April 4, 2009

Straw Poll 4/4: The final push

The candidates are tired, the forums are over and the election is just four days away. Time for our last Straw Poll to gauge whether candidates can mobilize online support. Vote for your candidate in the upper right. As always, there's no scientific accuracy to the polls. Just a fun little exercise leading up to Tuesday's election. Good luck to the candidates!


  1. I don't know how anybody would vote for anyone other than Jim Spangenberg. Jim know how to run a business even in down times like we are in. Invest in Racine and Vote for Jim Spangenberg.

  2. It's been an interesting race so far. I would agree that voting for Spangenberg makes the most sense. We need someone who understands people, business and government. He seems to have proven himself on all three counts.

  3. Please don't be fooled by all the statements made by some of the canidates just to win a vote. Look closely at what each canidate has really done. After checking closely into many of their statements, I find some to be smooth talkers! Jim Spangenberg has stated only the facts. He is up front and honest! I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to him at a private gathering. He does have the knowledge, experience both in city government and business to be the first choice for mayor. He will represent us well.

  4. These negative statements typify the rudeness I have noticed in Spangenburg supporters. Reminds me of Jim Smith.

  5. When I lived in Spangenberg's district, I couldn't get him to return a phone call.

    My street was torn up and under construction for over five months, the contractor would go weeks without showing up, the city was giving me the run-around, and Spangenberg was missing in action.

    No thanks - He doesn't deserve to be mayor.

  6. I am a little confused by the previous two posts. To the poster at 6:13 - what did the previous 3 posts before yours say that is so negative or rude? I think Spangenberg has run a very clean, honest campaign and haven't seen anything rude or negative come from him or his campaign. Perhaps you can clarify. And to compare him to Jim Smith is laughable.

    To the poster at 6:20 - I have lived in Spangenberg's district the entire time he has been alderman and he has ALWAYS returned my calls. Do you have his correct number? If not, you can check the city's website - it is on there. I have neighbors and friends in the district as well, and Jim has always been very prompt about returning calls. He has done so much for West Racine and I know that he would do so much for the city. Jim has my vote.

  7. Greg is the only choice!

  8. Pete Karis is honest, up front, and has the experience to be the mayor of Racine. I can't say anything bad about the other candidates because I don't know them but I do know Pete and he is a get things done kind of guy.


  10. I think we should check out this Jaimie Charon guy. I think he has a good head on his shoulders and would be a fresh face as mayor. So many others in the race that had thier chance in some capacity and not much change... All good people though, but I'm tired of career politicians that lose touch with what the people/families really need, not just say it.

  11. Pete Karas is the best candidate. He realizes that it will take more than tax breaks to attract business. It will take a change in overall attitude. Cheaper energy can help too (support Brite Public Power). On crime, rather than demagague the issue,Pete has real ideas, including a crackdown on gun crimes here in Racine. Vote for Pete Karas on April 7th.

  12. Lets not stop with a power station. Lets have local government take over the gas utility, and gas stations. I think we should have cheaper gasoline. Heck, while we are at it lets start our own cable and internet service. Government is always does a better job in running operations then the private sector. Afterall, they have done a wonderful job of running Festival Park, the library, the community centers, the Water Utility, the Book Mobile and Laurel Clark Fountain.
    I am confident they can run something as simple as a power station.

  13. If Pete Karas is so honest, why is he supporting a sleezeball like Keith Fair? You are known by the people you hang out with and Keith Fair is one of the dirtiest politicians Racine has ever seen.

  14. Pete Karas should tell us how this public utility will work.

    1. We will have to buy WE Energies infrasture in Racine-how much will this cost.

    2. Where will we get our energy from? WE Energies? or are we going to build our own coal plant?

    3. Karas says his public utility will create 200-300 family supporting jobs. How? WE Energies doesnt employ that many in Racine.

    This is a boondoggle which will cost you and me plenty.

  15. Is it my imagination or is Mt. Pleasant resident Kim Plache been keeping a low profile. Haven't see or heard much from her except one mailing in which she is talking to a Mt. Pleasant Polic Officer. Probably her neighbor is Mt. Pleasant. How can you claim Racine is such a great place to live and raise a family but then move to Mt. Pleasant? And is she really living in that inner city flat she "rents" or is it just a ruse. I even heard mail sent there is returned.

  16. Spangenberger is no idependent. He is a very vocal democrat who has supported democrat candidates like mason, plache, obama, legman etc. Ask him which republican he ever voted for. he didnt because he is a staunch democrat.

