April 28, 2009

Dickert outraises Turner by $8,000 on latest campaign finance reports

John Dickert outraised Bob Turner by about $8,000 this month in their race to become the city's next mayor, according to campaign finance reports.

Dickert raised $19,860 from March 24 to April 20 compared to $11,065 for Turner over the same period. Both candidates have about $8,000 left to spend before the May 5 special election. (Click here for the candidates' primary finance reports).

In addition to raising more money than Turner, Dickert also had more individual donors. Dickert received contributions from 164 people in the last month compared to 63 individual donors for Turner.

Turner, though, received nearly $2,000 from political committees. He cashed in on his connections in the Assembly with donations from State Reps. Mike Sheridan ($600), Mark Pocan ($250), Pedro Colon ($100), Barbara Toles ($300) and Mark Richards ($250).

Turner also received donations from the Sheet Metal Workers PAC ($200) and IBEW Local Union 430 ($250).

Among Turner's donors include: Timothy O'Brien ($500), Alderman Ray DeHahn ($50), Dick Hinsman ($100), Catherine Lehman ($50), Alderman Ron Hart ($100), Kate Remington ($100), Dr. K B Turner ($500), Mark Freeman ($100), William Garvey ($100), Pat McManaway ($100), Karen Nelson ($150), Gary Vidian ($100), Fred Richmond ($100), Keith Evans ($100).

Gloria Turner also loaned the campaign $5,000.

Turner's campaign spent $18,771 from March 24 to April 24. Half of that total went to Craig Oliver for consulting fees, including one $5,000 payment. Oliver, who is no longer with the campaign, also received payments of $2,504, $625 and $875.

The campaign also paid the Insider News $450, the Racine Mirror $500, Walgreens $578 to print brochures, Accurate Printing in Kenosha $3,518 to print brochures and yard signs, Diamond Laser in Racine $2,985 for mail services.

Dickert's key contributors included:

Dennis Wiser ($100), Jeff Thielen ($100), Ted Hart ($100), Tamara Maddente ($100), Nancy Drott ($100), JoAnna Richard - Deputy Secretary of the Department of Workforce Development ($450), R. John Schacht ($100), Thomas Knabel ($100), Dixie Dickert ($500), Anne Knoll ($100), Jonathon Altenberg ($100), Joe Heim ($250), Rachel Kane ($250), Heidi Domanik ($200), Thomas Scoville ($750), Scott Paul ($100), Kimberli
Netzinger ($100), James Bolm ($300), Barry Altenberg ($325), Richard Hansen ($100), Holly Moore ($100), Paul Navratil ($100), Chip Brewer ($100), Alison Wittke ($100), Susan Liedel ($100), Glenn Lampark ($100), Matt DeHahn ($200), Brent Nance ($100), Dave Titus ($100), Peter Dickert ($100), Boyd Frederick ($100), Gary Wolfe ($100), Michael Wynhoff ($200), George Christenson ($100), Jerry Landmark ($100), Ray Leffler ($250), Erin Neal ($100), Robert Riegelman ($100), Doug Nicholson ($100), Sara Nicholson ($100), Anthony Totero ($150), Jerry Ranow ($100), Lynn Monroe ($500), Michael Michie ($100), S. John May ($100), James DeMatthew ($100), Anup Khullar ($200), Dan Cunninghman ($300), Lee Dickert ($100), Branko Brpa ($100), Carol Hansen ($100), Arthur Smith ($250), Richard Christensen ($100), Joey LeGath ($100), John Apple ($100), Mark Levine ($100), Kristin Cunningham ($200), Gurwant Kaleka ($800), Alderman Robert Mozol ($300), John Becker ($250), Anthony Rossi ($100), Joseph Karls ($200), Andra Nollendorfs ($100), Joel Borgardt ($100), Steven Johnson ($100), Tim Dickert ($100), Christopher Klose ($200), William Williams ($100), Sheila Constantine ($100), John Rogers ($200).

Dickert loaned his own campaign $4,000.

Dickert spent just less than $21,000 on his campaign in the last month and $26,249 this year.

So far he's repaid himself two a $4,000 loan, paid Misson Control in Mansfield Center, Conn. $9,965 for lit pieces, $1,000 to campaign manager Greg Bach, $633 to Staeck's Management for rent, $513 for a radio ad, $294 in postage and $250 to Buona Vita for a fundraiser.

Note: The Dickert campaign reported a clerical error on its campaign finance reports. Dickert took out one $4,000 loan and repaid it. The report, which has been corrected, said he repaid two loans.


  1. was that payment to Oliver to get him to shut up and go away?

  2. Dickert went to frickin' Connecticut to get his lit pieces printed and spent $10K??? Now that's a commitment to local business...

  3. Dickert is showing his true self. Its all about the $$.

  4. Anon 4:10 - You are absolutely right. Dickert should have given that money to some local thug to go away instead.

    What does Oliver know that’s worth nearly $10K in hush money?

  5. Man, you can really tell Turner has the Smiths on his campaign. ONLY raise money from other politicians, PAC’s and special interest groups. Pay off huge chunks of campaign money to the knock and drag types.

