May 1, 2009

Turner praises committee's vote on KRM

In today's No-Surprise Department, State Rep. Bob Turner, D-Racine, expressed support for the Joint Finance Committee's approval early this morning -- middle of the night, actually -- of a KRM Authority funded by a $16 tax on rental cars.

“I think it is a win-win situation for Racine in that we will see the KRM project realized without the imposition of a sales tax increase in Racine County,” Turner said.

“I am extremely happy that this compromise has been negotiated under the leadership of Finance Committee members John Lehman and Cory Mason,” said Turner. “I will do my best to convince my colleagues in the Assembly that this is a workable and fair way to fund commuter rail in Southeast Wisconsin. I have great hopes for the future of this project.”

The proposal was engineered by State Sen. John Lehman, D-Racine and passed on a party-line vote in the Democrat-controlled committee. And Lehman and Mason have endorsed Turner for mayor in next Tuesday's election.


  1. I support it to, but I'm just a voter who will be voting for John Dickert for mayor.

  2. Hopefully Rep. Turner's comments on the RTA/KRM aren't an indication of his knowledge on being Mayor of the City of Racine.

    The action by Senator Leyman virtually guarantees denial of Federal funding for KRM. Even if funding were approved, Lehman's granting of veto proof control of KRM to the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County leaves Racine and Kenosha Counties powerless.With rental car fees to be used for KRM, he leaves no provisions for shoring up Racine and Kenosha's failing bus systems.

    And finally,Lehman's actions removing appointment authority from the Executives of Racine and Milwaukee County, takes partisan politics to a new low. (McReynold's having the temerity to oppose Lehman in the last senate race, and Walker running against Doyle)

  3. Pete, your comment of Lehman having "Engineered" this proposal is an insult to all the professional, dedicated individuals who work hard to make this a better world. Perhaps "written or composed" would have been a better choice.

  4. Turner - you two-faced sack of crap. You just endorsed the plan that might have buried KRM. You're perpetuating this fake solution by putting your weight behind it. You know damn well what this means, and yet you have the guts to sit in front of forum after forum and lie to the people of Racine that you support KRM?

    If you had any stones at all you would come out and express your disappointment. But you won't do that because you are officially a party tool. You have no original thought, and certainly proved that you have nothing to offer this city.

    No you certainly don't. You support your buddies, not Racine.

    My God, how much more worthless could you possibly be? Thanks for your 30 years of experience, Bob. Thanks for stepping up to the plate on this one. I'm glad you'll be putting this 30 years of experience to work for Racine. You know, experience isn't always good if you are constantly failing.

    How stupid do you think we are Turner? Everyone knows, or will so very soon, that this solution is completely fake!

    Where is your leadership? What the hell are you doing?

    Democrats - wake up! These idiots are walking all over us and using the Democrat name to do it.

    Enough is enough!

  5. Urban Pioneer5/01/2009 2:13 PM

    Looks like the convenient access to KRM for Chrysler workers in Kenosha wasn't enough to keep the Kenosha Engine Plant from closing. And all those little shops and coffee shops and Bakeries around the Metra station will have to close now. Oh wait that's a Jail and Police Station..Never mind...

  6. Anon 1:58 -- Lots of synonyms come to mind; no offense to actual engineers was intended.

  7. The Democrat Party in Racine officially died today with a resounding finger flip to the citizens of Racine by Turner, Mason and Lehman.

  8. Here's your chance Dickert. Take Turner down on this issue. Call him out for what it is.

  9. Wow, first Lehman, then Mason, and now Turner. This is more than I can bear. Bob, I'm not sure you grasp what the Lehman plan will do to KRM/RTA. (Here, I'll spell it our for you: SUNK!) If this project moves forward before Lehman is up for reelection, there is a CHANCE I will vote for his reelection. IF NOT...... But I will definitely vote for Dickert and hold firmly to the hope that he will be the next mayor of Racine.

  10. I never thought I would see the day when Democrats brought down KRM!

    Yeah, I said it....Democrats!

    Lehman, Mason and Turner. The Three Amigos. The problem is nobody knows who they are actually friends of besides each other.

  11. Anon 3:30

    Oh, Bob knows what this really meant but he is covering up for his friends. Good old boy network at work again and we all get screwed.

    Is it a surprise that Lehman and Mason both endorsed Turner?

  12. Pete, re: the "Engineer" comment.

    Just poke from an old Harley buddy.

    "All is forgiven"

  13. Didn't Pete Karas endorse Turner as well? I wonder what he thinks about this whole KRM mess?

    I think someone needs to ask him the question too.

  14. I love the Dems in Racine and how KRM self destrucked all KRM had to do is put this up for a vote, but instead chose to ram rod this whole thing.
    Thank You KRM Thank You Dems Thank You thank you.

  15. Interesting Colt.....

    Hmmm....I wonder if a referendum could override what these morons just did? Maybe we can save this puppy still.

    I'd take you up on that challenge Colt. The public would, in fact, vote yes to KRM. I agree, this should have been a referendum to begin with.

  16. Doesn't Dickert also support KRM??

  17. Dickert does support KRM, but he was not endorsed by Mason and Lehman (also known as Democrat impostors) like Turner was.

    Dickert should call them all out and lead on this issue. The good old boy network already kicked Dickert to the curb. Time to kick back John. Take up the reins and call out these failed politicians.

    Don't let these idiots try to fool everyone with their fake solution. Including Turner that endorsed what could be the death nail and then congratulated them for it.

  18. Look where Turner has gotten us here in Racine by his representation in Madison... NOWHERE!I think his mental health status should be evaluated in all seriousness.....Can you imagine having to listen and try to decipher just what the hell this guy is saying as our mayor?! No way in hell will Turner get my vote! What is he like 80yrs old anyhow? It's time for NEW blood and NEW representation! Turner has had his chance over the last 29 years and failed us miserably!

  19. I am voting for Turner. Your nasty personal attacks are out of place in this campaign. I do nor hear Dickert saying such things, only his supporters!

  20. :04 I think the public would have voted no that's what KRM did not want a vote, but yes we should had a vote and had that discussion.

  21. Interested in an effort to recall John Lehman for effectively killing KRM and betraying the best interest of his constituents?

    E-mail us at

    Check out our blog at

  22. Recall Lehman:

    Nice blog, I couldn't agree more. Good Luck!

  23. Biased Journalism5/02/2009 8:04 PM

    If Dickert supports KRM, why don't Dustin and Pete have a headline stating "Turner and Dickert support KRM"??? More BIASED journalism?? No, can't be. This is the Racine Post.

    You guys OOOOOze Dickert, which is fine.

    Just be "men" and admit it please.

  24. Dear Biased 8:04. There's a difference between supporting KRM and supporting JFC's plan for funding KRM.

    Turner issued a press release supporting the committee's proposal, and we told you about it.

    We have nothing to "admit."

  25. Pete - can you get a comment from Dickert about what transpired? I would be interested to hear his thoughts on this JFC plan.

    What he says might change my vote on Tuesday. I'm so upset with Lehman, Mason and now Turner.

  26. I wonder what the minority community thinks about Turner endorsing a plan that puts a death sentence on the BUS system?

    Lumpkin - are you listening? Are you out there?

    I think we start taking this story door to door, an block by block.