April 30, 2009

Charon endorses Harding for mayor

Former mayoral candidate Jaimie Charon today endorsed write-in candidate Jody Harding in the May 5 election.

“With the election just days away, I wanted to let those who supported me in the primary know where I stand on the mayor’s contest,” Charon said. “I have had the opportunity to speak with Jody on the issues regarding Racine and the job at hand for the next mayor. With our similar position on KRM, the strong desire to help improve education and to be more fiscally conservative with taxpayers' money, I believe Jody Harding is the only candidate in this race that offers Racine our best options.”

According to Charon, who came in last in the primary, “We need and are asking for change in Racine – Jody is the person who will provide that change.”

Harding expressed her appreciation, saying “It isn’t easy to buck the trend and show support for a dark horse candidate.”

The election ballot pits Bob Turner against John Dickert; Harding, who came in 7th of 11 in the April 7 primary, has registered as an official write-in candidate.


  1. So the guy who finished last endorsed the one who finished 7th?

  2. Thanks Jaimie for standing up opposed to the KRM and in favor of the Taxpayers Wallet.. In a race with a few unknowns, you showed class and concern for the people of Racine.. The "Known" names and pretend moderates, Spangenberg, and Helding, drew energy away from both your candidacy's. Looking forward to your next campaign effort!!

  3. I, uh.....well.....yeah, wow.

    And did Jody Harding just basically say that it takes a lot of guts to support her? Why? She's guaranteed to hate you for it anyway.

    Charon heard the message loud and clear. Jody told him that this is a city choking in despair......a city that has an uneducated workforce that is chronically late to work......a place where the stupidity of its citizens is only dwarfed by businesses that still decide to operate here with our high tax rate and that still manage to hire the idiots that work here.

    Charon was like, yeah man this resonates with me.....I, myself, live here and am a moron. I have seen the light, I mean darkness of the Jody. Touch me with your sharp CPA pencil, let it fill me with the leadiness of your ideas and teach me the ways of the dark side of the force.

    I've always wanted to be a Sith Lord! Lord Hardingous, will you be my master?

    Lord Hardingous: Bow before me man with last name prounounced like a girl! You shall now be known as Darth Lastulous.

    Darth Lastulous: At last.....we will reveal ourselves to the liberals.

    Jody for Emperor!

    *que the weird breathing noise*

  4. Gee Anon 3:47, (A.k.a. Sheldon Cooper?) back away from the Wookie fumes!! And step away from the crack Pipe!

    Hmmmm: Let's see does Jody think that perhaps Racine is not a utopia?? We'll maybe she's just delusional..Maybe our High Schools don't have 37% drop-out rate.. Maybe we don't have a 16%, (or higher?) unemployment rate in the Central city, maybe our Common council does a great job of allowing businesses to open freely and bring new jobs to the city.. Just Maybe Jody is so delusional that she is in denial that our greatest physical asset is our Lakefront, and the supporting Downtown district, will resonate across the city.. Perhaps she should try the Naval gazing that seems to hold the Protest Marchers in their hypnotic state.

    Maybe we don't have an inner city Crime problem, and we could actually just lay-off half our Cops, since there is no problem. Gosh if Jody's delusional about the reality surrounding our Utopia..I hope she doesn't get the anti-dote.

    Racine has a lot of great things happening..increasing taxes on the citizens and businesses will not make it better; it will make it WORSE! JodyforMayor.com

    Control spending and Stall or stop the KRM.

    "Help us JODY won Knobie, you're our only hope!"

  5. I think people underestimate Charon. He may have started late and may not be a "career poloitician" liek some people seem to flock to even those they are so far detached from the community, but he has a good future. I know many people that voted based off name recognition and never attended the listening sessions, watched the coverage, or ready thier views. Yes, this is a small town and some people know alot of people, but my vote will not be based off how much money someone raised, how many signed they posted, because my neighbors say he is a nice person.