    Remember the tens of thousands of dollars Smith used to pay off Ghuari with for “Political Consulting and voter education?” with the promise of hundreds of thousands in CDBG money to follow.

    Same old same old.

    Turner = Smith

    To coin a phrase.

  6. Dicker = Becker + Stalin

  7. Turner is a Vietnam Veteran. He has my vote!

  8. John is cute, he has my vote !

  9. Graduated w/Dickert4/28/2009 5:34 PM

    I am sorry that John was not in Vietnam. He was only 7 in 1969.

  10. Wow that is a big list of supporters for Dickert. Alot of people believe in his campaign.

    Too bad the only people that gave to Turner are his madison political buddies.

  11. StopthemadnessNOW4/28/2009 5:55 PM

    Dickert has done a nice job in raising $$ from a broad base.

    It's comments like where his lit was printed that indicate what an uphill battle he has against the entrenched Dem Party establishment. In their defense, the Dems generally do a lot of good for urban areas like Racine. But their blind loyalty to a mediocre legislator (Turner) is a liability this time.

    For the record, I'm a volunteer in the Dickert campaign.

  12. Idiot Mozol gave Dickert $300.00 bucks??

    I'll be voting Turner simply based on this.

  13. I just found out where Turner's campaign money is going. I saw guys out lit dropping today for him....turns out Turner is PAYING these guys. He's apparently too lazy to do it himself....and can't get any volunteers.

  14. Craig Oliver was given over $9,000 by Turner to go away?

    If he cannot manage his money how can he manage the city's finances? Is he going to give my tax money to other people to go away?

  15. Turner paid Oliver $9000 for less than 1700 votes. I'd say the wrong guy is on the ballot...Player got played and Oliver got paid!


  16. West Side Willy4/28/2009 8:09 PM

    Turner IS paying people to drop literature and knock on doors. The kids don't even know his name and facts about the man. They said they are getting paid so they don't care. By the way StopThe Madness, did you see the JS Online article about how Racine is not considered a depressed area enough for stimulus funds? Did you know that Turners' office didn't fill out the proper surveys or provide documentation and support to show Racine was in need of these funds? This from our state rep. who wants to be mayor. He says he can bring money home.. BS...he had his chance with funds sitting on a silver platter and he blew it, didn't even try to get it done. I am so mad I could spit. I have never in my life seen a more lazy careless public servant. Perfect chance to actually help his people adn all he cares about is being Mayor, he doesn't care about doing the job. Ridiculous, shamefull. Bob Turner, GO AWAY!!! Please people, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, vote for John Dickert in this campaign. Turner will kill us. And somebody please run against Turner if he stays in the Assembly, we can't afford him any longer.

  17. That "Becker" name appears once again....Ewwwwwwwww

  18. Oh My God! This can't be true. I am a Turner supporter, well at least I was until now. This article says that half the money we gave went to Craig Oliver - who did nothing and caused an explosion at the campaign office. I can't believe this. Bob, is this true? Can somebody from the office please respond? I can't believe this. I am so disappointed and disilllusioned

  19. And at 7 y.o. he learned to fold a flag, what a great American.

  20. Racine has to have bad water. That is the only way I think we keep electing the dems to power all a bunch on nuts

  21. I thought Turner did not have much money? Who is paying for the literature drops? Are they working with the campaign?

  22. Advancing Wisconsin is looking for ::

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  23. You gotta be kidding me. They’re HIRING volunteers? Is ANY part of the Turner campaign originating in Racine?

    Other than Craig Oliver I mean.

    Why the HELL are the special interests in Madison so intent on buying this election?

  24. Well- Well- Well!!!! I was not around the last time that Bob ran against Dickert, but I heard that there was lying and spreading misinformation for political gain. It is starting to raise it's ugly head again. I believe the community rose above it the last time and will again. The majority of these post are lies coming from the Dickert camp and John has the nerve to tell someone to play fair. Well John tell your cronies on this blog to stop with the lies. It is apparent that it is desparation time.Desperate People do Desperate things. What else John, leave all the messy garbage alone, this is so-o-o-o-o-o predictable or like you asked Bob to do, TELL YOUR PEOPLE TO STOP!!

  25. West Side Willy speaks with fork tongue. In other words he tells lies. He evidently takes after John Dickert in the lies department. It is so amazing how the people just come up to this blog and say some of anything that they think will breed contempt and divisiveness. Get a life and John if he works for you fire him!!!!!

  26. Good one Flip! Hmmmm, why would Madison want Turner? Is that a real question? Then, they'll own Racine too!

  27. Hey Anon 11:08 & 11:14,

    How much is Turner paying you an hour to blog?

    9 grand to Oliver. Paid volunteers. I've volunteering for the wrong candidates.

    $11 an hour sounds pretty sweet. So listen up vote Burner, I mean Turner!

    Can I get paid now Bob?

  28. TaxedTooMuch4/29/2009 12:23 AM

    Hasn't anyone been paying attention? BOTH of these guys are democrats! Both are liberal tax-and-spenders. Neither of them care about the people of Racine.

