July 14, 2009

North side church hopes for discount to use Horlick Field

Children from Iglesia Canaan attended Monday's Personnel and Finance Committee meeting.

A local church may get a discount to use Horlick Field for an event the hope will reduce crime and other negative activities in the area.

Iglesia Canaan, 1119 Kewaunee St., is hoping to use the field Aug. 21-22 for music, speakers and other events. Church officials estimated 150-200 people would attend.

The church, which brought about 25 children to the committee hearing, appeared before the Personnel and Finance Committee Monday hoping to get the fee for use of Horlick Field waived. The field costs $1,271 per day to rent for events.

The committee was reluctant to waive the entire fee and tried to steer the church towawrd a second site, Douglas Park, which costs less to rent. Church officials initially said Douglas Park was acceptable, but when pressed, said they would prefer Horlick Field because of the nearby parking and safer setting.

The committee then voted to charge Iglesia Canaan a one-day fee for the two-day event. If approved by the City Council, the church would have the field all-day Friday, but only in the morning on Sunday because of a football game that night.

Alderman Q.A. Shakoor II said Iglesia Canaan's efforts were "commendable." He said it was important for faith-based organizations to get involved in their neighborhoods to reduce crime and improve the quality of life.

The reduced fee now moves to the full council for consideration. The proposal could run into opposition, committee members warned the church. Some alderman oppose reducing city fees and could object to cutting the Horlick Field rental cost in half.

Iglesia Canaan was represented at the meeting by Mildred Cordova and the Rev. Olla Rios.


  1. Curious. What was the vote on this item. 4-0?

  2. Good people. Good intentions. Good for our community.

  3. there are many good people with good intentions (who desides ?)
    if you do it for one you have to it for all !!

  4. Are the gangs invited?

  5. Anonymous 2:27, that's exactly what I was thinking. If we give a discount to one group, however good their intentions may be, don't we have to give it to every group? Whether it's because of non-profit status, religion, or ethnicity, everyone will now want a discount. I'm getting tired of people in this city giving people handouts whenever they start crying poverty.

  6. Perhaps no one else has asked. You don't get what you don't ask for.

  7. I imagine there will be police on overtime, too.
    We already have youth initiatives in the city. No discount for self appointed crusaders from this taxpayer!

  8. The above comment regarding police overtime is an assumption. You based your decision regarding whether or not a discount should be granted on an assumption? Taxpayer? yes Informed taxpayer? Perhaps not so much

  9. Good for them taking their own time to organize an event like this. My suggestion would be they start out smaller, a one day event. Then build if it's successful. As for the location, Douglas Park seems like a fine alternative and don't really understand their reasoning behind declining that. As for the fees, the city should be allowed to waive or reduce fees for groups that are trying to involve youth and communities in positive experiences (provided there's no hidden agenda). The same people that whine about giving "hand-outs" are probably the same people who whine about the crime and gangs. Gangs are formed by often poor, often abused, kids looking to be supported and to belong (the case of bad attention is better than no attention). Give them other opportunities at a young age and you may be surprised at the difference it makes.

  10. Greetings 7/15/2009 7:23 AM,
    I'm baffled by your reasoning. I pointed out that there could easily be costs above and beyond the rental discount (does the rental charge include security costs?). I thought the use of the word "crusaders" would indicate my distaste for asking me to contribute to a church function. I'm already contributing to the religious activity of churches by subsidizing them through their tax loopholes.