April 30, 2009

Helding endorses Dickert for mayor

Alderman Greg Helding endorsed John Dickert for mayor on Thursday. A mayoral candidate himself, Helding said he owed it to his supporters to choose between Dickert and Bob Turner before the May 5 special election.

Here's the letter Helding wrote explaining his position:
Racine has an important decision to make on May 5. As an Alderman and former mayoral candidate, I just can’t “sit this one out”. I owe it to my supporters and the citizens of Racine to get off the fence. I am endorsing John Dickert for Mayor of Racine.

I believe that we the people of Racine should choose our next Mayor and not have the choice dictated to us by the power brokers in Madison. I don’t have the backing of well-financed labor unions and I don’t have influence with people in the backrooms of the Capitol. I’m just a voice for Racine encouraging everyone who voted for me in the primary to cast their general election ballot for John Dickert.

Racine is facing some real challenges and we have a lot of work to do. Racine needs someone at the helm who is dedicated to being Mayor. We need someone who is ready to start working for us now, not in September when the state budget is completed. On May 5, please vote John Dickert for Mayor.

Greg Helding
11th District Alderman


  1. this is perfect. a republican endorses an 'economic development' democrat, which is really a republican anyway.

  2. Republican, Democrat, as long as they throw money at him I bet Dickert will do what they want.

  3. One loser supporting another loser, even if he wins

  4. Helding was a stronger candidate than Turner. Just not as well connected with the boys in Madison and the labor unions.

    Vote Dickert!

  5. investigate Dickert's suspicious purchase of prime real estate along state street rail station, you'll discover why he is a staunch supporter of KRM.

    Dickert claims to have created jobs in Racine. How?

  6. Guess the Turner campaign wasn't busy on Thursday night.

  7. This is a good example of how Dickert, even though he's a Democrat, is able to work with people from all political perspectives. Enough of the dirty politics in Racine - especially coming from the members of Dickert's own party; as Helding said, we have a lot of work to do, so let's elect the person who's dedicated to being Mayor.

  8. "as Helding said, we have a lot of work to do, so let's elect the person who's dedicated to being Mayor."

    That would be Jody.

    Dickert = Becker+Slum Developers+$$$

  9. Jody is dedicated to being a sourpuss.

  10. Jody will not run around on a shopping spree with our tax dollars like those other two candidates will. We can spend the money far wiser than both of those guys. Write in Jody for Mayor.

  11. Wake up Jody backers. There are TWO viable choices for mayor. If you write-in Jody it will be the same as voting for Turner because he has the strength of Madison and the unions behind him. So if you don't want Turner as mayor, DO NOT write in Jody. Vote Dickert! If you are fine with Turner as mayor, then do as you wish.

  12. Anon 3:36 There is no difference between Turner and Dickert politically, if Dickert wins this time..Dickert will have the Union Thugs in the next round. These are both great men, but there just wrong on policy.

    Dickert has some pretend 10 year plan, Turner has no plan at all..The only thing both are in favor of is begging Madison and Washington for money..and building a silly choo Choo so they can go to the Ribbon cutting ceremony!
    No fiscal control offered by either one of them..So if you think we need to take control of spending RIGHT NOW, vote for Jody, and don't "Throw away" your vote on either of the Boys.
    Give Jody 2 years..If she's lousy or she lies..then throw her out and then give the Boys a shot..If Jody lives up to her promise to keep spending under control..then re-elect her to a full term..

    This is one of those unique situations where great people like Scott Walker and other responsible candidates can slip thru and improve the entire community.

    What do u have to lose?? Write In Jody on Tuesday May 5th.

    Write-in, Right ON, Right NOW!!

  13. Downtowner, Dickert is not a 'great man', he may be a good man, at best.

  14. Wow! I think the alleged suspicious purchase of prime real estate along State Street rail station needs to be looked into. Conflict of interest? Dickert KRM: Krugerands, Rands, Marks?? (money)???

  15. Restore Racine! Vote Jody!!

  16. Write-in's can be good for the soul.5/01/2009 8:15 PM

    Not interested in a mayor that has a ten year plan for all of us. Nikita Kruschev had one of those.
    Dickert has a plan on how we should be running our businesses, keeping our houses, living our lives.
    Jody’s only “ten year plan” is for government. Not for people and private property. Her plan seems to be Make Government Smaller. Sounds pretty good to me.
    The Dickert-Helding combination at City Hall will cost us plenty. Does anyone know of a politician’s Ten Year Plan that worked? Plans like that just make government bigger.
    I will write in Jody, thank you.

  17. Mickey Mouse for Mayor5/01/2009 8:35 PM

    Helding was in fact Becker's lap dog. Becker allegedly is no longer friends with Dickert. Sorry, too close for comfort having yet another Becker kingdom.

    John Dickert would have been better off if Helding DID NOT endorse him.

    Who's next??

    Is Becker's other lap dog alderperson Jim Kaplan going to support Dickert also??

    If that happens, NO WAY am I voting Dickert, NO WAY.

    Too much funny business going on in this one horse town.

  18. I'm still undecided, but at least he made a choice. So that's 5? out of 15 council"ers" that have taken a stand. Are the others polishing their shoes so they can see what's behind them when they're kissing up to the new (anyone will do) mayor?

  19. I am still voting for Turner. I can not believe all the negative stuff on this blog. It is not coming from the candidates, only their supports.

    Vote Turner!!!

  20. Jody Harding & Goerge Meyer=Slum landLords

    Jody & George=Tweedledum & Tweedledum

    Jody plans on giving George Meyer the job held by Rick Heller

    Jody & George's Deregulation=trouble for me and you.

    No slum landlords for mayor!

  21. I was going to do a write in vote anyway. So I am glad I can vote for Jody.

    ....Typical of a Dickert voter. Everyone is a slumlord. Not everyone has millions of other people's money to just throw at a property. The city pays way too much for those substandard puzzle piece glorified trailer homes without the wheels. Are you so threatened by Jody that you sit up at night and fantasize about who she is going to give jobs to? I heard Turner wants to give Heller's job to Ivan the terrible, Dickert said he would give it to Vladimer Putin.

  22. I have not seen Jody Harding deny that she is getting rid of Heller and replacing him with George Meyer.

  23. Gee Moe, I haven't heard Jody say she is not going to cancel the Sunrise tomorrow either..

    How ridiculous is that comment. I've talked at length with Jody for Months..and I never heard her bring up Heller's name..not once. It's not a core of her campaign at all. she wants to get a grip on the budget..and bring some sanity back to the common council.

  24. eye guy you are more whacked then Jody. She is all over Heller on her blog. And are you calling the council insane? You have a very limited of knowledge of how things work if you think that council has as much control or influence as Harding thinks.

  25. Fiscally insane at all levels of Govt. Isn't too far off the mark Curly!