    - The stressed one -

  6. Well, well, well......

    Downtowner sounds like someone that can form complete sentences and express a thought. According to Emperor Harding you must not be from Racine! Surely, the uneducated, chronically late work force could not have concocted such a well written paragraph, let alone read the preceeding one!

    What strange lands are you from Downtowner? What do you know of this...outside world? Tell us again of the magical pencil and the many powers it possesses.

    Then again, you can't be from Racine. What kind of moron would hear Jody Harding bashing the city and the people currently living and working in it and then support this person? Are you sure you're real name isn't Outoftowner?

    Jody Harding's masterful political strategy to this point is to insult the voters and businesses that hire them. It seems her goal is to induce as much suicide as possible with her completely bleak outlook for Racine.

    Why are people supporting her? Oh yeah that's right.....She said tax cut....the sweet, sweet orgasmic sound that brings forth an ecstacy only match by the voice of Darth Limbaugh.

    I'm sure Emperor Jody is somewhere right now pinching her thumb and finger together trying to choke anyone with a positive thought through her Sith powers.

    Has anyone checked her closet? Does she have an abnormally large black robe that slightly covers the eyes?

    Is her campaign manager still alive or did she choke him out after his epic failure?

    Jody wants to save all of this tax money so she can build the Death Star, point it at Racine, and fire!

  7. I attended all the forums for the primary and heard it all. Jody was upfront and honest. I would rather here honesty and frankness than other that other PR nonsense. Those other politicians are thinking the same things or worse and not stating it. Look at how they bashed Helding because he wanted to tear down Jacoto drive apartments. I bet Dickert and Turner cannot wait to do it. They just won't say it aloud. Charon had the courage to put himself out there and run for office. He could have chosen any one to endorse. He endorses Jody. So do I.

  8. Read Jody's "website". She is bashing Helding for his Jacato Drive plan, too.

  9. I B Chillin'5/01/2009 8:27 PM

    Yo, anonoymous 3:47 PM and 5:15 PM - I want what you're smokin'

  10. Confused Voter5/02/2009 3:02 PM

    Jody Harding is delusional if she thinks she is going to win. Lets pick this apart:

    1. Harding says the voters were confused by so many candidates. How much credit does she give us. She has claimed all along that hers was the only "different" voice out there. The voters had, according to Harding, a real choice and they rejected it.

    2. Harding claims the present city council is chasing business away with their tax and spend habits but Harding opposes KRM-something our last major companies support. Will Harding drive away SC Johnson?

    3. Harding claims she was unknown but yet she entered the race one year before everyone else and was a frequent basher of the council.

    3. Harding claims that her experience as a CPA qualifies her to run a business. Was she the Chief Financial Officer for a major company or simply a bookkeeper or payroll clerk.

    4. Harding claims that her experience as a CPA qualifies her to run the city-how many employees has Harding supervised? None, nada, nil!

    5. Harding has no people skills-she will not be able to work with staff, the council and community partners because she will alienate them with her arrogance and know it all attitude.

    6. Harding plans to be Mayor, City Administrator, Finance Director and Human Resource Director (thus eliminating 3 key positions) while making George Meyer the Building Inspector.

    7. Harding claimed she was serious about this write in but to date I have seen no signs, no ads, no fliers, no robo calls. Instead I see Harding, Meyer and the downtown eye doctor blogging on the Racine Post about how great Jody is. Not a real serious campaign if you ask me but what do I know-I was confused during the primary.

    8. Jody has been less professional by claiming that people can even write in "crazy Jody" and it will still count. Not real swift-she even acknowldeges that the electorate (confused as they are) see her as a Kook!

    9. Jody is a slum landlord being backed by slum landlords. We need more owner occupied housing not a slum landlord for mayor. Why do you think she hates the unit-they make her clean up her rental units.

    What should Harding do if she is serious about public service:

    1. Get some community experience-start volunteering and serving on local boards.

    2. Seek appointment to a city committee

    3. Run for a lesser office like school board first.

    And better yet-move to Kenosha!

