April 28, 2009

Notable numbers in the WKCEs

Pete took a closer look at Unified's WKCE results and came up with some interesting numbers. Here's his notes:
I see some standouts, but for everything that would make someone happy there's a corresponding ouch. For example:
  • Jerstad 3rd Grade gained 21 points in reading, to hit 79% proficient and advanced (1 pt over state avg.)
  • Red Apple 4th Grade lost 37 points in reading, to drop from 93% prof and advanced last year (well over state avg of 80) to 56.
  • Red Apple 5th gained 16 points in reading (from 74 to 90), but Giese dropped 18 points.
  • Wadewitz 3rd grade gained 22 points -- but that brought them from a district-wide low last year of 29 prof and advanced to 51, which is still below the state average of 75. Jefferson, which led the district last year with 88 (state avg. was 73) improved by 5 to 93 ... wow!
  • Actually, take a look at the Math 3rd grade: lot of good gains ... Schulte gained 35, going from 41 to 76, one over the state average.
  • Math 4th grades: All but two schools showed gains. Math 5th grades: all but 3 showed gains.

1 comment:

  1. All statistics usually show normal variations. The actual test scores could easily be reported, but the DPI spends big money to distort them. Putting the actual scores into general groups obscures differences, its like saying a 93 and a 99 are the same, they both are "A"s. Then they obscure them more by suggesting you can add the top two rankings to analyse change, which is absurd! If you got all "A"s one year and then got all "B"s the next year, they report that as no change!