    If you recall, Turner wanted to hold TWO positions (State Rep. AND Mayor of Racine) and was boasting about getting 2 pensions! Dickert has a 10 year plan for Racine that he can't expound on. His only 10 year plan is to keep getting elected for the next 10 years so he can then have the "experience" to move up to state or federal office. Dickert is ethically challenged and Turner is an ineffective dolt. Why vote for either one?

    I see only 1 real choice, and that's to do the write-in thing for Jody Harding.

  29. Can I get a job at Point Blue, oh failed development! Can I get a job at Riiverbend, oh foreclosed ould someone property! Would someone please tell me what or where is the successful development is at? 10 year plan? 28 million in development? Who is we that you always refer to in your rhetorical statements? No one in the press holds this guy accountable. What we do know for sure is that John and his wife have a vivid imagination. Too many unanswered questions!!

  30. All you have to know is that Turner paid $9,000 to a the thug Craig Oliver. How is this not a story in the JT? The guy gets half the campaign's earnings, then jets...

  31. Somebody should tell Jody that since she is still officially campaigning, she needs to file that report.

  32. It still amazes me how stupid people are in Racine. I mean all the questions regarding what Turner has done to improve our lives in the 29 years of government service AND STILL NOT ONE ANSWER! This is embarressing. The guy speaks and looks foolish at all the forums, I mean has anyone seen the forums?

  33. Be nice. Bob's tired.

    And he really REALLY wants to retire in a couple of years, after, of course, making sure that his last year of working salary is a Mayor’s salary as opposed to an Assembly Rep salary so he can live that much fatter off the land for the rest of his life.

    So I think we should vote for him so he can double his government retirement after warming the Mayor’s seat for two years.

  34. Stop the Madness said:
    "the Dems generally do a lot of good for urban areas like Racine."

    Are you Mad, Madness? Lets look at every area of the US that the Dems control? Detroit, New Orleans, Washington DC, Philadelphia, South side of Chicago, I could go on and on.. Every major economic DISASTER in our Country is controlled by Dems and has been for years!!!
    Benton Harbour vs. St. Joes, Mich. One city is beautiful and prosperous, the other 1 Mile north looks like Hiroshima after the Bomb. Dems control Benton Harbour; Repub's control St. Joes!

    Racine and Kenosha are very similar. Let's have Racine be the Lower Tax successful city!

    Dickert and Turner are the Same..Vote For Jody, Write her in and let's make Racine a Better place. Jodyformayor.com

  35. Both Turner and Dickert for mayor would be a mistake. Write in Jody.

  36. You won't see payoffs and waste in Jody's campaign report.

  37. I witnessed the debate last week, and now need someone to explain to me how anyone who cares about Racine could possibly vote for Turner; seriously! There are some friends and respected people in his camp. I see signs of entrenched political machinery and personal political gains as part of the explanation.

    This position requires continual marketing to commercial and public sources, and if you witnessed 10 minutes of the debate you would have to agree, Dickert is the man for the job.

    Turner was asked point blank--twice--if he could name any substantial successes from his career in the state assembly and the opnly thing he could come up with was his claim that he was the first to champion KRM;further,that it should bear his name.

    I think he wants this important job
    for a feather in his cap. Why do you like him? What do you see in him? There is no sense of having a plan; just business as usual. If you care about Racine, vote for Dickert.

  38. I find it funny that even the Turner supporters can't even name one or two things that Turner has done during his 28 years serving us in Racine... What a joke! After watching the forum on CAR25 I can't imagine anyone in their right mind voting for Turner....If anything we need to vote him out of office in Madison immediatly...

  39. Fred Flintstone4/29/2009 3:43 PM

    A vote for Dickert is voting for West Racine Slum projects and cronyism, a vote for Turner is like a vote for the last gasp of an old war horse.
    Vote Jody

  40. Turner states he will dump the City Admin. position saving this nearly bankrupt city 100K+ with benefits yearly.

    On this alone, I am voting Turner.

    If Dickert would promise this, I would vote for him instead.

  41. Can anyone in here tell me if it is illegal for a campaign worker to put a campaign pamphlet INSIDE my mailbox?? The pamphlet was NOT mailed through the US Post Office.

    Let me know.

  42. Anon, 5:10: Yes, it is illegal. Just Google "illegal use of mailbox" or go HERE

  43. Anon 5:08 Jody was the First to call for elimination of the City Administrator..If you really care about Govt. waste at our Local level VOTE for Jody next Tuesday. Turner has never voted against any significant spending that he or anyone else can point to. John Dickert's resume is one Govt. subsidized "Project" after the other..More "affordable" housing, (Read Low income). And Turner has been the Representative of the "Low income" residents who just keep demanding more hand outs. The same people are the chronically unemployed...u notice how Turners district has the HIGHEST unemployment in the State for nearly his ENTIRE Assembly Career.

    Racine needs something better...
    Write in Jody for MAYOR!

  44. My guess is the payment to Oliver was for "getting out the vote" walking around money.

    Thats how the Smiths operate.