May 2, 2009

Kiwanians feed us pancakes for the 55th year

I didn't see her miss even once!

Pancakes and full stomachs as far as the eye could see.

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Racine held its 55th annual Pancake Day on Saturday -- actually, is still serving as I write this, and will be doing so until 5 p.m. at Festival Hall on Lake Michigan.

There are pancakes and sausages galore, juice and coffee, music and entertainment. Even a politician or two or three or four. I ran into John Dickert and Bob Turner, both finishing up their serving chores as I arrived (pols running for mayor get up much earlier than retired journalists!)

Still holding down the fort while I was there were Congressman Paul Ryan and Mayor Tom Friedel, on coffee duty, and State Sen. John Lehman, ably handing out sausages while answering questions about the KRM compromise he got through the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee barely 24 hours earlier, in the middle of Thursday night/Friday morning.

Postscript: The Kiwanis Club said Saturday night that they fed 6,857 people, according to the JT.

Here are some pictures:

Riley Lowrance, 16 mos., meets Mr. Pancake: Kiwanian James Snider,
who's been dressing up (down?) as a pancake for eight years

Festival Hall was the place for pancakes

McKinley School's Red Jazz Band entertained

Politicians doing "real" work: Congressman Paul Ryan...

...State Sen. John Lehman...

...and Mayor Tom Friedel.


  1. Did Lehman have a pancake before or after he laid an egg on KRM?

  2. Lehman should be ashamed to show his face.

  3. Too bad Lehman couldn't bring home the bacon for KRM. He left Racine holding their sausage.

  4. Hopefully no one there had to take the bus. Lehman would have told them to take a walk instead after abandoning the bus system in Racine with his RTA vote.