are ways to structure it to penalize companies for dropping coverage and pawning them off on the government run system.

    Stop believing the hype people.

  47. 8:57


    No company could compete with the government.
    As soon as this is passed many companies that offer insurance now will drop it before it takes effect.
    That is exactly what Obama is counting on.

  48. False premise colt.

    They're already talking about stiff penalties for companies if they immediately drop coverage.

    Insurance companies can still compete. If their level of service is so superior to the government option, then that is their advantage. Not everything is about price.

  49. I highly doubt that a greater life expectancy is due to an alleged better quality of health care in european countries.

    My guess is if they are living longer it is in spite of the health care, not because of it.

    They do not push for preventative care in places like Britain, and the truth is in cases where you need surgery in order to survive, you are put on waiting lists. If you are diagnosed with cancer, they are trying their hardest in Britian to reduce the wait that you START receiving cancer treatment down to a month max. Which obviously means the wait times now are much longer.

    I'd guess the greatest difference between the USA and other countries is our diet and lifestyle. That is what is creating shorter lives, NOT the health care system.

  50. If the USA is trying to model the healthcare system after European countries, we will in fact be paying for those people that do not have health insurance. That's the way European countries do it.

    It seems some people are trying to pull out only the positive points on National Health care regarding other countries and ignoring all the negative.


    Boy, if this doesn't hit the nail on the head, I don't know what does!

    Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint.?Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement.

    The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week.

    The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn't reviewed for another week
    and finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then.

    Why the different treatment for the two patients?

    Wait for it!

    The FIRST is a Golden Retriever.
    The SECOND is a Senior Citizen.

  52. Lifestyle is a small part of why the U.S. life expectancy is less than most developed countries. The care one can expect in Western Europe begins at birth and they do not use the emergency room as their family practioner.

  53. Wow, ok

    1. The government is not taking over the health care system.

    2. The public option is not free. It still has a premium that must be paid like any other insurance plan.

    3. If there is a public option, and you really do have to wait 3 years for an x-ray, then nobody will purchase this coverage and they will flock to private insurance providers even though though their costs might be higher.

  54. No anon 11:23, lifestyle is a HUGE reason why life expectancy is higher in Europe. Take a look at us, we are the most obese nation in the world and most inactive. You're fooling yourself if you believe otherwise.

    Have you even set foot outside the USA?

  55. Annon 11:23 I lived in Europe for 5 years. Lifestyle is a factor but then there is a relationship to healthcare and lifestyle, hopefully that's not too complicated to understand.

  56. That was a reply to annon 11:32

  57. anon 11:56 - tell me, were you using National Health care during those 5 years or American military healthcare? In which country were you?

  58. The quality of healthcare in Europe just does not compare to the USA. The waiting periods are also not a myth, I have lived it personally. Those that carry on about how wonderful health care is in European countries do not know what they are talking about and have not experienced it firsthand.

  59. Annon 12:09 and 12:23 I had private insurance but the Nationals that worked for me had the insurance provided by their country and I had direct reports who were living in France, Germany, Spain and England and never heard a complaint and know of several who had health issues.

  60. The plans being proposed are not European plans, and thus cannot be compared as if they are equal.

  61. Never heard a complaint about health care from people living in England, Germany, etc etc.? Haha, that's pretty funny. I know many people in Europe and have heard horrendous things about the health care.

    The one that concerned me the most was the lack of cleanliness in the hospitals. The second is the waiting periods. The waiting period of a woman I personally know in Great Britain had to wait over 6 months for heart bypass surgery, and that was after she already had one heart attack and could have died at any time and was in very poor health.

    I could go on and on, and whether the US health plan will be similar to European, I keep hearing it's not. But for those that want to keep bringing up the European Health care we need to at least be honest about it.

  62. Anon 12:30 - private health insurance is completely different from National Health care. The quality and availability would have been much better with private.

  63. No one is proposing a plan similar to Canada or the UK, in fact they serve to teach us what does and does not work.

    I am sick of hearing people say we should fear waiting periods or delayed service. WE ALREADY HAVE WAITING PERIODS AND DELAYED SERVICE!

    Millions of Americans are denied services, dropped from insurance and end up deferring care until they are seriously ill!

    This is not an argument of us vs. them. We are them! Even if it's not specifically YOU!

  64. Hey - you guys should connected with the pride parade - you could have killed two birds with one stone.

  65. We have long waiting times now for doctors appointments and for procedures. Those people with no money and no insurance let their health deteriorate until it becomes a crisis and the cost of that falls back on the taxpayers. Our health care now costs us millions more than the English, French, Germans, Canada, Japan etc etc. Who makes out with our US system are the Insurance companies and for profit hospitals while many do not get care.

  66. I don't see people from the countries with gov't run health care systems rushing to the US to have care. But I am hearing about people who are going to foreign countries for major surgeries because it is less expensive for them to do so.

  67. Republicans and Democrats alike believe or system needs reform. This lingering problem cannot wait any longer. Let's come together and demand a good plan!

  68. 8:38

    Go to Green Bay,New York see the the folks from England and other counties with government controlled heath care who are hear so the can get treated faster here then at home.

    See The Racine Post become one huge free ad for this idea!

    Should this pass see the HUGE tax increases to pay for this. See the Government get this all wrong!

  69. Colt, the Republican alternative also costs billions.

  70. People here go to Canada and Mexico to buy their prescription medication because it is is so much cheaper. Many in the U.S. travel to other countries for major surgury because it is so much cheaper, even with the flight.

    We need reform.

  71. What a waste of time. Why not do something constructive like head over to the Lakeside Curative Services 5th Annuial Hot Dog Day event from 11:30 - 3:00. Bring the kids and see the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and the Klements Racing Sausages. All while donating to a good cause - $6.00per person.

  72. http://www.nasdaq.com/aspx/stock-market-news-story.aspx?storyid=200907151403dowjonesdjonline000758&title=centrist-dem-leaderhas-committee-votes-to-block-health-bill

    Obama care takes a hit!

  73. Anon 8:28

    Do both! Go have a hot dog and then stop by the forum to learn about healthly lifestyles

  74. If a healthcare proposal doesn't cut costs then send it back!

    That's why these conversations are important, and that is what the rally is all about.

  75. You can parade and talk all you want but it will have no inpact.

  76. That's why these conversations are important, and that is what the rally is all about.

    Sorry IMHO this is about "showing" there is massive support for Obama care when the polls are showing something else. If this should pass If it should and the public starts getting the bill and understanding what this truly means. The GOP will get the House back in 2010 and the White House in 2012.

  77. This is about showing there is support for reform, which is badly needed. Individuals at the rally may have specific plans or ideas they support. Even through this disagreement, we can agree on the common goal of reforming the system.

  78. Anon 9:12

    Sitting back and doing nothing has no impact. We must continue pressure for responsible reform of the health care system.

    It is hard, but worthy work. The easy thing to do is quit, but we need more from our representatives.

  79. Fine - get back to me this afternoon and tell me how today's event has changed anything. It's wasted time and breathe.

  80. Anon 9:32

    Anyone that has ever done anything to change something has been told the same.

  81. Anon 9:32 - I'll be waiting after lunch to hear what has changed as a result of this event. Please be prepared to give precise details of the change.