April 28, 2009

Mason endorses Turner's bid for mayor

Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, 62nd District, endorsed fellow State Rep. Bob Turner for mayor today.

“I have seen first-hand how Rep. Turner’s leadership has benefited the Racine community,” Mason said. “Bob’s experience as chair of the I-94 labor development committee will help bring thousands of jobs to the area.” Mason and Turner serve together on the Department of Transportation’s I-94 Labor Development Committee, which has been working to ensure Racine residents have the training they need to be hired for the project.

“Bob Turner will know what to ask of his Legislative colleagues for the benefit of Racine,” Mason said. “Racine doesn’t have the luxury of a mayoral learning curve. Bob Turner has the experience of having served on the City Council and in the Legislature; he’ll be able to hit the ground running on day one.”

Turner represents the 61st Assembly District. The special election for Racine mayor will be held on May 5. Turner is opposed by John Dickert, and write-in candidate Jody Harding.


  1. How can Mason say that Turner will "be able to hit the ground running on day one"??? More like "month 2 or more" since Turner has already said he will keep his state rep seat until the budget is finished. Which means if he's elected mayor, we won't see him around Racine until July, August, or September.

  2. Rep. Cory Mason? I rather have Jeff Dalmer

  3. downtown_racine4/28/2009 8:37 PM

    Racine would be further ahead if they both went to Madison and stayed there.

  4. “I have seen first-hand how Rep. Turner’s leadership has benefited the Racine community,”

    Fantastic! Someone who can finally tell us what Bob Turner has done for Racine!

  5. Good old boy network alive and well. Mason has bowed at the feet of Turner. I just wonder how many times he kissed his ace on the way down.

    If Dickert was the State Rep, Mason would be saying something like "Racine needs new blood and someone that actually has ideas. John is the perfect man for the job in these tough times."

    *cashes party check*

  6. In other news...

    The sun came up...

    Kringle is tasty.

    The Cubs still suck.

  7. Can we say that the establishment of the Democratic Party is running scared?

  8. Mr. Turner has my vote. Vote Turner !!

  9. I'm a Democrat and always have been. I've supported Mason and Lehman with my time and my money.

    Two Democrats running for Mayor means we already won. I am disappointed that these two don't realize that many of their past supporters also support Dickert.

    They're doing because they're afraid of Labor and that's how the machine works. But it doesn't work so well without contributions. No more checks from me. Maybe Turner will write you a check John and Cory, just like he did with Oliver and his paid volunteers.

  10. Yeah, I agree with the last post. Mason and Lehman are endorsing Turner because they are afraid of the unions. They shouldn't be, because I don't believe they are the huge force in Racine they'd like to think they are.

    Can't a person like Mason and Lehman just endorse the person they truly feel is best? Why does everything have to be such a political game?

    Things like this make me hate politics.

  11. Mason and Lehman only do what the Governor wants like any good lap dog.

  12. Does Cory even live in Racine? Why does someone who lives in Madison care about who are Mayor is?

  13. I am voting for Mr. Turner. Not because he is a democratic , rather because he is a good person with a lot of public service experience.

    I know what he has done for the city as as a council member and a legislator. I do not need his opponent spreading nasty rumors and misleading statements.

  14. Can I apply for this job too?

    I want make $75K a year to nod and smile when Mason and Leman point and say, “gimmie”

  15. Bob Turner said last week he has his "fingerprints" on everything that has happened in Racine in the last few decades. With the current state of our city, that should not be a boast, but Turner doesn't get that. He also said he's been so involved with commuter rail for so many years it should be called "Turner KRM". Except we don't have commuter rail Bob!

    Supporters say he's done so much, but no one says what. He's never authored a single piece of legislation!

    Why is he paying people to volunteer? Why is he hiring vans and drivers?

    Everyone is quick to say he's such a nice guy. I've been around him dozens of times, he's not even very nice! We really need something better, the Mayor's job isn't a retirement prize. Let's just all buy him a watch and vote for Dickert.

  16. Anon 10:17...

    "I do not need his opponent spreading nasty rumors and misleading statements." I am curious, what has been said? What rumors or misleading statements?

    Did John Dickert pay 10K to a "volunteer" to drive places? Nope.
    Money doesn't make bricks and emails go away...too bad those who can make a change don't do anything about it.

    Anon 12:44, I agree with you 100%

    This makes me hate politics.

  17. Why would the rantings of a former staff member make any difference when good people would only be dragged down?

    This race should be about issues, not innuendo.

  18. We had 11 choices and now we are supposed to choose Dickert or Turner? Pathetic. Mason is just a lap dog, agreed. I am writing in JODY.

  19. Anyone who hires people to do knock and drags does not deserve to be mayor. Especially knock and drags by the likes of Craig Oliver - Good God. I can only imagine the things that went on during election day.

  20. Two questions for each candidate, or a campaign staff member, campaign volunteer, or a supporter, an aswer from somebody will be appreciated. 1) For Mr. Dickert's campaign, Can you give specific information on the $28 million in development that you claim you brought to Racine? Any specific info on the 10 year plan for making Racine a "Top Ten" City?
    2) Mr. Turner, What specific contributions have you made to the City of Racine in your 28 years as an Alderman? What specific legislation have you been involved with in Madison, that has benefited Racine? 3) Ms.Harding, What do you feel you bring to the citizens of Racine, as a relative newcomer to Racine yourself, that will deal with long term issues? Do you feel because you are a CPA, that you would have an advantage
    as Mayor?

  21. Mason and Turner only care about union jobs, and raising taxes on non-union businesses. Turner is for part of Racine, and the rest can move out for all he cares. Racine is full of conservatives that are not currently being represented. Dickert understands that we need jobs, and a strong education system to support these jobs. They all need to end the KRM however.