  17. This came out from the Dickert Machine. As a sometime campaign volunteer, I can tell you this is no way to motivate people. Seems pretty desperate, actually.


    Dear Friends and Supporters of John Dickert

    We have 4 days before we determine the future of this city.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP this weekend and this coming Tuesday (election day)

    Please contact us RIGHT NOW if you can come in and volunteer to spread
    John's message of a LONG TERM, comprehensive plan to make Racine a "top ten
    city in ten years."

    CALL: 262-391-3206
    Email: gregsbach@gmail.com
    Stop In: 321 Main Street Saturday - Sunday ALL DAY

    Our campaign has been run independently and 'grass roots.' ALL of the other
    front runners in this race are counting on support from the organizations
    and special interest groups that are descending on Racine RIGHT NOW to take
    this election.

    If you want to see this city continue on as it has with more of the good old
    boys (or girls) passing government money off to their friends and making a
    lot of noise but accomplishing NOTHING, then, by all means, stay at home and
    look forward to two, four even six more years of wondering what the hell
    happened to your city.

    If you are sick and tired of Racine's 'Band-Aid' approach to its problems
    and short sighted vision, GET UP OFF YOUR BUTT and get down to headquarters

    With 11 candidates in the race, this election will VERY LIKELY be won or
    lost by TEN VOTES! Don't wake up next Wednesday morning wishing you had done
    something! DO IT!

    This is YOUR LAST CHANCE for the opportunity to look back 5 years from now,
    think with pride of the city in which you live, and you will HONESTLY be
    able to say to yourself, "I made a difference!"

    CALL: 262-391-3206
    Email: gregsbach@gmail.com
    Stop In: 321 Main Street Saturday - Sunday ALL DAY

    GO NOW!

    This email was approved by Mick Wynhoff, private citizen for John Dickert.

  18. That is bizzare. Shouting (all caps) and swearing in a campaign e-mail. Very classy.

  19. I'd vote for that Charon guy, but his brother (I think) lives near me, and he is a TOTAL tool!! No Thanks!

    Also, That Dickert tactic is pathetic.

  20. never never will i vote for spangy. worked with him years ago on the west racine committee. he can't do anything about that fly catching carpet shop next door. whay should i believe he will do anything for the city?

    pete is honest and upfront. yes in the begining we will be buying power but there are several utilites we can buy from WE is not the only electric company in the country.

    if you wonder how much it will cost maybe you can look into how much we overpay to get the ceo of WE an 8.3 million dollar 2008 paycheck. have you asked why it is to get power from a renewable soource like ind generation you have to pay 50% more for power? i know where that money came from.

  21. Pete has all the details on the public power proposal. All you have to do is ask him, that is, if you really want to know. The Public Service Commission requires, I believe, a 12% markup on our energy bill, over and above the actual cost of delivering the service. Let's start their with savings.

  22. What does "Spangy" have to do with the carpet shop? Explain yourself.

  23. As someone whose email somehow got on a lot of political lists, I get a lot of those emails close to election. Looks pretty typical to me.

    I guess if you want to complain about something you will find it in any email.

  24. Wow a campaign trying to get volunteers a weekend before an election. That is such a surprise...not. A machine?

    Since when is one volunteer a machine.


  25. Helding told me a lie yesterday. I asked him if he was at the LGBT event and he told me no.

    Racine does not need another 2-faced mayor.

  26. I can hardly believe that a campaign is trying to get its own supporters to volunteer. This has never happened before.

    Some of these posters need to take a trip to the real world every once in a while. It would do us all some good.

  27. bonnie sue:
    i am sure helding was not there. why do you think he was?

  28. Anon 6:32:
    I hate to get in the middle of your argument with Bonnie Sue, but if you'll just look at Dustin's pictures, you'll see one of Greg Helding at the LGBT Center opening. In full color.

    For whatever it's worth, he WAS there! Argue about something else.

  29. apparently helding was there. but i doubt he would deny it, and lie to you.

    never the less he went to this trash and he lost my vote.

  30. yeah i went back to the original article and saw my guess was in correct.
    Don't know that it is worth getting all CAPITAL letters and ! about pete.

  31. That's fine that the Dickert camp is sending out last minute emails. Lots of campaigns do that. The issue I have is that it claims that Dickert isn't taking money from special interest groups. Yeah, right. Dickert was a lobbyist. He is an experienced politician - do you really expect us to believe that he is running a "grassroots" campaign without any involvment from special interests?

  32. Anon 6:46 -

    Helding may have lost your vote, but he just earned mine. Anyone that is going to be the Mayor has to deal with all the people, not just people that you approve of.