  11. oh and how well will Jody listen to the taxpayers? She opposes a handicap playground even though parents of handicapped children asked for it claiming that our streets our so unsafe, nobody is going to walk to the park and play on it.

    Real swift Harding. But after Tuesday, you can go away...

  12. I will exercise my right to vote on Tuesday and it won't be for Jody.

    I just can't forgive her for wanting to take away my rights as a U.S. Citizen by not allowing me to vote. Being poor and being an idiot do not necessarily go hand-and-hand...

  13. Fact's for Confused
    13% of the eligible voters, showed up in the primaries. 83% didn't vote for ANYONE. 2 1/2 months ago virtually no one knew who Jody was. I presume your coming from the "Dickert" camps since Turners people haven't bothered to attack Jody, and they should be the ones who fear her most.

    In my comments I have attempted to focus on what Jody will do and not attack the other candidates except to say that there is little difference between them and their respective policies. Both candidates see the solutions as Money from Washington or Madison. I'm sorry Mr Dickert didn't choose to take a more moderate or conservative tone in his post primary position I would've loved to have supported him. Perhaps next time we can find some issues we agree with.
    I love how you trashed Jody on every level because your afraid she'll shake things up at City Hall if she wins, and then invited her to leave town..That's the warm Wisconsin spirit..
    As for Crazy or Jody's resume..She is every bit as qualified to be the Mayor as either of these Guys. Neither of them is a CEO or an executive experience.

    I also enjoyed your other ideas that Jody should become embedded with some other committees so she can become one of the useful idiots that serve each other and support the GIGANTIC growth of the Govt. I supported Jody because she NOT one of those Bureaucratic Sheep!! I know others will agree.

    Good luck Racine you have a fantastic opportunity here to get our City under control Write in Jody!! TEA parties are just the start of the Velvet revolution!!

  14. another confused voter5/02/2009 9:37 PM

    Downtown Eye Guy-you never disputed Confused post because of the truth presented. Even worse is your contempt of men and women who serve our city on their time as commissioners and committee people. That is why Harding won't get elected dog catcher let alone Mayor.

  15. I cannot believe that Jody supporters are actually drinki her kool-aid.

  16. Downtown Eye Guy5/03/2009 11:43 AM

    Dear Confused and Another Confused. As for responding to all of your Points, Jody addresses each of those on her web site or in the interviews she has done. As for you "Outing" of me..I wasn't really hiding that much..Perhaps you should uncover yourselves. But whatever.
    Have I trashed or shown contempt for the men and woman who serve on council's etc. Not at all. My "Political opponents" are those people who get into office at all levels of Govt. and continue take away Liberties from the citizenry. Like for instance I feel like I should check my e-mail every morning to see if President Obama has Fired me yet!!

    Based on your appreciation of those serving Politicals. Shall we expect that your purpose of attacking Jody, and I is because you are supporting Turner?? Somehow I doubt that.. and yet he has much more of the service you are demanding that Jody Harding should have..and yet you are part of the Dickert Support group. (Not intended to imply that John Dickert or his team are the "confused Bloggers".

    For the past 3 weeks I have participated in, and monitored the assorted blogs and I can't recall a Turner voter taking a stab or a slam at Jody. I have in my commentary tried not to attack directly either of these fine men..I am only concerned about policy, and the taxpayers of our city in my commentary.

    Yes I do support Jody for Mayor and was open to having either of the primary candidates demonstrate to me some level of responsible governance, rather than more Doyle and Obama style spending and "feel goodism". I'm looking out for the best for the City I have invested EVERYTHING in, myself, my family and my business. I use my business to make Racine a better place, I support my fellow businesses in town every day that I can. So they can prosper, and I believe both John and Bob want the same thing, but spending money we don't have..and begging for other peoples money in Washington and Madison is wrong... 5000 other communities around the country are all looking to Washington and Their State capitals for other peoples money, It's all OUR money, there is no Other peoples money! As Confused as you may be you know that is a basic truth..