July 14, 2009

If your budget says no to a vacation -- try Racine!

If your budget says no to a vacation... what to do?

That's the question asked by Chicago ABC-7 TV host Janet Davies on July 5. Mark Nilsson, her reporter on the program 190 North, answered it with ... "Racine, a great little getaway with something for everyone."

In a four-minute video report, Nilsson visits North Beach for volleyball, feeds the budgies at the Racine Zoo, samples kringle at Larsen's Bakery, takes in RAM's Dillinger exhibit, eats pizza at Salute and samples Chimay Ale at Shillings. He raves about the city.

We don't find this strange at all. Over the years we've run into hundreds of new visitors to Racine who love our community -- and hundreds of long-time residents who never take advantage of all that's here, preferring to ... well, whine on the blogs.

Which are you? When's the last time you did all (or any!) of the things Nilsson did? Did you watch the Dragon Boat Festival and races last weekend? Did you go to the Monument Square art fair? Music at the Monument, Music & More? Have you seen Honky Tonk Angels at the Theatre Guild yet? (It's been a virtual sellout, but they've just scheduled an extra July 26 matinee.) A Raiders game? BONK!? Gallery Night and First Fridays? Music for the Halibut? RAM or the Wustum Museum? The Racine Symphony?

Trust me: There's so much good stuff going on in Racine, if you just tried to sample the best of it, you wouldn't have time to complain. Here, watch ABC-7's video about Racine and then plan a trip here. You won't regret it!


  1. Racine has a lot to offer. People just need to be reminded every once in a while. Thanks Pete.

  2. You guys better shut off the comments on this one before the whiners get here and ruin it. I shudder at the thought of potential tourists reading the blogs on here and the JT before they make a decision about visiting.

  3. Heather in Caledonia7/15/2009 8:01 AM

    I love that there are so many things to do around town. Just wish I had more time to do them. Maybe if I could hire someone to do my yardwork, housework and afford someone to make repairs on my home, I would have the time. :) Ahhh... to be wealthy!

    We did have the time to take the kids to Jo-Don Farms in Caledonia off of 5 Mile Rd. last week. Great place for an hour of fun. (jodonfarms.com)

  4. There a lot to do and see around the City thanks to Dave/Crew at RCVCB!
    I think the very best place is the West Racine Farmer's Market and the one at State and Douglass.
    Downtown check out The hat store and Sheepish.
    The London Broil is the best place for a good mail in the city.
    Park 6 and Brass Money for a drink or 6 (Tell Todd at the Brass Money he rocks)

  5. This city has a lot of great things going on and it's nice to see it get this positive coverage.

  6. ANOTHER ,GREAT job by Dave & staff of RCCVB !!

  7. Orbs - where are you on this - you must have some negative comment you can make.

  8. Bought my first home in Racine in 1971 and graduated from St. Luke's school of nursing. Lived here for 7 years After living many different places over past 35 years find myself back here-complete circle-same zip code! My son, daughter-in-law and 3 sons drove from Maine this month so that his boys could enjoy the parade that he remembered from the 70's.
    What a joy it is to discover so many new improvements to this city (downtown, North Beach, marina, etc.) as well as remember my favorite haunts (Wells Bros., zoo, etc.). As a retiree, I hope to give back to this city as it gave so much to me as a young mother and nurse starting out.
    My only disappointment since moving back was the loss of the old historic firehouse downtown last year to Journal Times.

  9. racine has a lot to offer?

    i bet that guy was on some mad weed

  10. YES... Racine does have a lot to offer and can be a great place if you just take advantage of it.

    If you've never lived elsewhere, it's difficult to appreciate all the resources this city has to offer.

    If we can fix our school system & clean up the crime problems; property values will soar and the demand for real estate will climb!