    Should the Mayor boycott the opening of a center for pregnant teens? (they committed fornication) Many churches is town have vastly different beliefs. Should the Mayor refuse invitations from any of them because his or her religion is different?

    Our city is hurting big time. The Uptown area is full of blighted buildings. This group rescued one and will be bringing people past the businesses in the uptown. In a time when we are begging for any kind of development, a better question would be: "Where were the other candidates for Mayor?"

  33. Anon 8:07 - If Helding earned your vote b/c he was at the LGBT Center opening, there were other mayoral candidates there... Pete Karas, Kim Plache, Turner, Dickert...you have choices :)

  34. My vote is for Hill-Driver

  35. 1) Helding loses my vote by LYING about attending or not attending the LGBT opening.

    He'll say whatever he thinks you want to hear.

    2) Plache's Mt Pleasant home is ONE mile farther from City Hall than Dickert's home in North Bay. Calling her a carpetbagger is just another absurd tactic.

  36. "Jaba the Helding" was at the LGBT Center on Saturday. He was trying to make points with the director and other leaders of that group. He hasn't been around and certainly has shown no support to this group until now. He is a political opportunist and did not support the center in the beginning. Now he comes out and acts like he appreciates their efforts, what a joke, dishonest. At least make a stand and stick with it.

  37. Is a copy of the ballot available on the internet?

    I suppose the insert in is the JT (today?), but who pays for that nowadays.

  38. Urban Pioneer4/06/2009 11:26 AM

    Lots of silly minutia so far posted. Here's something solid..JODY Harding is the Best choice to control spending in Our city for the next 2 years. She will be willing to find ways to cut spending in every department..she is not a Politician. She's not looking for a "Stepping Stone" job. She just wants to bring her Sharp pencil to our City Hall and make Racine a better and less expensive City on the Lake, to bring more businesses and more middle to upper income residents to our City. THAT is exactly what will improve our overall City. She is in favour of looking at different plans than KRM which is just plain Silly. It would be so much cheaper and more efficient to just extend the METRA rather than build a separate Choo-choo line which will never live up to the hype.

    I spoke with Jim Spangenberg the other day and he was so pro-KRM it was ridiculous..He couldn't defend it, nor could he refute my facts related to every other similar choo-choo in the US.

    So I'm voting for Jody, lets just balance the budget, control spending and take a longer term look at the next "Train" that is planned for our city. We don't have to take the one being shoved down our throat now.

  39. Jody Harding is a nut-job. Plain and simple. A vote for Jody is a vote to send Racine over the edge into the dark ages.

  40. Mr. Dickert claims he's brought development to Racine. As a realtor he was put in the position to broker real estate deals through his relationship with our former mayor. Was it civic pride or money motivated?

    Mr. Karas went public with the idea for 'Bright Public Power' years ago with no follow through.
    The creation of jobs would be (light)years away.

    Mr. Helding's idea to demolish apts. on Jacato Drive was just poorly thought out and pandering to the emotions of others who don't think things through. We'd pay everyone, the good people who live there and the cockroaches, thousands each to relocate. And where would the ne'er do wells scurry to...?

    Mr. Turner's plan would have his underling from Madison accompany him to Racine and serve as his assistant/deputy mayor. Who'd be running the show?

    And where do Mr. Dickert, Ms. Plache and Ms. Harding get off picturing the city as needing a total do over? Their ideas are to do budgeting like they do in Madison (Is that a really good idea?) or cut taxes until we bleed. Taxes go, jobs go, services go.

  41. Long before this special election was needed, I had a one on one conversation with Mr. Dickert in which he expressed his outrage at the crime situation in Racine, it's impact on business and the way the administration was mis-handling it.

    On another occasion, well before this election I heard his genuine concern for all of our citizens, accross the typical social boundaries.

    At the Gateway Forum he was by far the most focused, passionate and powerful speaker, the only one without notes, and the only one with a real plan.

  42. Hey! Did anybody actually READ this?!

    Ignore all the stuff about the pot head and scroll about half way down:

    “ If Turner is elected in Racine, he says he will retain his Assembly seat, at least in the immediate future.”

    What the HELL. Turner wants to run a CITY AND keep his assembly seat?! That is INSANE!

  43. Please vote Jaimie Charon for the next of Racine! He has an excellent plan to tackle the tough issues regarding crime, education, and employment. We all want a better more attractive Racine, but we need to get to the "core" problems immediately and the rest will fall into place. We don't need another mayor that has become disconnected from the great people of Racine.